Faith | Photograph by Chandrabhanu Bijali
“A couple prays at the early dawn,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Chandrabhanu Bijali, “with offerings for peace to the soul of family members.” This photo was submitted to our “Rites of Passage” assignment, guest edited by Jenn Poggi (@jennpoggi), assistant professor at @rit.photo. To participate, go to the link in our profile (www.natgeoyourshot.com).

“Wow! I love that you are shooting what is going on in the darkness. Beautiful image, great balance of light and dark.” — @natgeo photographer Stephen Alvarez (@salvarezphoto)


“I love creating whimsical moments that make people stop for a second look,” says fine art photographer Gray Malin (@graymalin). His llama-infused series “Far Far Away” was shot at the world’s largest salt flat in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. 🎉⁣

“I enjoy incorporating balloons in my work, as they are a universal symbol of celebration, happiness and joy,” says Gray.⁣

Photo by @graymalin


Video by Renan Ozturk @renan_ozturk | Fireworks and other magic from the universe coalesce over Everest, at 20,000 feet. I actually don't know what this phenomenon is, but fellow photographers tell me it could be "airglow," a natural emission from the upper atmosphere near the edge of space, also potentially enhanced by sublimating ice crystals. At any rate, I'm looking forward to seeing the final processed version of this one on a big screen for the @natgeochannel documentary in progress. See @renan_ozturk and the expedition team for more on this #EverestMystery assignment.


Photo by @kiliiiyuyan | Dusk envelopes a fishing village in the Norwegian Arctic. This region, despite being inside the Arctic Circle, is moderated by warm currents that keep the sea mostly ice-free. Fishermen here actually benefit from the slow migration of mackerel from the south as the climate warms, but the more important Arctic cod is at risk of a major decline. Follow me, @kiliiiyuyan, for more from the Arctic and beyond. #norway #arctic #climatechange


Postcards from Quebec - spent a couple of days digging around the back streets of this charming city working on a guide to all things Canadian and summer. Scroll over for some highlights and,as always, let me know which one is your favorite ❤️


#Followmeto St Paul’s Cathedral. I lived in England for more than 7 years. Very few people know that I finished with a degree of Civil Engineering at Imperial College London. Yes yes, Engineering, not art :). Last week was actually the first time I visited St Paul’s cathedral. I was stunned by the magnitude and beauty of this icon on the London skyline. @honorglobal #HONOR20series #CaptureWonder
................🇷🇺Я жил в англии более 7 лет. Не все знают что по образованию я Гражданский Инженер и закончил Империал колледж. Да, да вы не ослышались, инженер :) Только неделю назад я попал в одно из главных исторических мест Лондона ! Меня поразило величие и размах, в нем чувствуется история и сила. 🇷🇺


“Hakuna Matata 🦁 👑 #itmeansnoworries” writes @eggnogthebulldog


Paris Under the Rain ❤️🎥


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