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by @victoria_lepe

I live for workout tanks with cheesy sayings on them 😂
“Don’t wish for it...Work for it!”
Imagine if I continued to say “no” to my bf to start working out with him (that’s where it all started)....I would be 30+ lbs heavier and headed down a very unhealthy way of living.
I took all of my excuses and made them reasons why I HAD to work for it.
Here are some of my silly excuses I had 3 years ago:
1. My ankle hurts—girl, your ankle will hurt either way. Actually it doesn’t hurt as much now that I stretch and strengthen it daily
2. I don’t have workout equipment—there are tons of workouts you can do without weights or fancy equipment, in fact, I’ve completed many now!
3. I don’t have workout shoes—yes, this was an excuse of mine. DUDE, just buy some. It’s not that hard
4. I’m too out of shape and weak—it will be hard at first, but it gets better...YOU get better. How will you progres if you don’t try??
See how easy it is to crush the excuses and make yourself proud?! Go out there, take it one day at a time and make yourself PROUD. I know you can do it 😘💞


by @nihil_sed_tempus

Day 6 lovelies!! Of coredeforce. I did MMA shred. It was interesting, uses a lot more back muscles. I think prefer speed. (Sidenote: I’ve had so many ask me what #beachbodyondemand is, so how many have you heard of it and know what it is)(not from me talking about it) #getfitonedayatatime #bodworkouts #beginnerfitness #beginnerworkout #coredeforce #mmashred


by @arch_athletic

Whether you’re a beginner or its been some time since you worked out and you’re wondering where to start, you don’t have to stress over figuring that out because our Wednesday BLAST 5:15 pm class teaches you the basics while targeting all muscle groups #arch_athletic #strongisbeautiful #drivenfitness #fitfriends #fitstl #liftsomething #membersgetit #getitdone #groupclass #noexcusesjustresults #downtownstl #bestofthelou #healthylife #gymtime #igfitlife #grouptraining #strenthtraining #stlfitness #bestgym #justmove #weightlifting #movementismedicine #exercisisfun #healthandwellness #killerworkout #strengthandconditioning #beginnerfitness #beginnerworkout #fullbodyworkouts

Arch Athletic Center

by @masculinitytested

Check our challenge on the website proven to increase your push ups 100%


by @eb.castle


Having a strong core is cool. It protects your back from injury, enables you to lift heavier, move better, & have greater balance. But most “ab exercises” kinda suck. Sit ups are boring and basically useless, and while planks have their place, they’re also boring as hell.

Any kind of hanging core exercise also increases your grip strength, which you’ll need if you ever want to be able to do a pullup, or crush someone’s skull with your bare hands.🤷‍♀️

Here are a couple of my favorites, progressing from easiest to hardest. And pro tip: if you have the ability to do these with some kind of wall or rack behind you, you’ll eliminate swinging, which will enable you to focus 100% on the abdominal muscles working.

▪️knee raise

▪️hanging leg lift

▪️hanging L

▪️toes to bar

▪️around the world

If you try them, tag me and let me know which was the hardest!

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by @ndasky_fitness

Everything ready to go to the gym tomorrow💪
I've missed it while I was on vacation but the wait is finally over!!
#iamback #backtothegym


by @gensgym

I spent 2 years RESENTING my weight loss.
My journey started July 2015, and just 6 weeks in I developed horrible chronic back pain. I was so defeated. After years of mistreating my body, I was finally on the right path and then I was kicked back down by this horrible pain. I sought out doctor after doctor and over the course of 2 years not a single one was able to help me.
I continued to lose weight in spite of my inactivity, but the physical pain I endured prevented me from being truly happy. I couldn’t go out with my friends because of the fear of not being able to sit in a chair with a back, because standing for more than 10 minutes was too painful. I wouldn’t go to the beach (which I literally LIVED ON) because I knew I would not be able to walk along the shore or swim in the ocean. I wouldn’t let myself be proud of my weight loss because I was literally in pain for every second of every day.
2 years wasted and ever since I have promised myself to express GRATITUDE daily. I do this by writing in my @fiveminutejournal (which I am obsessed with btwwww) 😍
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Carlsbad, California

by @alliequinones

Because getting in your workout > smoothing out your cowlick.
Here's a quick full-body workout that only requires one pair of dumbbells. I'd say it's intermediate-ish level.
1 and a half goblet squats x10
Full-body burpee complex x10
Single leg Romanian deadlifts x10/leg
Plank reach underes x8/arm
Modified shrimp squat x8/leg (you should probably use a mat for these)
Repeat the circuit 3x
These are the types of workouts we'll be doing as part of the #VictressFit program–the 6-week fitness mastermind for women in Miami. The 10% early bird discount ends this Sunday. Check the link in my bio for more info!
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #notyouraveragemeathead #brainandbrawn #beginnerfitness #homeworkout #beginnerfitnesstips #miamifitfam #workoutswithdogs #dumbbellworkout #stayfit305 #fastworkouts

Miami, Florida

by @saoud.ahli

Whats up guys! Today we are doing “Seated Machine Rows”
* Adjust the height of the seat and machine to your comfort.
* Sit up straight with your chest out and shoulders back
* Pull through your elbows and hold for a few seconds
* Go back to starting position
* Repeat for your Rep Range
I go for 4 Sets of 10-12 Reps.
One thing I like about using the machine is you can go as heavy as you want without having to worry too much about keeping your body stable.

Try it out and let me know what you think and make sure you guys are killing it at the gym!

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

by @kelsojene

Getting in touch with your inner child takes practice. ⁣

I'm not talking about being childish and immature- I'm talking about that pure form of bliss and happiness that only comes from self acceptance and contentment with exactly where you're at and what you're doing in this very moment.⁣

It's so easy for us to put so much pressure on ourselves, feel like we aren't living a life that we can relate to, and eventually start thinking that others have the same unrealistic expectations of us. ⁣

Pressure. We feel constant pressure. ⁣

Pressure can be great if we are pressuring ourselves in the right way and for the right reasons- but struggling to be something you don't have any business being is exhausting and self destructive. ⁣

Struggle for the right reasons- then take intentional moments to reflect, to love and cherish people and experiences, and just be. Just be you and be with you. ⁣

That's your challenge for today. ⁣

#FindYOURWay #🥗💪🏼🧐⁣
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by @being_beautifully_bipolar

Change of plan y'all.

I am really not doing it for #weightloss, so I'm not gonna track my weight. All tracking apps deleted 🙅🏼‍♀️ I'm only gonna record my measurements now and in a month to see what changed.
What I really aim for is getting some extra energy and health
Therefore, what I care about is hours I productively worked on a day and how I am feeling thorough a day. But I'm recording these anyway.

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by @hai.sthetics

The moment when you realize the stripes on your calves for the first time 🙈

Where the mind goes, the Body will follow😉

Comment below 📥😊

Herne, Germany

by @ndasky_fitness

After a hard workout it is important to finish with some flexibility routine.
Stretching is important to keep the muscles flexible, strong and also to mantain a good range if motion in the joints


by @taylor_fischer2

Get ready for hump day tomorrow! 🍑
Though I’ve always had a rounder toosh, toning it up and building my hamstrings have been a struggle! (P.s. this pump was so lit that I felt like I was going to bust outta these leggings at the end 😂)
The booty is one of the main focus points now a days for women, but how do you grow them?
Here’s some tips:
🍑 Utilize rep ranges between 8-12
🍑 Increase your weights, you’d be surprised what you can actually lift with your leggies!
🍑 Incorporate single leg exercises to focus on imbalances between your dominant and non dominant side
🍑 WORK YOUR ENTIRE LEG! You can do more than just squat! Bridges, lunges, sumo/regular/split squats, hyperextensions, kickbacks, abductors, adductors, hamstring curls, leg extensions, deadlifts, RDL, EVERYTHING 😂
🍑 Work legs at least 2 times a week. Both incorporating just glute work, and then alternate hamstring and quad focused
🍑 SQUEEZE DA BOOTY! During every concentric phase of a squat, squeeze your glutes. Honestly just squeeze them all the time 😅
🍑 Get a full range of motion! When you squat, be sure you are going 90° if not lower! Ass to grass people!
🍑 On the eccentric phase, go slower. This time under tension is beneficial!
🍑 Incorporate glute activation exercises prior to your lift (foam roll, dynamic stretches, band work) to ensure your muscles are firing appropriately during your lift, and so that you can get the full benefit of your lift to the correct muscles! Also prevents injury and allows for increase range of motion.


by @bearwolftraining

Who is after a stronger core?

In today’s episode of Getting Started - Coach Ryan goes through the sit up.

He breaks the movement down, explains how it works your abs, how many reps/sets to do and how to progress it to guarantee that you are getting stronger every session.

To watch - just visit www.bearwolftraining.com/pack and you will get access to loads of videos, recipes and articles from the BearWolf team - easy!

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Bearwolf Training

by @highfunctioningfitness

This kid makes my heart sparkle. 💖💖💖 He’s been in Kindergarten for about 4 weeks and can’t get enough snuggles when he gets home.
Ya know what else he can’t get enough of?
Marshmallows (ok, so that’s not relevant here...but it’s true)

Before you start your nutrition or fitness journey, it is so important to decide WHY you want to be healthier. What drives you? What are your long-term goals? What are your priorities?
I encourage you NOT to choose a number on the scale or a specific clothing size. I am 10 pounds heavier than last summer because I’ve put on some more muscle. I can also range anywhere from a size 8 to a 12 in jeans, depending on the brand. Numbers can be deceiving.

What is most important to me is being the best mom I can be for this little guy and his sisters. ⚽️When he asks me to go outside and play soccer with him, or jump on the trampoline, I want to say yes. (Granted, I’ll pee my pants, but that’s ok! 🤣) 💦When we go to the pool this summer, I don’t want to worry about how I look in a swimsuit. 👩‍👦When he’s too tired to walk upstairs and he asks me to carry him, I want to be able to cradle that giant five-year-old like he is still my baby.
Yes, I have days when I’d rather look better in my clothes, but that’s not what motivates me to be consistent and show up every day.
He does.
What’s your WHY?

Houston, Texas

by @madalynnerosefitness

I remember when I first started my fitness journey...⁣⁣
Per normal human tendencies, I tried to change ALLLL my bad behaviors at once (dieting all week/day & binging at time or weekends, nighttime snacking, weeks of little to no exercise, and drinking every weekend, plus about 10 more bad habits!)⁣⁣
The reality is, every single time I started with the mindset of trying to change EVERYTHING rather than a handful of things or even just ONE of my bad habits... I failed. Miserably.⁣⁣
Now, I understand it can be hard to start off and choose small goals over large ones cuz how the heck is only exercising twice gonna get me that six pack, Madalynne?⁣⁣
Hear me out. Do you want this to be sustainable or do you want to wind up in the same place you’re at right now?⁣⁣
Frustrated. Confused. Feeling like you’ve tried everything, but you’re just destined to be overweight (PSA: you’re not!)⁣⁣
Implement these 4 tips (and these 4 only!) for at least 1 week and I can guarantee you’ll start to see some mental and physical progress⁣⁣
1️⃣ Drink 64oz water each day⁣⁣
2️⃣ Eat at least 80–100g of protein per day⁣⁣
3️⃣ Write down your meals & drinks for a week
4️⃣ Commit to exercising for 30 minutes twice this week⁣⁣
Who’s up for the challenge? Comment ‘I’m in’ and your favorite emoji below if you’re ready to make some small, but sustainable changes towards your fitness journey, this week! ⁣

I’m in! 🐱❣️

San Marcos, California

by @_therapyfitness_

Want to know what 4 weeks and just 12 classes can do for you?! Then SWIPE and read below because we have #motivationmonday in FULL freaking force. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Christine joined our camp just 4 weeks ago. Our first day with her she told us she hadn’t done exercise in years and that she was starting to change her nutrition. Her second and third days with us she told us how sore she was and how bad it hurt to go up and down the stairs. Her fifth and sixth day she got familiar and showed us how BAD ASS she was. And on week 4 as we celebrated her completing her first round, she told us she was feeling stronger, healthier, and was down 15 lbs. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 The transformation we see on those willing to work and fight for themselves is AMAZING. Christine is a perfect example of that. She showed up, she fought for herself, she gave everything she had, and she came out freaking winning! There is something about self love, confidence, and feeling good that spreads like wildfire, and this babe put in the work to catch it. 🔥

@mrs_chapa6 we are SO happy for you! We are doin the happy dance over here and celebrating with you! Congrats friend! 🎉🎉


by @10alison24

The “10lbs Lost” photo! Fast results aren’t lasting results... I started this journey mid June and it’s mid September now‼️ Remember, I am still 5’2 and 177! That is obese on the BMI, keep up your own personal journey and don’t let numbers discourage you! Endurance, consistency, and strength building take time! This is what my face looks like after a full work day and no make up. That’s life, that’s reality.


by @nihil_sed_tempus

Woot day 6 peeps. Although I’m off the schedule of core de force. I made it to round 5 and a half of 9 rounds. #bodworkouts #beachbodyondemand #getfitonedayatatime #beginnerfitness #coredeforce


by @megandaviesfitness

It’s HERE! Pumpkin Spice Shakeology is officially ready for order! I can’t believe how good it tastes! I didn’t put anything extra in today to get the full taste and OMG. It’s pumpkin pie. So good! Link in bio for this delish healthy seasonal treat! Limited availability and I know this will sell out fast so go now! 🧡🎃🧡Drop an emoji below if you plan on getting yours!

Pompano Beach, Florida

by @kineticstudiola

Get Up & Move! Increase energy naturally! Swipe 👈🏽 Try this super simple Dynamic Stretch routine before a workout or during your next work break. Movement can change your mood, and turn your entire day around. #MakeMovesThatChangeYou


by @everybuddiesfitness

You can workout anywhere! I squeezes this one in while my son was playing at the fall fun farm. 🍂🍁☀️ Do each move for 45 seconds and repeat x 5 for a lower body burn.
October Courtice Bowmanville Beginner Friendly Indoor Classes selling now!
1. Mom and Pretween Bootcamp
2. Busy Buddy Late Bootcamp
3. Workout Workshop 101 (for complete beginners to learn each move)


November indoor classes posted soon

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Clarington, Ontario

by @ndasky_fitness

Another day, another freeletic workout!!
Today I did the Selene workout: - 50x Jumping Jacks
- 20x Crunches
- 20x Lunges
- 20x Burpees

For a total of 5 rounds. At the end I was tireddd

I am really liking the freeletic bodyweight app to the point of thinking of getting the full version. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth the money?



by @hai.sthetics

If you want something, go & get it. Disregard anyone who tries to bring you down. You can do anything you put your mind to.

What’s your opinion? 📥

Hotel Best Semiramis

by @charlesstaley

LOVE getting messages like this needless to say — this is from a (very busy) 50+ year-old Scottsdale client who's dropped 30 pounds (and more than doubled her strength) in 17 weeks working with me.
#weightloss #scottsdale #bodycomposition #getlean #womensfitness #beginnerfitness #personaltraining #paradisevalley #macros #fatloss #fitnesstransformation #fitgoals #changeyourlife #getstrong #fitover50 #northscottsdale

Mh Fitness Training