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Daily Drawing 2856: I used to be much more on top of new music, but I feel like I’ve fallen behind in recent years. That said, here’s some of the musicians that put out new music I enjoyed this year. What did I miss? . . . . .

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No one cares about the 9 pictures I took this year that had the least pathetic number of likes. Instead, these are the 9 new albums/EPs/artists I’ve listened to most in 2018.
Side notes.
I know the Joey Landreth album didn’t come out this year but I’m excited about the new album next year so I’ve been listening to it loads, as if it was just released.
And yes, the White Album is 50 years old but I’m specifically talking about the reissue.
Anyway, my list, my rules. Back off.
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@debutsofnote ha seleccionado nuestro disco dentro del #top10 de discos debut internacionales del 2018!! Gracias!! •
“Sounds like: Early @wildnothing with a @MyBloodyValentine sheen glazed over
Favorite Tracks: “I’m A Universe” / “True Love” / “Youth Is Dead”
Homebase: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Recommended by: Jackson aka @Horse_Jeans (guy’s got a great ear)

The Hardest Thing
I n the first few minutes of The Hardest Thing, lead singer David Goodman casually meditates through crackly, Alec Ounsworth-esque vocals “you are the center of your private universe” and two tracks later we’re in the middle of “I’m A Universe” — hands down one of the best anthems of 2018 — which makes it achingly clear: okay, now we’re in Lava Fizz’s universe. Copy that. Through the lens of early 2000s indie rock bands, these Balearic lads hone valuable inspiration from their island-dwelling forefathers and present their own sound in a fresh, hopeful fashion. As this year approached the finish line, it was enjoyable to discover a band who returned to the sound of many millennials’ adolescence while wrapping it up in shiny, new packaging too. In short, Lava Fizz delivers nostalgia-soaked indie rock of the highest order.” #LavaFizz #TheHardestThing #DebutsofNote #DebutsofNote2018 #BestAlbums2018 #BestMusic2018 #BestNewMusic #BestNewMusic2018 #BestNewArtist #bestnewartist2018


1. Constant Image by Flasher

At a brisk 31 minutes, Flasher’s debut Constant Image is simultaneously 2018's Debut of Note and the shortest album in our Top 10. A kaleidoscope of punk rock adjacent genres collide on this album that’s ostensibly arguing for anarchy — or, well, maybe it’s actually arguing for apathy? — the album’s lyrics are a little too under-saturated to craft a full picture. No matter, it’s intentional. Taylor Mulitz (guitar), Emma Baker (drums) and Daniel “Danny” Saperstein (bass) even address their fragmented lyrics early in Constant Image’s run, both in lead track “Go” (which features a number of non sequiturs all piled together up front) as well as “Pressure” which repeats: ‘Now slip again / so touch and go / Another line / A phrase afloat.’ The gist? Stop dissecting, just soak all those impressionistic lyrics in.
The keyword to describe Flasher’s debut is propulsive. Constant Image refuses to let up, never giving you a moment in its short runtime to let the listener off the hook. The second keyword to describe Flasher’s debut is democratic. Flasher is ‘a collaborative effort. There is no frontman or frontwoman, no singular songwriter, no rigid genre restraints; the band functions as an amalgamation of the three members’ experiences, perspectives and emotions.’ Take one listen to the first five minutes of Constant Image and you’ll understand immediately: this band has no rules, so its not even technically breaking them to create these inspired lil’ nuggets (aka tracks.)


2. Toss Up by Kevin Krauter

Kevin Krauter’s Toss Up is, by a comfortable margin, the best debut of 2018 to get super baked before listening to — which is not to say you have to be high to appreciate Kevin’s debut, it just wouldn’t hurt either. As Kevin even admits, his debut is “easygoing,” which is absolutely the vibe that Toss Up imbues on audiences upon a first listen (and reiterates upon repeat check-ins.) Laid back, chill, but also introspective. It’s rare that a lyricist can begin a verse with such vivid a picture but end that same verse 180 degrees from where they started; Kevin does this multiple times throughout his debut (both verses of “Who Do You Know” come immediately to mind), with each clever turn of phrase more ingenious than the last.
While Kevin’s debut will certainly appeal to any music fans who appreciate indie pop/r&b/rock, it should especially strike a chord with Midwesterners who flew the proverbial coop or those who stayed planted there. Listening to Toss Up reminds you distinctly of those high school-era summer nights, enjoying your aloneness in your bedroom, wondering what the next summer day may bring. Kevin mentioned in his rollout for Toss Up that “a lot of the songs are about solitude in a very healthy sense, about trying to make it something useful and productive. It was good to center myself in that experience.”
Mostly focused on this solitude, as well as friendship and love, Toss Up became a true anchor in an era of seemingly never-ending push notifications. By the time the title track arrives at the end of the album and we discover that the phrase ‘toss up’ refers to a paper airplane that Kevin pretends to ‘know where to aim’, it’s increasingly apparent that Kevin created an album uniquely his own, one that no one could possibly replicate. As the extended outro of “Toss Up” ended on an initial listen, there was only one word that accurately summed up what Kevin had accomplished: “Wow.”

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3. Lost & Found by Jorja Smith

At the core of Debuts of Note’s mission statement is to constantly champion the underdog. With that said, it feels important to note that Jorja Smith is hands down the most well-known artist in our Top 10 this year. While she may not yet be a household name in the United States (Lost & Found only reached #41 on the Billboard 200), Jorja’s debut charted at #3 in the UK and garnered #1 positions in both the UK Independent and R&B album charts. That’s akin to a coup d’état of the UK charts from a 21-year-old singer-songwriter who was uploading songs to her private SoundCloud while working at Starbucks a mere few years ago.
Some would say it’s a risk to start off your debut album with an extended behind-the-scenes studio intro, but that’s exactly what Jorja does on the aptly-titled opening track “Lost & Found”. It’s a clever move. Throughout the rest of Lost & Found, Jorja continues with this sleight of hand — it’s the musical equivalent of periodically peaking out from behind a lace curtain just long enough for us to catch a glimpse, then disappearing once more. Jorja’s lyrics are syrupy yet firm, playful but mature. Her vocals and their range? Utterly indescribable.
“I think too much, but that’s what makes me, me,” Jorja told The Fader this past year, “As long as I know what I’m working on is good, it’s cool.” Not only is what Jorja’s working on ‘cool’, it’s also laying the groundwork for a long and storied career in the vein of Lauryn Hill, Norah Jones and Alicia Keys. So go check out Jorja’s recent music video for “The One”, then stream this must-hear debut.

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4. Dancehall by The Blaze

Plenty has been written about The Blaze’s gorgeous music videos (the duo of cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric won the Film Craft Grand Prix at Cannes for their second music video “Territory”), so it’s a shame that so little has been said about the content of their actual debut album which became a true Autumn addiction. Perhaps that’s because describing The Blaze’s sound feels a tad daunting to accomplish with mere words. I suppose a term such as ‘soft house’ might suffice… but so would ‘electro pop’, ‘trip-hop’, ‘dub’, ‘trance’ and plenty of others. Naw, genre-signifiers won’t do when discussing Dancehall’s hypnotic haze of lushly produced dance tunes.
“What we are doing with The Blaze is humanist,” Guillaume has said, “We are trying to make emotional music… we don’t want to just make happy music, we want to explore everything.” Recorded partly in Paris and partly in the duo’s 98-year-old grandfather’s house in Southern France, Dancehall is certainly not a ‘singles’ album. Sure, you can pick a track or two that could fit well on a playlist, but set aside the hour needed to indulge in a euphoric first listen if possible. Trust us.

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Almost thru 2018. Here’s the last batch of our fav debuts before next week’s Top 10!

Big Bliss – At Middle Distance (Interpol’s overall moodiness filtered through a Joy Division soundboard)

The Blaze – DANCEHALL (Slow-build house a la Jamie xx / deadmau5 but with more ambient experimentation)

Boy Azooga – 1, 2, Kung Fu! (Late-era The Strokes with erratic/experimental ‘60s/’70s pop tendencies)

Buddy – Harlan & Alondra (A harder-edge Usher pivoting between r&b and hip-hop soundscapes)

Confidence Man – Confident Music for Confident People (Goofy The Rapture flexing Top 40 Beck muscles)

Foxwarren – Foxwarren (Jackson Browne-esque soft rock with Jefferson Airplane vibes for good measure)

Kississippi – Sunset Blush (Imagine if Hole was a lil’ subtler and fronted by Sharon Van Etten)

Lava Fizz – The Hardest Thing (Early Wild Nothing with a My Blood Valentine sheen glazed over)

MISS WORLD – Keeping Up With Miss World (Irreverent Gen Z faux-Valley Girl over various pop-rock genres)

Miya Folick – Premonitions (What MUNA might sound like working with producer David Byrne)

Moonbeau – Moonbeau (M83 and A Flock Of Seagulls creating music for a John Hughes soundtrack)

Mt. Joy – Mt. Joy (If Blitzen Trapper had Hozier take over lead vocals, went a bit more rockabilly)

Pale Waves– My Mind Makes Noises (Arena-pop in the vein of The 1975 with wannabe Paramore aspirations)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Hope Downs (A more serious The Kooks plus New Order flair)

Rose Droll – Your Dog (Fiona Apple inspired stylings with darker Tune-Yard eccentricities)

Tasha – Alone At Last (Solange but presented in an even softer fashion)

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The Necks have a new Album out and I think it’s quite spectacular. It is called Body and it will zen you the fuck out. #thenecks #thenecksbody #bestnewmusic2018 #aussiedudes triopower #northern spy


These women have released fabulous new albums. Go support and listen. #marissanadler #formycrimes #emmaruthrundle #ondarkhorses #catpower #chanmarshall #wanderer #bestnewmusic2018 #buyalbums #supportmusicians


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Almost 2/3rds the way thru 2018. Here’s some more of our fav debuts this year (so far!)!

Bonjay – Lush Life (The r&b of SZA meets the experimentation of Lorde)

Charles Watson – Now That I’m A River (Ben Howard’s and Kurt Vile’s less nihilistic half-brother)

Flasher – Constant Image (Throw Pavement, The B-52’s and Spoon into a blender, hit ‘MASH’)

Gia Margaret – There’s Always Glimmer (The dour earnestness of Imogen Heap with the whimsy of Birdy)

Holy Motors – Slow Sundown (A darker Mazzy Star with clever Interpol-esque atmospheric eccentricities)

Jorja Smith – Lost & Found (A true vocal, lyrical talent in the vein of Amy Winehouse)

Kevin Krauter – Toss Up (Lovely Washed Out chillwave vibes w/ Real Estate surf thrown in for good measure)

Major Murphy – No. 1 (A bit o’ Whitney, a bit o’ Beach Fossils and polish it off w/ some 70s soul)

Massage – Oh Boy (Super pleasant The Feelies-esque twee indie pop that’ll make you grin)

Matt Maltese – Bad Contestant (The acerbic wit of Father John Misty but thru Sondre Lerche’s orchestral lens)

Olden Yolk – Olden Yolk (Sonic Youth attempting a more Yo La Tengo approach to songwriting)

Renata Zeiguer – Old Ghost (Jenny Lewis covering Neko Case with Grizzly Bear as her supporting band)

serpentwithfeet – soil (A The Weeknd-esque vocalist building sandcastles in FKA Twigs’ sonic playground)

Snail Mail – Lush (If Sharon Van Etten put out albums as a teenager)

Swimm – Sentimental Porno (The charm of The Generationals, the grit of The Black Keys)

Xul Zolar – Fear Talk (Hot Chip and Cut Copy but with a harder edge)

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