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Yup water, nothing glamorous to see here but I wanted to address something that is a bit deeper than a photo of water. For 2 months now I've been focusing on drinking a #gallonofwater Mon-Fri and it's been going great, not that tough if you pace yourself.
The main comment I get when people around the #office see me filling the jug is "you know you can die if you drink too much water" . What is this knee jerk reaction from people to only spurt out the most extreme statistic they can remember? The comments come from people who can't walk a flight of stairs without being winded, who don't try to do anything healthy with their bodies, who think "rabbit food" is an acceptable thing to call someones lunch as they heat up their frozen lunches.
Why is this the norm now? Why do more healthy decisions stand out as fringe? I'm guessing they carry all kinds of misinformation back home with them and spread it to their kids and the cycle repeats.
In this day and age educate yourself first, admit that you don't know, ask people why, try new things, evolve.
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And I'm aware if you drink 5 gallons of water in a day or 33oz an hour you are at risk.


REFLECT & RELAX 🍃 ——————————————————————————————— Yesterday was public holiday #HummanRightsDay and it was a perfect opportunity to switch off and relax for a day and this is how I spent it: I slept in, reflected on 2019’s accomplishments & failures, went to gym, met @nomhlemsomi for lunch at @kolonaki_on4th and we then went to her house and watched @thisisusabc.

As you know being an entrepreneur, we don’t get “off days” cause we always need to be on but this year and going forward I would like to take advantage of days like this where possible because I already experience a burnout and I don’t fancy another one.
We are nearly done with Q1 and I wanted to share a tool that’s been helping me keep track of my goals and execute them. I was introduced to @the1thingbook podcast by my friend and fellow entrepreneur @kekemoloto.
They have an amazing downloadable sheet called the 411 where you list 3 items you want to complete annually, monthly and weekly. The great part is it’s split into business and personal because we often forget about ourselves and only focus on our business goals. I’ve been completing this every week and it’s really helped me focus and execute so I hope it can help you find your focus, rhythm and balance.
What tools are you using to keep track of your goals and execution?


"The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first." – Iyanla Vanzant


These are parts of Daniel's story, one of the million boys that endured the Holocaust. #ushmm #askwhy


I invite you all to visit the @holocaustmuseum website and watch the live stream of Frank Lieberman share his experience and life trails. #firstperson#holocaust#askwhy


Huge mahalo to my ohana @staxxgt #teamstaxx for none stop support on and off streams on social media and even outside of all that! Give this fellow streamer a follow and all the support like y'all give me please.
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Anyone else struggle when things don't work out like we hoped? I know for me it can be difficult if I allow it to. We all make attempts at planning next steps for our lives, but what do we do when those plans fall through? When moments like this happen (and they will happen) we should be willing to ask God a simple question: "Why?" This question doesn't give us passage to doubt God. What it does allow us to do is explore what God is doing, and what His ultimate will is. Our end goal should always be to align our will with God's. It's never the other way around. That's been a hard lesson for me to learn the last few months. But asking why is something that has brought be closer to God in all this. #justsayin
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One of the greatest questions you can ask anyone you’re paying to coach you. What benefit is this exercise? This movement? This activity?

SQUAT because those with stronger legs go into personal care homes later

HINGE to protect your lower back from constant pain

PUSH to place the shoulders in an optimal position

PULL to keep your shoulders and back happy and healthy

CARRY to become resilient and carry the groceries in one shot

This can relate to anything, and should be used often.

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Holy shit #85million #streams between
@youtube @spotify @soundcloud what a huge accomplishment! I'm stoked ive been jamming to the gents music!

Huge shout out and big ups too @officialtraumatik #truthhertz
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Reposted from @officialtraumatik - Between these 3 platforms we've hit over 85M streams so far... big respect to all the listeners 🙏🏼🖤


***Big Bang Facts***
🌏Why are all planets round in shape?

Planets form when material in space starts to clump together. After a while (a long time in fact), it will gather enough matter to form a good amount of gravity 🌕

A planet's gravity pulls equally from all sides. Gravity pulls from the center to the edges like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This makes the overall shape of a planet rounded like a sphere!


Everything that happens, happens of necessity. - Arthur Schopenhauer
Things happen for a reason. There are lessons to take away from every experience, whether it may be good or bad. Remember that tough situations make us stronger individuals. @inspireumind
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This week I was able to go to the @holocaustmuseum in Washington D.C The Tower of Faces hit my soul and my heart. Tears uncontrollably rolled down my face.
When you say 6 million it’s just a number, but when you put faces to 6 million it is no longer just a number.
When I look up and I see young faces. I see my niece and nephew. I see mothers smiling, I can hear my own mothers laughter. I see wrinkled faces and I’m reminded of my grandmother.
They were someone’s family. To me family is all you got. This experience has left me changed forever.
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Emotional eating is villified across the board. .
Viewed as dangerous, bad, and unhealthy, people try everything possible to distance themselves from eating emotionally. It’s *not* limited to negative emotions, but positive ones as well! .
But when you look across the cultures and countries of the world, food is beautiful thing that brings us all together.
Yes, food is food and it’s also memories, emotions, connection, and legacy. .
We take people out to celebrate. .
We prepare a meal to help relax ourselves and show love to our family and friends.
We create connections with people of other cultures by sitting down to a meal together.
We can learn so much about other peoples (be it in the U.S. or other countries) by the types of food they eat, how they prepare it, and where it originated from.
I KNOOOOOOOWWWW that’s a little food geeky of me lol, but keep in mind that I am a foodie, I love to travel, I love new foods, and connection with other people is a massive part of my life, and really a big part of everyone’s life. .
Almost every single one of my clients have said that food was a big part of their family culture. And rightly so! .
Family reunions, holiday dinners, celebrations, funerals, birthdays- the list could go on! We NEED food not only in order to live, but as part of expressing ourselves, our emotions, and creating and maintaining connections with others.
So how can we learn to reframe “emotional eating” into something that is inclusive and enjoyable?
The MAIN thing we need to notice is “why.”
Why do I want to eat this? Have I been looking forward to Grandma’s coconut cream pie and her cornbread dressing all year? YES I HAVE!!!
Why do I want to eat this package or Oreos in one sitting? Am I using them to numb myself and distract myself from feelings and emotions that I don’t want to feel? 🤔 (no judgment if you go ahead and eat the package anyway! The point is to notice “why”)
Why do I NOT want to eat some of that decadent chocolate cake??? Am I satisfied and just don’t want any? CONTINUED IN COMMENTS👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


The Diary of Anne Frank⠀
Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre⠀
Saturday, April 13th⠀
Free Admission, General Seating.⠀

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Through time we get used to accept what is not working fine, and we stop wondering how we could make it work. That is why the second habit to build #theweculture is to ask why, ask the questions you have in mind, don't just assume. Your coworkers can help you work it out together. Why is the customer angry? Can we fix it? How can we improve the process? What happen if I change this? The power of employee's questions and suggestions is huge, it just need to be unleashed. We love using the 5 why's to find out the root cause of a problem. What about you?

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How about dem burpees?

I got a question today about how to do a proper burpee. So I thought I'd shed a little light for all of you.

Burpees are not my jam. I don't particularly like doing them or programming then for my clients. But they remain popular. Why?

It's easy to trash someone by having them do as many burpees as they can as fast as possible. But then the movement stops looking much like burpees and more like a frantic suffer fest. Don't get me wrong, I like a good suffer fest now and then but not when doing a ton of lousy burpees.

The burpee is basically this: stand up, get on the ground, stand up again. There's a squat, a push-up and a transition between the two. Typically there's a jump at the end but I'm not jumping on my healing hip today.

Watch the video from start to finish. You'll see variations on the classic burpee followed by ground to standing transitions that look nothing like a burpee.

When assessing a movement for your own training purposes, think: what is my goal?

If your goal is upper body training, focus on the push-up part of the burpee. Conditioning? First master a clean burpee (of any variation) and then go hard and fast. Is it just to regain the ability to get down on the floor gracefully? Pick the easiest strategy to start and then build your repertoire from there.

Always come back to your WHY. If you just watch other people's Instagram videos and copy them without thinking about it, you're missing the point. Their why might be different from yours.

Also I LOVE receiving questions like this in my inbox so feel free to message me any questions you have about movement!

Til next time... #burpees #training #askwhy #movebetter #calisthenics #getups #personaltrainer #inBend


REAL STORY (read if you want great life advise👌🏾✨😄: one of my math teachers 👨🏽‍🏫 told the class in the subject of mathematics don’t ask why... just do! He advised if you don’t ask why in mathematics you’ll be an A++ student. He made the class get marks over 70%. I think that’s why he is a really good mathematician, he gets the formula follows the method and rules of the formula and gets the answer. Him: “that’s what’s wrong with your generation you ask why too much, you’re too use to asking why in things that don’t need a why. Like why does this formula work this way; it doesn’t make sense, I got the wrong answer why— well you did the formula/ calculations wrong there is no other why, stop trying to find another reason why or explanation as to why you got the wrong answer just go back and do it correctly.” This is so true, yes we are in the age of information and we should be challenging why’s in some fields like social politics, politics, human rights, health etc. but there are somethings in life that you just have to do. The lesson is that you have to pick and choose where you ask your why’s; somethings will cost you more time than necessary to do when you ask (or try to figure out) why, when you should have gone back and tried again differently. Maybe when you get stuck on a “why” you should try and do it again differently and see how that works out for you. Anyone agree with “pick and choose when you try to figure out why and just take corrective action”- I do! :
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If someone tells you something is bad.. make sure to ask 𝑾𝑯𝒀 it is (( btw chuckling is not an explanation for why lol )) . Don’t stay satisfied with “don’t eat this” or “don’t do that” just because a trainer, “instagram” model/motivator, expert, etc. tells you to. Prevent creating an unhealthy relationship with food, instead focus on balance/moderation and diet flexibility .. 𝑾𝑯𝒀?? Because it can help increase adherence and sustainability into a regimen when initiating lifestyle changes and also creates an overall healthier relationship with food .. you see what I did there??? 😏 —————
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Why are poop 💩 emojis a thing? One of 4 poop emoji face paintings. #poopemoji #facepaint #facepainting #poopemojifacepaint #askwhy #idontknow #ipaintrequests