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This was amazing. I won't know for sure if I made it until January or possibly February. But I am so happy, and even if I don't make it was such an amazing experience! Thank you everyone who was supporting me, I wouldn't have done it without you guys! #agtauditions #AGT2017AUDITIONS #agt #singer @agt @agtauditions


Super proud of this big voice @ma.c.eunderstood_8_47 for facing her fears and stepping outside her box. Keep inspring me and others to do the same and you ARE successful!


Can’t really see the lines and they weren’t tooooo long. We had a GREAT experience and tons of fun! #agt #agtauditions #agt2017auditions #artist #band #songs #bands #sisters #singer

Duke Energy Convention Center


Look I’m so excited right now, I can’t contain it. I literally just woke up, singin lol. This morning before I left out I had a small bit of nerves but for the most part I did what I do best, make relationships. Made a lot of new friends and absolutely loved the energy from our city and alllllllll the other cities that showed up.

I was #7 in line, and I felt like it was too symbolic. I did American Idol in 2007, it was one of the craziest most revelatory experiences I had about my gift to the world. News cameras flashing and following everywhere, it was amazing. Yet I wasn’t mature enough so I didn’t make it all the way through. 7 is the number of Gods perfection-completion. Not to say I’m perfect, but the moment, place and situation truely was, by a PERFECT GOD and my heart is in a place of perfection because he fills it.

The audition room was very relaxed I walked in with my new found friends, the judge was dope, we all sang in the same room and rooted for each other. I stepped up introduced myself, gave some fun facts, serious truths through music and rocked the room... I KILLED it. I was not nervous because I know my purpose and why I came to the planet, God has shown me things I’ll be doing that I have had a hard time believing, but it’s right around the corner. I got a to interview with Duke Energy Convention Management they followed me around with cameras, what amazing staff to host such a big movment. WLWT interviwed me after my audition, and I got be apart of our for Americas Got Talent Cincinnati commercial. That was so livvvvvvvvvvvvve and such a glorious scene! My notifications has been going nuts and yal have given so many words of encouragement, and I didn’t know everyone felt that way. It’s mind boggling yet absolutely freeing. When I say I love yal you know I totally do!

The way their system works is they don’t tell you until FEB. #agt #agtauditions #agt2017auditions #agtcincinnati #americasgottalent #freedomfighters #socialjustice

Duke Energy Convention Center