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Ben sende bir can olmak isterdim
Ya da senden bir parça
Mesela dudaklarında olmak isterdim
'Ben sana mecburum' diyen 'Atilla İlhan' şiiri gibi
Ya da 'adı bende saklı' bir 'Sezen' şarkısı gibi...
Ben senin gözlerinde olmak isterdim
Bakışlarında kendimi bulmak
Baktığın her yerde olmak isterdim
Ve elbette gözlerinde yıldızları seyretmek...
Ben senin saçlarında olmak isterdim
Her teline ayrı ayrı dokunmak
Rüzgar gibi okşamak arada bir
Saçlarında serinlemek isterdim
Ben senin kulaklarında bir ses olmak isterdim
Aşka davet eder gibi
Ve haykırmak binlerce kez
Anlatamadığım sevgimi...
En güzeli ben senin kalbinde olmak isterdim
Orada, aynı duygular içinde
Orada yaşamak ömür boyu
Ve bir gün öleceksem
Yine orada ölmek!
Peki ya sen?


Eliot 🇲🇽🥵🌯 ;
ayo hoe ass ratttt. tanks for being on the phone w/ me when i’m scared of the dark, as well as letting me rant about every single detail of my life. ur an og, and if guys can see ur nice soft side they’re dumbasses that need to be eNliGhteNed. also u right about half of the stuff in my life u witch, jk ily bitch. #openrp


jack gilinsky (spam four times for a tbh and a rate)
a twenty two year old from omaha nebraska. loves his doggie and christmas. most likely to randomly attack you with hugs, probably the most physical person you’ll ever meet, he loves hugs and cuddles. a big softie with a lowkey daddy kink. falls in love easily. loves his little sister adi. probably either loves you or hates you, no in between. lives in hawaii but is always wearing hoodies. loves outdoorsy shit. number one super smash bros and khalid stan. hit him up to learn more!


Gözleri ömre bedel 😍
@devrimyakut #devrimyakut


Hayes 🥰;
hey bitchass, jk ily. I jus wanna take the time to be cheesy and tell u thanks for standing by me through thicc and thinn, as well as implying a father figure for Jaclyn even though she calls u a giraffe behind ur back. Even though i do get annoyed by ur actions i do very much love ur cuteass, if anything u know me better than anyone except for eli :3 , alright gn bitchass Hayes i love youuuuuu :)). ( p.s. thanks for butting into my life and making it 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x better )


Carson🤩; since i’m nice to you i ain’t gonna start off with some weird shii, carson you’re a genuine mood like all the damn time. u also may or may not have made my sister happy at ONE point in her life so love u for that. u can be dry but bruh in a way ur hella funny, we should talk more b 😔. #openrp


Hazar ablam damla abla benim için çok degerliyse sende benim için çok değerlisin ve siz benim en sevdiğim ikilisiniz . Sana bişey olmasın o güzel yüzün hiç solmasın hep gül mutluluğu en çok hakeden sensin Hazar abla . Diğer insanları takma boşver ama şunu bil ki o maviş gozlerinle kalbimi çaldın . Seni ve sana dair olan herşeyi çok seviyorum mutlu ol doğum gününde 💙
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@hazmot @hazmot @hazmot @hazmot @hazmot


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The experience that changed my life... And not only in a pretty way.
Pain, tears, pleasure and mental journeys... lots of mental journeys... Have you ever done a ten-days-ten-hours-a-day-silent-meditation retreat? Well... it’s a freaking journey and one that not only takes you down nice pathways.
It took me down very painful ones..
I cried my balls out during some of the meditation sittings.

Vipasana made me see the ugly truth that I was avoiding to see. It showed me where I was at truly... and how far it was from where I wanted to be... in some areas of my life.

But at the end of the day (or at the end of 100+ hours of meditation I can say it was an emotional rollercoaster with a liberating end.
I was faced with my choices, my anger and the resentments I had accumulated for the choices I had to make that I wasn’t aligned with. I saw how much of the life I had created wasn’t the life I wanted to create, but a life I had built because I believed I had to conform, compromise and sacrifice my own truth.
It was shocking to realize that I had fallen back into my old patterns, self defense mechanisms against a world that was feeling stranger and stranger to my heart, my truth and my soul.
When that happens I tend to numb myself, build up the walls and close my heart. From there nothing can be built in love, in connection or in truth.... i realized i had become someone who is hiding his heart and his truth.
Vipasana showed me how painful this was for the ones I loved the most. My family.
I came to realized not being true to myself made me disconnect with my spirit.
But there was light at the end of the tunnel...after I went through the shame and blame of my past choices ... after I realized the fact that I am the sole creator of my own reality, therefore there is no one else to blame... After all that was understood I had the most breath taking experiences... Meditation became a path to liberation .. my mind and my body became two different realities.
You are gonna call me crazy but bare with me: ...READ REST IN COMMENT (TEXT LIMIT REACHED...!)


How To Stay On Top Of All Your Shit During The Festive Season!
First of all when y'all figure that out can you include me on the group email #notkidding 😜
BUT in all honesty, don't let the hype and mayhem of a month in time be the reason your social slip. Finishing the year with a bloody big bang should be on all our agendas.
Here are some awesome things about Xmas that make marketing on your socials a wee bit easier:
1. Peeps be in a shopping frenzy! 🤯 Like erry person is like a crazed animal throwing things in online carts, real shopping carts and buying up big. So if there was ever a time to up the anti on your sales posts NOW IS IT! The entire rest of the year if you are all salesy and up in peoples faces you get put in the friend zone (business speaking). So create some offers and go forth!
2. New Year New You and all that jazz. 🧘🏼‍♀️ Well I don't buy into New You but def a more evolved you. Now is a great time to share what you have learnt this year because us biz babes be always learning the life lessons right! It inspires people AND they love to see we aren't just a perfect Insta feed all the time. AKA Personal Branding! So please show me a photo of you being as drunk as I am this time of year stat. 🍾
3. Moving on from point 2 it's a great time to review what worked in your marketing this year and what didn't. Then instead of having a pity party USE THAT to fuel what you will do differently next year. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Do you need to get better images, create more engaging captions, have more exciting offers, start blogging, use a scheduling app, work on your website, start email marketing, have better systems?
Whatever it is YOU CAN DO IT! So stay in your magic girl, own it and use it to be better than someone who says 'I am too busy playing with tinsel to post on socials so I can grow my business and be f*cking awesome’ Don't be that person.
Pic 📸 from another pink loving social senorita @contentinthecity
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I'm so tired and it's been a stressful day. Also, unfollow me if you don't like how much I post cause I'm unbothered


günaydııın herkese 💜

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i thought that i was dreaming when you said you love me
the start of nothing
i had no chance to prepare
i couldn't see you coming
the start of nothing
i could hate you now
it’s quite alright to hate me now
when we both know that deep down
the feeling still deep down is good.


Twenty four. Model. Bisexual, no lean. Single. Not looking. Caregiver. Disgusting kinks. Dom. Comment where to be tagged for a fop and dm.