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I literally have no content to post which is why I’m really bad at posting atm •

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my whole account is a flop but it’s okay because I made some amazing friends on here 😌


Here's a short video of my class ring, I got it on Friday. I got imperial cut, Sapphire stone, the color guard flag, my nickname, and my initials engraved. It has the year I graduate and my mascot, I'm very proud to be an Eagle! I am gonna cry next year though since that's when I graduate. I'm gonna miss the people I go to school with and having color guard everyday and football games on Fridays. In the words of our color guard dismissal. Feet?
At first
Hair and makeup?
On fleek
With teeth
With teeth.
Guard dismissed
I'll miss this! (Ps I don't know why I wanna make myself cry yet, it's not my last year haha) 😭

How was you guys's weekend? Mine was alright, mother nature hates me since she decided I needed to bleed yesterday. I know I'm not pregnant leave me the fuck alone! 5sos still run my life, and I'm still parked in Ashton's Lane. Do you guys have any good Ashton fanfiction of Wattpad? I enjoy kinky stuff but you know I'll take anything. I still feel super bad about leaving Luke's Lane after being in it for like 5 or 6 years.. Out of all those years I had never swerved lanes this hard.
Any who, on my story on Wattpad someone commented about an update but since it's a Luke book and I don't want to swerve back just yet I'm kinda hesitant, at least until I know ow for a fact I can write for him without swerving, which since I read some a of a Luke book without swerving I think I'm fine. We'll wait a bit just to be sure though. Sorry for rambling. I live you if you read all of this, and even if you didn't I still fucking love you. I love all of my followers. Do you love me too? 😂😋😜😘😍 Qotp: Favorite book/author on wattpad?
Aotp: I love Loudluke and Calumsbabe84 as authors and I really like the book series The Masters Family by Theforeverbattles it's great I finished the series in like 3 days and the chapters weren't short. The books had like 40 something chapters each. The only thing I'm gonna tell you is that Luke is a vampire and Calum is his guard, it's a cake fan fiction.
Hope you had a good day/night. You are stronger than you all think, and you don't need to change anything about yourself.


Sexy Ash part 2




sup y’all i’m at school aka hell. my friend and i were singing this today lol. anyways so basically i’m pretty sure my crush doesn’t have feelings for me bc he sent a long ass paragraph to some girl about how he loves and cares for her. and if she died he would cry sooo hard. oh btw she’s he’s ex like wtf. but she rejected him. but ig it’s all ok. i hung out with my friends on saturday and my crush’s sister was there. so when she left i told her to say hi to her family bc i love her family and to say hi to my crush and to tell him that me and him are now best friends. lol but idk i haven’t seen him yet today so idk what’s gonna happen.
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calum shood me please.


good morning i dont wanna get up at all i just wanna sleep for 50 yearsz


basically there's been students protesting non stop for a week and now high schools wanna join and people like me who dont wanna join are scared to go to school tmrrw so yea this country fucking sucks


this is crap content I’m sorry 😔BUT swipe to see an exciting announcement


want you back or youngblood?




Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Angel 😍 When he smiles it melts my heart honestly....
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