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As my girl Miley says, "WE CANT STOP, WE WONT STOP." Thank you to this crew... we are missing half of them in this photo but it's hard to get all 20 of us together... Congrats to our lovely @evanminutesinheaven and his beautiful bride Ellen. EX OH. GO PACKERS. #weddingseason #openbar #traveling #friends #beer #nashville #group #happy #shesaidyes 💕


Valar Dohaeris (All Men Must Serve). I thought Braavos was analogous to Italy (are there any Italian beers available in Canada?), but the folks at Ommegang went with Belgium. And for a television tie-in beer, it's a perfect Belgian style beer; yeasty, with a spice & honey flavour. It's also surprisingly strong, at 9%. If you haven't had a Belgian-style beer before, try an actual one first thought. They're good, but they're not for everyone.
The bottle itself is quite impressive too - I wish I had filmed opening it as it made a very satisfying champagne-esque 'pop'. I will say though, if you're purchasing this entirely for the Game of Thrones tie-in and for possibly display, the labels are poorly adhered & the top label is actually askew. I looked through all of the bottles I found and every single one had pealing, ripped or poorly placed labels.
But I bought it for the tie-in AND the beer. And in the end, Valar Morghulis.
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Sensational Kyoto Aburi Tuna salad 🥗with Yuzu dressing?

Kyoto Cafe

'Donut' miss these places! 🍩 🎃 🍻

More reasons to 'fall' in love with VA: local farms, breweries, and wine! Visited @greatcountryfarms for their Fall Festival and it was a one stop shop for everything fall: apple cider and apple cider donuts, pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and more. Definitely a win for families. 🙌

Afterwards, we stopped by @dirtfarmbrewing
for a few local brews and were rewarded with a breathtaking view.
The vistas overlooking the farms and just breathing in the Blue Ridge Mountains air were just what I needed to get me refocused on what Fall is all about: the harvest, being grateful for having plenty. Taking in and seeing and doing as much as we can while here, harvesting memories and being eternally grateful that we get do it together as a family. 🙏

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Dirt Farm Brewing

Brews & Chews 🍻 🍔 🍟
Nothing like a stroll in the city with 1 of you kids!
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Eureka Claremont