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Baywatch? More like Bay what the fucking am I watching? Of all the reboots/ adaptations this year, this has got to be the most stupid. A movie adaptation of Baywatch? Why would anyone approve or watch this? Let’s say that the original tv series never happened and this was an original movie, then we would have to base this movie on the trailers, and the trailers absolutely sucked. I wanted to see what tone this movie was going for from the trailers, and I got a stupid drug bust, let’s make fun of each other with stupid jokes tone. I’m just trying to say that this movie looks really stupid. I love Dwayne Johnson as much as the next person, but I’m positive he can’t fix this movie. This movie was already broken beyond repair before anyone saw it. I’ll go in with a little optimism but I’m sure Baywatch will end up unwatchable.

Baywatch is about a group of lifeguards who uncover a drug ring operating on their beach. I’ve seen lots of crime movies, and Baywatch has got to be the worst crime movie I’ve ever seen. The first problem, and the most obvious one, is that they’re lifeguards and have no business meddling around in a job for the police, they even mention it a ton of times in the movie. It just didn’t make any sense to me. Another huge problem is the actual length of the movie, it’s almost two hours long. A Baywatch movie doesn’t need to be two hours long, they literally could of cut the first thirty minutes of this film out since it had nothing to do with the drug bust plot. It just went on for way too long in my opinion. This movie was just so stupid, nothing made sense, and I left this movie with a ton of questions unanswered about the characters. The jokes were also really terrible, everyone just made fun of each other and that could work if the writers were actually good at their job. These really were some of the dumbest jokes I’ve heard. I did laugh in this movie though, only three times, and one of those times was during the credits in the bloopers, so that might not even count. Continued in Comments.




A remake of the hit corny 90's series Baywatch starting David Hasslehoff... What could possibly go wrong? A lot. As long as this knew what it is and took it for what it is... I don't care. What are my thoughts on Baywatch? Read on and find out...

Baywatch is on a so and its good level. From a filmmaking stand point it's awful. But from a dumb fun point of view, it's alright. Half the time I was having so much fun with Baywatch because it embraced how absurd it was and went all out, never holding back. I laughed numerous times and because it's a comedy, I couldn't tell whether it was trying to be funny or not. The over use of dick jokes got on my nerves at it was only really for underage teens, so how that works I don't know because sophisticated audiences would get bored with that. Honestly Baywatch is a corn-fest and is really just a joke overall.

The only decent thing about Baywatch is the Lifeguard team itself. Jon Bass is kinda funny, the 3 girls... Alex Daddario and two others (who I can't be asked to look up) are ok but they are only here for looks. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are pretty hysterical in this and I enjoyed watching them on screen together. A lot of their banter hit... Unless it was overplayed dick jokes. The Rock is just walking charm and charisma isn't he? Everyone else in the cast is... Bland, especially the villain.

Baywatch suffers when it actually has to have a plot. The plot is stupid and cliche. It's way too far fetched even for Baywatch... Which is weird to say. It doesn't know whether it wants to be a straight out comedy or a buddy-cop action film. It really fails as the action film, like falls flat... Through 100 floors. The CGI and other effects are horrendous. When that boat is on fire... God that's baaaaaaaad. They definitely spent the money on the cast and said "shiiiiiit, we don't have enough for half decent effects".

I don't mind the soundtrack, some of the songs are alright... But it really is just for typical teens. (Continued below)


Movie review: Baywatch (2017)
I'm not tryin' to be a douche..
Let just say.. it was surprisingly delish 😋😈
6 to 10 outta 10.. largely depending on your maturity, level of perspectives, perceptions and expectations 😝😅😊🤓
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We were lucky enough to be invited to a pre-screening of Baywatch starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and thought it was pretty fun!

Initially we had low expectations, because we assumed it'd be all hype no substance, but overall the characters were fun, the acting was fun, the jokes were fun, the action was fun, the storyline and especially editing of the movie could of been improved, but overall we left the cinema in a fun mood.

Give it a watch if you're bored: 3/5!

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Bay Watch Review by #BollywoodBabaOfficial ::-- 2.5/5
First of all let me tell you if you are a Dwayne Johnson fan than you would definitely like this one. Because his comic timing is perfect and action scenes are above average. If you are a Priyanka Chopra fan and going watch this film just for her, than don't. I repeat don't. Because your Expectations will come crashing down! Because PC is not utilized as she should be! In short her role is very small!! But she did her job nicely. Beside this all the actors have done thier job quit nicely but Zac Efron stands out and picks up the film at its boring moments with his amazing comic timing and action. So its a one time watch!! And yeah if you belong to typical indian Orthodox family please dont go with family because it A certified film!!
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(shortest review )Baywatch : movie ain't ready.. dont watch bay watch.. #baywatchreview #moviesreview


It's fair to say that Baywatch was never a great television show. Sure, it was popular but for reasons very different to it actually being a quality show.

When Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson) butts heads with new recruit Matt Brody (Zac Efron) over how to run Baywatch, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the bay.
As soon as the film started and we see Dwayne Johnson saving someone before Baywatch rises from the sea in giant letters behind him, I immediately thought this was going to be exactly what a Baywatch film should be, if it was to be successful. A self aware comedy made as a parody of the show, in the same way that made the Jump Street films such a critical and financial success.
We get flashes of that formula however, for the most part, Baywatch is just an awful film. Painfully unfunny and not one memorable action sequence means it utterly fails as the action comedy it set out to be, and with a runtime of two hours it becomes one hell of a slog to sit through.
I tried to enjoy it and take it for what it is but the problem is I just can't do that when there seems to be no effort into making the film funny, particularly when watching a comedy. Literally every other joke is a dick joke, including an overly long joke about one of the new recruits getting their dick stuck in a deck chair. I knew it was going to be silly and I didn't have high expectations at all but sadly they weren't even met.
Coming to the performances, Baywatch is absolutely lifeless. Even Dwayne Johnson or Zac Efron, who has shown good comedic timing before, can't save this from becoming the absolute car wreck that it is. Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Ilfenesh Hadera are sure nice to look at but the film fails them totally in giving them anything interesting to do.
Overall, I did find some parts of this movie enjoyable, but most of jokes were painfully unfunny and the whole premise of the film is pretty idiotic. But hey, if you like that shit, then go ahead and watch it.

Baywatch: 4.5/10
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