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"Looking worried because I can't return these and they're a little big," - Cubby


"Let me dog in peace," - Cubby


The water hole was bare.
The mid winter sun bore down, anywhere else in the world people would be happy to sit & bake in this heat. Today was not the right place or time.
We had come for the animals

I quickly returned to my room. My friend who sat opposite me knew it would be another long hot afternoon. I needed a hat, sun cream & water then I would return for the vigil.

I hoped the afternoon would at least give us something to talk about other than the suns bite.

When everything had been collected I grabbed my kit & started the walk over the white rocks toward the waterhole. Halfway there I decided I should get a few extra cards just in case.

I had just pulled the door shut when I heard in a low whisper, " The Elephants are coming". I rushed to see

Far away 3 males started their run in. Their large heads swung from side to side as their feet kicked up dust

The afternoon light was just starting to dip but it was still nowhere near where I liked it to be for a parade as special as this.

As the 3 moved forward a family appeared. Far on the scrub line they milled around for 20 minutes before following the others before.
Those big boys had wasted no time & were now plastered with mud

As the family neared there was a sense of hesitation, maybe they sensed some harm

The women stopped & shuffled from foot to foot 200 meters from the water. That moment another bull appeared

This bull followed by a young male, who was followed by another. The bush seemed to be manufacturing Elephants as it pleased

As I began to study the Elephants I realised the family was waiting for a leader to show them the way. He strode forward to complete the task

As the others fell in line shuffling forward I saw more Elephants appear, they too came forward.

More & more Elephants came until I lost count at 60, capturing the moment took priority. I was now great full I'd returned for more cards

The travelling line of else's continued, the continual line never stopped until the sun finally sank giving me the perfect way to round out the day.