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Breakfast jumbo oat, banana and apple bake with cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins. With blueberries and pomegranate seeds! Naturally sweet and filling 😊🍌🍏#wfpb #veganbreakfast #breakfast #vegansofig ❤️

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Read 👉👉👉👉 @soheefit - Oftentimes when people embark on a journey to get fit and healthy, they go in with the wrong mindset and focus on the wrong things. •
Mistakes include believing that stricter and faster is always better and caring solely about the outcome rather than the process. When this happens, it's not uncommon for results, however impressive, to be fleeting and to find yourself in a frustrating yo-yo dieting cycle. •
Let this be the end of your yo-yo dieting days. For lasting results: •
🚶Focus on sustainable behaviors. You should strive to adopt eating and exercise behaviors you can practice day in and day out, NOT what you can only do for 12 weeks before you burn out. •
💃Be flexible. Rather than thinking in black and white, get comfortable with a more moderate approach. •
👀Look at the big picture. Does missing one single workout REALLY make you a failure, or is it more important that you're consistent the majority of the time? •
🎉Celebrate small wins. Every behavior that you do that brings you closer to your goal is something that you should be proud of. How do you get from A to Z? One step at a time! •
😎Enjoy the process. If you like the way you eat and you look forward to your workouts, you are FAR more likely to keep it up over the long haul. There are 10,000 different ways to live a healthy life, so find the strategy that suits you and have fun!
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Today we had another glorious Indian Summer day, so sunny and warm! Of course I was not so motivated to stay at my desk. So I worked in the garden and harvested some of the last fruit and veggies (have a look in my stories) and I cleaned out the fridge and cooked a big pot of curry with pumpkin, spinach, chick peas, carrots and potatoes like this one on the picture - curry is kind of an allrounder, isn’t it? And I really loved that we could have our lunch in the garden. I wish all of you a relaxed evening.
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Gosh this is just a BEAUTIFUL fall pumpkin bowl 🎃 ... not like we really experience fall here in Florida lol but hey... we can still appreciate it! With Halloween coming up, we wanted to share @sunwarriortribe's 11 heath tips for surviving this annual sugar fest of chocolates and candy with this beautiful bowl by @naturallyzuzu. We truly enjoyed reading the tips and will certainly follow them! 😋

1. Buy less candy so you run out🍬🍫
2. Buy candy late so you don't eat before
3. Don't get what you like... 😭
4. Eat filling meals with your family 🥗🌱
5. Plan a long challenging neighborhood walk so this kids get some exercise
6. Try to only let your kids take
7. Pass out non candy treats like toys, gum, stickers etc.🎯
8. Take control... Buy the candy from your kids and give them pieces when they earn it. Or let them trade it in for a toy or game🤸
9. Make healthy spooky food like banana chocolate ghosts, or tangerine jack-o-lanterns🍌🍊
10. Dance! Burn off those calories with fun!🕺💃
11. Enjoy it 🤓

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LIL MINT wants to cool you off!

Find all of our Scoop Dawg flavors: Lil Mint, Cinnadoodle, Berry White, Deez Nuts, and our newest flavor, PB Cool J at the following #LA locations:


photo by @EyeRecap

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99p hot veggie haggis samosa from @rootsfruitsandflowers 💛

Roots Fruits & Flowers

For all of these moments where I talked bad about myself. I am sorry. And I love you. I owe so many apologies to myself.
And i know i wouldn't have realized all this without the marathon training. It changed my whole perception about my body. I feel blessed and thankfull for everything it can do. And I am so sorry for every doubt and hateful attitude i have set towards it, for the numerous days i spent alone hiding in my bed scared to show up because i wasn't feeling good in my own skin. And i know that it used to hurt my mom to see me like this.

I just registered to the marathon @beirutmarathon and I decided to run for @meedassociation •Middle East Eating Disorder Association• Checked their website and started reading every corner of it, I also did their Eating Attitude Test that is helpful.
I am fully supporting the pupose of this association for the awareness it is raising about body image, our relationship with food and the eating disorders that so many are suffering from without even knowing it.

As i also have to mention, i used to understimate a lot the power of working out with a team. And training for a marathon was that crazy idea that i suddenly had as a dream because i knew it would change my life and my feelings, that it had a healing power. And that's how i got attracted to the 542 training program that i am so grateful for. ❤️


Finally, watch me make vegan lasagna! I just posted the new video on my YouTube channel, link in bio.✨

I’m sorry it has taken so long for this video to be available. Thank you to @donrique_ for helping me shoot and edit this video. Initially we shot it and had all kinds of fun slow motion shots but there ended up being an issue with the footage and I looked miserable 😂 (still getting used to being on camera) •
If you like this video please leave a comment, like and subscribe to my channel! I’ll also be starting to make more personal videos on lifestyle, fitness, grocery shopping, vlogging and self care!

Get my new book RABBIT FOOD, now on amazon. 🌿🥕🍄🐰✨✌🏼

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You clearly cant say no to vegan meal when it looks this good!!
Low Calorie
Gluten free & plantbased. #dinnerideas #dinner
The only Raw vegan Quiche on the market, produced as raw food.

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Am Blog gibt's mal wieder was 👌👌👌 Pikantes Apfel 🍏 🍎 Chili 🌶 🌶 Gelee

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Eeeeeita foto feia! 🙊🙈 Mas que delícia de pré-treino! Amassa um avocado, 1 ovo mexido com óleo de coco e um pouco de edamame. Sal rosa e fim! Pura proteína de qualidade, gordura boa e fibras! Quem ta pronto pro treino? 🙋🏼💪🏻


Chick'n & Waffles 🙌
Is there any better combo than sweet, savory, & crunchy?! Not in my book 📚😅 I didn't stop eating animals because I didn't like the taste of chicken.. I did it because I realized it was a once living animal who did not deserve to die just to make my taste buds happy for 5 mins. A whole life for 5 mins.. can you believe we do that?! The question gets even more frustrating when an amazing faux meat company exists like @gardein 💕
• • •
Thanks also to @vansfoods who have frozen vegan waffles!!! Since @thevegansara knows I still have not bought a waffle maker to make her amazing waffles but need my waffle fix 😅💙 check out her page for the most beautiful homemade waffles 🙌
• • •
The waffles were smothered with @earthbalance butter, light agave, and a few drops of sriracha 🙌

Glendale, Arizona