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Safari bound! Here is a picture of Mt. Meru that I climbed 5 years ago! My foot reminds me everyday! #meru #africa #tanzania #safari #beautiful

Usa, Arusha, Tanzania

#Word 💯!!!! (LONG POST) I saw this & had to share. I remember when I was going through the lowest, darkest, season of my life, folks would gossip about my situation. Many pretended to be a "listening" ear only to stab me in the back & spread rumours. At first, it really hurt & bothered me. I became secluded & stopped speaking to people. Then one day it dawned on me that I had to FORGIVE ALL OF THEM so that my life could progress. Fast forward 7 years later & I am the happiest I have ever been. I cut those people out of my life & I feel at peace & FREE! It's not fun to be the gossip topic BUT whatever you are going through is just a season. You will CONQUER & COME OUT STRONGER!! Let go & LET GOD. Have a FAB day. Mwah Mwah 💋


Good morning! It's going to be a scorcher today! #AquilaSafaris #summer #lovecapetown #big5

Aquila Private Game Reserve