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On the tail of a Boeing 314 c. 1930s

Miami, Florida

Inktober day 23 (2). Kiwi vs albatross, I know which one I prefer! #inktober #inktober2017 #kiwi #albatross


THANK YOU to everyone who came out Saturday to play in our charity golf tournament for @soteni_international at @ponkapoaggolf in Canton, MA. We ended up raising over 2k for such an amazing nonprofit who supports AIDS/HIV awareness in Africa. Many thanks to our sponsors @coppersmithbos @reebok @mbeansdotcom @marathon_pt @firstcommand_ @pf_flyers @thepaintbar amongst others. Thereโ€™s no question this will be a yearly event so stay tuned for next years. Maybe weโ€™ll even see another double eagle (yup, that was Moโ€™s team NBDKBD) #liftedfitness #southie #southboston #charitygolftournament #albatross

Ponkapoag Golf Course

Inktober day 23. Well I had planned a bit more for todayโ€™s one but the dogโ€™s been on my lap all evening so this is all Iโ€™ve managed to do, oh well! #inktober #inktober2017 #albatross


Just call me Dr. Doolittle. I am surrounded by seagulls. (Seriously, the only one on the beach this is happening to). I have no food. They have surrounded only me on the beach and are just relaxing and preening - not moving in for the kill I hope. I showered! What is going on!? #ClearwaterBeachFL #seagulls #albatross #thebirds #drdoolittle #florida #FL