Streets of Seattle ✨ - snapshots from a rainy evening. All taken w/ fixed 28mm lens - what’s your favorite? #leicaq

Seattle, Washington

Photo by @ErikaSkogg | Swipe right to see the continued panorama of the sandstone formations and man-made Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. An hour's drive or train ride to Rathen from Dresden brings you to a picturesque ferry ride across the Elbe River and the many hiking trails throughout Saxon Switzerland National Park. If you need any additional encouragement, there is a restaurant serving traditional German food at the top! #Germany #Rathen


Victoria Garrick (@victoriagarrick) is no stranger to finding balance in the face of pressure. As a public speaker, content creator and former student athlete, she speaks openly about the real pressures of social comparison. “The pressure to be perfect stems from a societal belief that perfection is the only way to be good enough,” says Victoria. “I tried to attain these unrealistic standards of beauty, get straight As in school, become a star athlete and constantly seem happy. I was so consumed with portraying a perfect image and pretty Instagram aesthetic that I lost sight of what it meant to be me,” she says. “When I finally realized I was living for likes and validation from others online, I wanted to find a way to get back to being real and authentic.”⁣

Instagram partnered with the Jed Foundation (@jedfoundation) to create a toolkit addressing the Pressure to be Perfect, recognizing that what you see posted by others is just one part of their story. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about how to make your time on Instagram be positive, inspiring and intentional.

Los Angeles, California

Photo by Beth Mancuso @intothewild.wego | Beargrass is a wildflower found in Glacier National Park. This last July the park was filled with blooms. It is said that mass blooms only happen every 5-10 years. Despite its name beargrass is neither a grass nor do bears eat it. Other animals like sheep, deer, elk and goats do consume it though. #yourshotphotographer


Beautiful snowy night in Switzerland ✨❄️❄️❄️✨
Video by ✨✨@sennarelax✨✨
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Baby Manatee in the Rain | Photograph by Szilárd Jankó (@szjanko)
"Thousands of rain drops on the surface, the cutest little baby manatee swimming just below," writes #YourShotPhotographer Szilárd Jankó. This photo was selected for the August 9, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“Manatees are some of the sweetest creatures (in my opinion) and their gentle, slow nature is perfectly captured here in the way the mother manatee shields her calf, keeping it safe. I love the mirroring textures between the rain on the water and the sea floor.” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)

Tag @natgeomedia + #underwater_world,我們會於每週分享主題精選照片。
December Spotlight: Underwater
Dive into the water, being carefree and leisurable.
Tag @natgeomedia + #underwater_world, We' ll post favorites next week.


“Bull-dozer” writes @surfinggypsy, @cannababekatie + @msschmidty


¡Hoy es el Día Internacional Del Chita 🐆! Lo celebramos contándote estos datos de los felinos más grandes:
🐆Es el animal más rápido del mundo: alcanzan los 110 kilómetros por hora 😱 🐆Su cola los ayuda a mantener el equilibrio cuando corren 🐆Son carnívoros y su comida preferida son los antílopes 🍖 🐆Hay menos de 7100 en todo África y su amenaza más grande es el ser humano 😢
Este día fue elegido en honor al nacimiento de Khayam, un cachorro criado en Oregón, que fue parte de un proyecto para evitar la extinción de la especie.


Photo by @irablockphoto | Early morning fog in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. This region in northern Thailand is inhabited by Hmong hill tribe people. Opium production was the major crop years ago, but farmers here now grow many crops, including rice, coffee, and mangoes. The change from opium production was facilitated by the Royal Project of Thailand. #followme @irablockphoto to see more images from our planet. #thailand #opium #hmong #irablock


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