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Fast Faaast Fash 2.0
Issue 2. Manufacturing
Although a lot of the manufacturing process has been automated, the clothes we wear are still often stitched and sewn by a single person at a sewing machine.
These people are often in very large sweatshops in developing countries like Bangladesh, overcrowded and cramped, in terrible conditions, and are only paid around $20 US dollars per month.
A horrific example of the effects of the fast fashion industry, was the Rana Plaza tragedy. In 2013, an 8 storey commercial building named Rana Plaza collapsed.
The garment workers had pointed out the cracks in the building to their managers, but were still forced to return to the following day. The final death toll was 1,134.


New series! Over the course of our research we come across a lot of exceptional environmental innovations, processes & initiatives countries are putting in place. We want to show how this is changing the world (plus we all need lots of hope & ideas, and instead of reinventing the wheel we can potentially take action and implement it in our own lands!). We're starting with the Netherlands - Lis's home country so an easy place to start! Here are some of our favorites. Do you know of something else? Get an idea from these? Let us know in the comments!


Every time You trying to shut me down i would be louder
I'm not ashamed of my mistakes
I learn from them
Just a reminder
You were not put on this world to make every body else's life easier so please be inconvenient


Thinking about a trip to Australia? Lirrwi Tourism is an Aboriginal-owned tourism business in North East Arnhem Land. The Yolŋu people of North East Arnhem Land are the traditional owners of the sea and of the inland areas and are part of the oldest living culture on the planet, with an ancestry stretching back 50,000+ years. In that time they have developed a sophisticated understanding of the environment. Their tours allow you to explore their culture, sit with them and hear their stories, walk with them and share knowledge. You will learn about Yolŋu kinship, traditional lore and language and become part of a small family community. We think these kinds of organizations are ones to get behind when you're next thinking about travelling!


Making the most of my free time....smile, move on and next. •

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Ok team - we know this one can go deep! Can we have a good conversation about it? We're mostly plant based, non-dairy vegetarians around here and totally admire the commitment to being completely vegan. But, aside from the plastic waste & synthetic ingredients a lot of these new vegan products have, we do have a bit of a query about palm oil and whether products that include it, should be allowed to be labelled and advertised as vegan; particularly as more and more new people trying to do the right thing start to dabble in vegan products. Is this misleading? We believe every product should have to declare palm oil and other awful ingredients to help consumers.

Generally vegans don't wear wool or eat honey - animals that are mostly not killed from these practises. But many vegans do consume a whole lot of palm oil - particularly in packaged foods and toiletries. When you're a fairly strict vegan in regards to wool & honey due to the exploitation and harm of animals - knowing orangutans are being killed in the hundreds of thousands to the point of endangering them (along with tigers and other animals) and entire rainforests destroyed for your product - that surely cannot be vegan and others might not know this at all? So many new people are getting interested and buy based off the vegan label for environmental or animal purposes.

There is indeed no good alternative to palm oil at scale but by cutting out your processed foods and sourcing ethically you'll remove the vast majority of it. This is generally really practical for food (eat fresh & local!). So do you think it should still be labelled vegan? What are your thoughts? Talk to us!

P.S. We know we can pull this string a lot longer of course too. One could easily argue that nearly all products & fabrics take resources from mining, oil drilling and land clearing thus killing millions upon millions of animals - all items vegans use just like everyone. That's not something all us consumers can solve on our own right now:) P.P.S. We ALL, vegan or not, should drastically reduce our palm oil and simply not eat processed foods (it's rubbish for your health anyway!) and do our best to source alternative cosmetics.




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Frenz, we need to talk about Fast Fashion.
The fashion industry has come a long way since Mothers would make all of the clothes for their family by hand, with simple, natural fabrics... nowadays we are bombarded with new styles every day.
Issue 1 — Raw Materials & Sourcing.
All of this new clothing we are creating doesn’t just appear out of mid-air – well not that I’m aware of. We must either grow or create the fibres that go on to become our humble T-shirts.
- Two-thirds of the fabric used for clothing globally, is Cotton.
- Cotton takes a lot of land, water, and often nasty pesticides to produce. Cotton farmers have incredibly high rates of suicide from the stress of the market, and cancer from the cocktail of poisons in the pesticides.
More modern materials like polyester are… well they’re plastic, created from petroleum, releasing micro fibres of plastic into our water ways every time we wash them.
The dying process of the raw materials is also very water intensive and extremely polluting.
In fact, approximately 7,000 litres of water are needed to produce one pair of jeans (the amount of water one individual drinks in 5-6 years).
REDUCE the amount of clothing you buy ✋🏼


I got a little carried away with the Up balloons (da-dun-chssss).... This will be my first year open during Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday! What do YOU look for in terms of sales or deals when shopping small and online? 📬Check out the Giveaway in Prior Posts! 📬
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We have the opportunity to change the path of our planet but we must act now. There is quite literally, no waiting time.


Title 35 demands that local emergency services identifies new hazards and reports them to the state. PEMA can order grants from the Federal Government. Municipalities must create their own plans as required by law. No emergency agency has ever studied this new risk.

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Did you know that sanitary pads are around 90% plastic? Our periods cause us enough issues without having to hurt the environment too! Have you tried alternatives like cloth pads or menstrual cups for a plastic free period? There are also great plant based pads on the market now (mostly out of Africa using banana waste for example) but the wrapping is nearly always in plastic. We're yet to find plastic free tampons (the wrapping has proved nearly impossible) - if you know of those, we would so absolutely love to get a tag to them!


Thank you, Halsey. What a beautiful poem and a beautiful soul speaking the truth. We needed to hear that. #beinconvenient
The poem is super good u guys can check it out online but also her reciting it is even better https://youtu.be/tCWRdp5NAFI. 💜


On the day before Mickey’s 90th birthday, I want to say thank you to Walt. Thanks for not giving up. Thanks for doing what you loved, for using your imagination, for spreading joy, for making it so easy to remember how to smile on my bad days. If you were to ask me who my hero was, I would absolutely say Walt Disney. I hope his magic continues forever, and that the imaginations never grow dark. It all started with a mouse! 💖 🏰
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