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by @cloudsrecoveryacc

250918| breakfast
A bit of Alpro almond yogurt
+a wedge of cantaloupe melon
+3 light cookies and 3 sugarfree cookies
+coffee with milk
Everything going nicely so far.
Un po' di Alpro alla mandorla
+una fetta di melone
+3 magretti e 3 buonicosì
+caffè e latte
Per ora tutto bene.

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by @caitsgettingstronger

#pintparty last night 🙌🏻😜 with @overthemoo dream team cookies n cream 🤤 I would rate this a solid 12/10 AND for all you vegans out there it is suitable!!!! 🐮🌱


by @diario_di_una_pink_lady

Buongiorno con questa mia foto piuttosto no sense❤️💜
Questa mattina mi sento piuttosto positiva; ho dormito bene e mi sento riposata, non vedo l'ora di affrontare questa nuova giornata con entusiasmo e spero di riuscire ad infonderne un po' anche a voi. Se tutti, me compresa, iniziassero la giornata in questo modo, sicuramente si starebbe tutti meglio e il "male di vivere" che molte persone, per molti motivi, si portano dentro, si indebolirebbe a forza di sorridere. È importante pensare positivo perché le cose vadano bene e non male. Sorridete sempre e cercate di non farvi aspettative negative fin dal mattino.
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by @healingmeeks

I am a growin’ lil bean


by @emma_alicia__

Transformation Tuesday 😁Flashback to 11 years ago, taken backstage at the Manchester Opera House, waiting to be called for places before curtain up vs the burlesque cabaret sneak peak 2 weeks ago. And it is literally 8 days before I'm back in that same situation- and I cannot wait. A situation i honestly didn't think would ever happen again, as a short time after the first pic I had a severe haemorrhage around my spinal cord. I was unable to walk more than 50m at a time, and was on morphine daily. I never thought I would be able to perform again. It took 5 years of my life to rebuild those muscles, but I'm so happy to be back.
The second picture from 9 years ago is one that is a particularly big transformation- mentally. Battling anorexia and severe self harm, you can see the smile on my face is false. Mainly because my eyes look dead. And that's because that eating disorder took that life from behind my eyes, as it does with so many of us.
It's taken a long time for me to be able to do what I love again, and to be able to sing and dance my heart out for you all, makes me proud of where I've come from. Severe spinal injury and mental health problems kept me from the stage for a very long time, but I'm living proof that you can fight and come out the other side. If anyone ever needs to talk- my ear is always open. It's OK not to be OK, and dont let those voices tell you that you're not worth it. Because believe me- they're lying to you. .
#transformationtuesday #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaynottobeokay #believeinyourself #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthrecovery #health #survivor #anorexiarecovery #edrecovery #bpdrecovery #fighter #stronger #chronicpainrecovery


by @yurbipolarbear

Beautiful pj pants from @ivoryella that I double up as work out pants 🙌
Grab yours today and use code 'Crudebutkind' to get 10% off 😘🐘👌 #savetheelephants 🐘💜🐘 with style👍
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by @xlive.love.foodx

Good morning everyone 🙋‍♀️
#breakfast was curd with oats, an apple and crunchy 👌
It feel so weird. I will leave at 8.20 am for my second seminar (One hour drive by bike, train and bus) and come home at 6pm. Since my parents leave at 9 am for their vacation and stay away until thursday evening I'll be completely alone at home for more than one day for the first time....
Jut want to come home this evening already to chill 😕
Have a lovely day ❤


by @healingmeeks



by @vittoslifestyle

buongiorno miei raggi di sole! ☀
come state? dormito bene?
io sì!💗 inizio questa giornata con positività 💪e tutto andrà bene🌻
per colazione mi sono preparata il porridge, il mio amore immenso😱 con 40 gr di fiocchi di avena, 120 ml di latte di mandorla e 40 ml di acqua💕
sopra ho messo i frutti di bosco congelati che sono perfetti ( vi giuro il porridge era paradisiaco) e poi costano molto meno di quelli freschi 😂e poi ho messo 5-6 mandorle❤
adesso purtroppo devo scappare e non posso scrivere molto, quindi vi auguro una splendida giornata 🌻vi voglio bene!!

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by @foodbyadele1

Krásné ráno❤️ já už čekám ve škole na začátek těláku😂👎 přidávám sem další snídani ze série nevzhledných fotek🤔➡️ cuketové brownies 🍫 (recept už tu někde je) s mandlovým máslem od @lifelikefit a domácím ovocem🍓 Krásné ráno všem, ať vám to dneska rychle uteče😇😇
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitkujem_skcz #healthyfood #healthylife #healthybreakfast #healthylifestyle #dnesjem #dnesjemzdravo #dnesjemfit #dnesjim #prekonavamsamasebe #jdudosebe #makamnasobe #uzasnejedlo #brownies #food #foodporn #ana #anorexiarecovery #prorecovery #edrecovery #vegetarian


by @passionately_veggie

Good morning, good morning world! Today is s 5am wake-up prep #breakfast and go straight to the train station for a busy day ahead, there is no excuse for not eating well because 'You don't have time well make time! I'd class yesterday as a little treat evening, as I had a yogurt, and a small serving of rice pudding as a treat I also ended up having an extra wholemeal bread thin as my body needed lots of energy after yesterday as I was the most active I've been all year! So brekkie and mostly 'clean' day today as that's what my body is craving. Heading to the gym after I arrive in the City to get a good start to my day, so will eat my salted caramel protein egg white cinnamon porridge made with organic u/s almond milk on the train! I'm choosing to slay my demons every day despite various triggers; what have your achievements been, they're achievements regardless of how insignificant they may seem to others! Have an AMAZING day, and ALWAYS stay S.T.R.O.N.G! 😁💪 LISTEN to your bodies and respect them, eat what you want in moderation, and there is no reason for you not to achieve your fitness goals! Also for me it prevents falling back into ed behaviours! Oh yes that's powdered PB on top hahaha can't live without it, and added some sweetener to taste and had to have a GIGANTIC black coffee too to wake me up! Haha!


by @_becomehappy_

Good morning☀️😁, for breakfast I had porridge/oatmeal with one banana, some blueberries and of course PB😍😍😍😋🤤 I hope everyone has a lovely day 🌸☀️💫 #recovery #recoveryjournal #recoveryisworthit #lovefood #loveyourself #fooddairy #foodlover #foodislife #foodjournal #breakfast #breakfasttime #porridge #porridgelover #oats #oatmeal #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anorexianervosarecovery #anorexierecovery #edfighter #edrecovery


by @min_kamp_mot_anorexia

Jag tar med mig min frukost till uni idag också (en halv portion havregrynsgröt). Jag mår så illa just nu..😩 Hoppas det går över snart

#anorexia #anorexiarecovery #ed #edrecovery #anorexiafighter #fuckanorexia #ätstörning #äs #ana #anarecovery #recovery


by @xloving.alexa

How can we reach our plans and our wishes? This may be easy: START!🎀 Don’t spend to much time thinking about what you want, make a plan how you will reach that! Write down your motivation, make a list and put it on a fixed place!🌸 Then make a list of your helping things and people who motivate you, too!💜 Now you know what you want to reach and after that the next step is a list of what you will do step by step, write all steps down, it doesn’t matter how big/small, simple/difficult they are!💞 Now you can sort them in things you will do NOW, you can already change and another part with things which will take longer.
Why do you still wait? Begin! You can do it on your mobile (if you are nit at home) or take a paper! Later you still have time for cleaning and what else you want!💕 I definitely believe in you!
My fantastic yesterday’s #breakfast was this #bowlofhappiness topped with sliced banana, frozen strawberries and blueberries, buckwheat, crunches, blueberry soy yoghurt and a few quinoa pops!🎀
If you have questions, you would like to talk or something else please write me on Tellonym or a DM, I like helping you or give inspiration!💗


by @lillagrodan1

The voice in your head.

This voice, shockingly, is a person’s inner bully—demeaning, scolding, nagging, dishonest, hateful, controlling. Simply put, you do not want this person (or entity, consciousness, monster) in your life. If you met this… thing, you wouldn’t want to spend five minutes with it. Yet, for people with eating disorders, the voice is with them 24 hours a day (even in their dreams). Sometimes called the “eating-disorder voice,” this voice was almost a constant, appearing in nearly all the personal accounts I came across. In a New York Times article about binge eating, a man acknowledged, “There was this voice in my head that said, ‘You’re no good, worthless.’” In Deborah Hautzig’s novel, Second Star to the Right, the narrator calls the voice in her head “the dictator”: “He/she/it… had taken up residence inside me… Even thinking about eating forbidden foods brought punishment… it didn’t seem to be me doing the talking. Not any part of me I’d ever encountered, anyway.” In a YouTube video, a young girl told her family she couldn’t eat a donut because “She won’t let me.” “She” was the voice in her head. //girl #girl #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #fitness #heartbroken #sad


by @emilies_recovery

It’s getting cold outside.. ❄️ Goodmorning loves! 💗

Breakfast was two slices of toast with butter, cheese & jam ✨

I’m seriously DYING. It’s soooo cold outside, haha 🤧

Have a lovely day! 💕


by @refuelingmylife

lunch was 90g tuna with 50g veggies as a side 🍅 🌽 also 80ml courgette cream (soup) that looks nasty but is actually one of my faves (also cause it’s a safe food lmao) -
really didn’t want to finish the tuna because I felt so full but I pushed myself and ate it all 💪🏼


by @il_sapore_della_vita

Eccomi cerealine 🥣! Vi do un BUONGIORNO ☀️ velocissimo ma taaaaaanto gustoso 😋, proprio come la mia colazione di oggi😍 In compagnia dei cereali super integrali TOP🔝e oggi c’era anche un kiwi 🥝 succosissimo (@ari_allegra 😂 ti penso) Sembra una giornata tranquilla, ma mai dire mai😂 chissà cosa succederà oggi, ormai è sempre una sorpresa 🎁 Buona scuola/lavoro💗
C O L A Z I O N E 🍴
Latte 🥛 parzialmente scremato; cereali 🌾 kellog’s Special K ai frutti rossi🍓; plasmon🍼; pistacchi💚; kiwi 🥝
#siamopiufortinoi🏆 #ana #anoressianervosa #anoressia #anorexia #anoressiaitalia #anorexianervosa #anoressianervosaitalia #anoressiarecovery #anorexiarecovery #food #foodrecovery #fearfood #foodporn #foodorgasm #dca #disturbialimentari #edwarrior #edfamily #edfighter #recoveryforlife #siamopiufortinoi


by @conniesjourney

Oggi ricominciano le lezioni, e io invece ripenso alla giornata al mare dell’altro giorno🌊😭
Non mi sembra vero che due giorni fa c’erano 30 gradi e oggi invece c’è un vento che porta via 🌬, e nonostante stia uscendo con la giacca di jeans e i pantaloni lunghi ho comunque freddo. Riportatemi l’estate ☀️🙏🏼
Anche se, a dirla tutta, sono contenta di tornare in università. Adoro la facoltà e i corsi, rivedrò i miei amici e riempirò le giornate. La sveglia presto però non mi va molto a genio 😂
Oggi pomeriggio sarò impegnata a fare babysitter a due bimbi. Insomma si riparte a bomba 💥 saranno mesi pieni di impegni com’è giusto che sia, ma sono pronta alla frenesia più totale.
Uni starts again today! And I’m still having the summer blues 🌊😭 even though tbh I’m quite happy to start classes, I miss my psychology and all my friends. Not keen on the early rise though 😴


by @ascenttoshine

Buongiorno car*💓
come state?
io abbastanza bene, ieri non mi sono fatta sentire perché ho fatto quasi tutti i pasti in DH e il telefono era bandito❌ se non per studiare.
È andata bene, un struttura è entrata una ragazza nuova, con cui ho avuto modo di parlare parecchio e la prima impressione è più che positiva, abbiamo parlato davvero tanto di vari argomenti. Mai ero riuscita a trovare qualcuno con cui poter comunicare e fare un discorso serio al CDA perché tutte le ragazze tendono a chiudersi, e quindi si fatica sempre molto a colloquiare. Avremmo modo di approfondire meglio la nostra conoscenza ma secondo me c’è già un buon feeling. (se stai leggendo, tu sai💝)
Quando sono tornata a casa sono andata con mamma a comprare due cose al supermercato, ma nulla di che, ho preso un pacco di Buongrano (erano in offerta🙊) e un formaggio, quando torno da scuola vi mostro il formaggio così se lo avete già provato mi dite cosa ne pensate! -
Prima di cena ho fatto qualche compito di spagnolo per mercoledì solamente per non trovarmi oggi pomeriggio carica di cose da fare, visto che a metà pomeriggio avrò anche scuolaguida🚗 che mi ‘spezza’ i programmi diciamo aha.
Oggi quindi scuola fino alla 13:10, compiti, scuolaguida e studio🎉
Voi cosa farete oggi?
Buona giornata/mattinata e buona scuola!💓
Buongrano integrali🍪🌾
Yogurt di soia frutta e cereali🍨
The nero cocco, cacao e vaniglia🥥
Caffè d’orzo☕️
⚠️Recensione yogurt⚠️
Io non amo le cose di soia, il più delle volte le odio proprio. Questo yogurt me lo comprò per la prima volta mia nonna piu di anno fa perché lei a differenza mia adora la soia e volle farmelo provare.
Quando lo assaggiai rimasi stupita perché non si sente assolutamente la soia, sembra uno yogurt normale, cremoso con i pezzetti di frutta e i cereali. Era un anno e più che non lo mangiavo e ho deciso di ricomprarlo perché volevo ricordarmi se effettivamente il gusto mi piacesse o meno, e perché dovevo privarmene ancora?
Se come me detestate la soia ma siete curiose, provate questo yogurt perché è davvero delicato, se non ci fosse scritto che è di soia, mai l’avrei detto!
Voto: 8,5/10!


by @venerrrrra

Сегодня я чувствую себя сильным и храбрым,
И я хотел бы знать правду
Обо всех своих привязанностях».
И я ответил:
«Милый мой,
Ты и вправду хочешь,
Чтобы я поговорил с тобой
Обо всех твоих привязанностях,
Когда я так ясно вижу,
Что ты заботливо построил
Такой большой бордель,
Чтобы разместить там все твои привязанности?»
«Ты даже окружил это чертово место
Вооруженной охраной и свирепыми псами,
Чтобы защитить свои желания,»
«Чтобы ты время от времени мог туда улизнуть
И попытаться освежить
Свое унылое существование
Из источника столь же сочного,
Как косточка сушеного финика,
Которую даже у птицы
Хватает ума выплюнуть» Хафиз


by @gems_ana_story

Started this amazing book this morning😍 I hope it helps me through my recovery #emmawoolf #anappleaday #anorexiarecovery