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all I hear is “hey babe, what’s up?” prob cause I’m in denial
↳ cc evilherself / sovleatervine
≫ song: coco (hitimpluse remix)
≫ LOOK AT HOW SOFT THEY ARE 💖💘💗⛅️😊🌻 [#auradongrp]


Cheryl Blossom🔥
Follow my main account if your not already @xcherylxbombshell 💕
We got 100+ on the previous post😲Can we get 150+ on this one??
Can I get to 50 followers before Wednesday?? fc; 43


Got a souvenir from the concert last night! Such a memorable night. Will post pics later. #AliceCooper #ParanormalWorldTour #streamers


undeniably my favorite ship in Riverdale.
_ do you think FP and Alice had a past together?


Day 6: least favourite ship tbh it is one of my favs just my least fav 💓Q:do you ship it ???