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When they say need to sound native in order to work and you have to get rid of 15 years of french British speech pattern 😣😴💪🏿 #frenchactress#americanactress#workhard#nevergiveup#accentreduction#americanaccent#bestrong #challengeyourself#africanwoman#braveheart


Hey Friends!

Today I'm back to practicing reading. Why is it important? Well, most textbooks and accent trainers focus on isolated sounds and words, and that's OK. The problem then begins that when you start TALKING to people, you don't just use isolated sounds and words (unless you're not fluent, but that's a story for another day). When you begin speaking fluently you'll notice that a) when sounds come together they may sound differently, b) some of them disappear, c) the word stress and intonation are a pain in the behind (sorry), d) the way you pronounce sounds in speech tends to go back to your "Default" option (which is more heavily accented than in isolation). I was working with someone the other day, and whenever I slowed him down and asked him to repeat a word, he'd do just fine. But in a sentence he'd still go back to the accent that sometimes made it more difficult to understand several words together.

So in this sentence I want you to focus on a) assimilation (when /d/ and /j/ come together they sound like *dzh (as in John); b) the vowels i: and i are different in words theme and this (the ability to distinguish them will come handy when you say beach and b*tch). Here's the sentence then for your practice (this is from the book "Lead Yourself First" by Raymond M. Kethledge and Michael S. Erwin that I'm reading now): "To lead others, you must first lead yourself. That, ultimately, is the theme of this book." #accentreduction #accenttraining #pronunciationtips #amreading #fluency #immigrants #englishpronunciation


Hey Friends! I'm back after a break, posting daily motivation and tips on how to improve your accent. Today I want to encourage you to do something you've said no to for a while.

There're so many things you want to achieve in life, so much new stuff to learn. Sometimes it's tough to choose what's best at any given moment, and while you believe some things are more important than others you wait and tell yourself why you CAN'T do the thing you want (and need) the most.

I deal with this on a regular basis. There're always conflicting priorities, and you tend to go with what's more urgent, not what you love doing the most. So today I decided to ask myself "Why not?" Why not invest into learning and discover something new? Why ever not?

I want to challenge us to be generous to ourselves. #Generosity to ourselves goes beyond what we need right now (a warm place, a meal and a bed to sleep in). Generosity goes deeper and says, "You can do that even if it's not on your list. Even if it's not your immediate need. You can learn and you can grow. You can invest into something that makes you more confident and joyful." When people contact me for accent training there's always a solid reason behind it: work, career, immigration, etc. But there're a few who do it just because. For no specific reason. Just because they're generous to themselves and know that doing what they love the most (working on accent for instance) is something that will make them more fulfilled and excited about life.

If you want to improve your accent and fluency before the end of the year, send me a note and we can discuss how we can do it together. Remember that you don't always do things because you absolutely need them. Sometimes you do things because they bring you joy! ❤❤❤ #accenttraining #fluency #englishfluency #studytips #motivation #accentreduction #accenttraining


Communication Facts Monday⠀

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