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by @bevisiblebetsy

3 Ways To Email Blog Posts For Engagement & Visibility
OPTION 1: Blog Title Plus Link. In this option, your title and a very strong call to action will get people over to your website. This works well when you have a very enthusiastic audience and are good at creating compelling blog titles.
OPTION 2: Give ‘Em A Taste. This option works well when the blog introduction gets readers engaged with your content quickly. Then they simply can’t resist clicking over to your site to read the rest.
OPTION 3: Copy Your Entire Blog Post Into An Email. In this option, you are going to email blog posts with the full content in the message area. To get readers over to your website, however, you must add a really strong call to action.
Read more and see examples here -- http://bit.ly/2yJ4ZLJ


by @momfluencenl

En toen was het even stil. Als freelancer heb je altijd meerdere ballen om hoog te houden, en ook opdrachtgevers om tevreden te houden. Afgelopen zomer was goed druk en dat was fijn, maar betekende helaas wel dat momfluence nog even bleef liggen. Achter de schermen wordt gewerkt aan de site en content, dus stay tuned lieve momfluencers!


by @winncreativeco

Monday, I’m coming for you. Slowly and a little bit groggy, but I’m coming. #girlboss

Greenville, South Carolina

by @a.young.legend

A new blog post is up on AYoungLegend.com!! Blogging is a great way to share value with your audience and make an impact around the world. From a community platform to a well-known resource library, your blog is your business.

Link in bio👆🏽 to read 10 easy ways that can you can begin to leverage your blog and build an income.


by @amymarieblog

I really enjoy going to the farmers market on Sundays. This week I discovered @shadesofnaturalbeauty 🌻 Not only am I excited to smell like pumpkin spice this fall, the plastic around her soap is biodegradable and can be put into our compost 🙌🏼 Did you find anything good at the farmers market this weekend?

Colchester, Connecticut

by @redpineapplemedia

You’ve worked hard on your content, on your social media strategy, on your traffic growth. But for some reason your content just isn’t reaching the audiences you hoped it would. Unfortunately, many bloggers learn the hard way that creating amazing content and simply clicking publish just doesn’t cut it anymore.⠀

To ensure your content is reaching the widest audience possible, you’ve got to make it easy to share, especially your visual content. With visual social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest on the continual rise, you’re missing a trick if you don’t!⠀

Make sure you have at least one ‘pinnable’ image on every blog post, perhaps an infographic or something similar, and remember the bigger the better when it comes to Pinterest. As for your share buttons, whilst hover buttons are great for desktop users, ensure you have an actual direct share button under each image for readers using a mobile device. ⠀

Don’t forget to pin your own images, with a link to your blog, every time you publish a post. And, make sure you enter an image description on the pin so that it auto-populates a description whenever someone shares it. ⠀

So, the next time you write a blog post, don’t just think about how you will promote this content, but think about how your audience can promote it for you!⠀

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by @jumpintomonday

Struggling to find the time to take your own photos for your blog, website, and/or social media pages? Believe me...I shared this same struggle and when I found the perfect solution it saved me a TON of time and made a huge difference in my business. Take a peak at my absolute favorite stock photo website: {link in profile}


by @redpineapplemedia

Ah just another manic monday! Where did the weekend go?? It feels like just this second we were pouring a prosecco on Friday night, now we're pouring coffee by the bucket load!⠀

How was everyone's weekend? And who's feeling a little more than manic today?? 😂🙈 ⠀

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by @nicoleadelaars

Degene die mij goed kennen weten dat ik twee linkerhanden heb. Ik ben heel creatief in mijn hoofd en op papier. Maar als het gaat om echt iets tastbaars te maken dan moet je eigenlijk niet bij mij zijn.⠀

Toch heb ik ook zo mijn steentje bijgedragen aan de make-over van mijn kantoor. Ik heb geverfd, de gordijnen op de juiste maat gemaakt, plinten gezaagd en vastgekit en een rek opgehangen. Het kostte me wat bloed zweet en tranen, but I did it.⠀

En dat voelt zo ontzettend goed!⠀
Wanneer was de laatste keer dat jij iets deed waar je eigenlijk niet zo goed in bent? Had jij ook zo'n euforisch gevoel?
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by @amymarieblog

Transitioning to my fall feed 🍂 please enjoy this gorgeous sunflower field🌻

Buttonwood Farm

by @herswayco

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? 💘🌟💜|📸: @sophielouisesdiary


by @viiholiveiiraa_

| foto da semana passada que poderia ter sido tirada no calor de hoje 🤷🏽‍♀️✨| .
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São José do Rio Preto

by @dwainiagrey

Blog traffic is important and vital to the success of your blog. What do you do to drive traffic? Read more - Fall in Love with Blogging: From Passion to Plan to Profit http://amzn.to/2nYd1w2


by @heyblkgirl

Hey BLK girls! I’ve been away due to a traumatic incident my boyfriend was in overseas & I’ve been distant from everything besides work. Now that he’s good, I finally have my sanity back 🙏🏾
If you haven’t done so already, check out the first episode of my new podcast series #BossTalk! Each episode I interview a black girl boss and she gives listeners the rundown on her experience as a business owner. Link in bio! #loveoverhater #lovegreaterthanhate #heyblkgirl #blackgirlboss #podcasts #blackgirlpodcast #listenup #linkinbio
Embrace. Empower. Encourage ✨

East Falls, Philadelphia

by @dbs_beautystore

Con la edad, las líneas de expresión se comienzan a transformar en arrugas, y se notan sobre todo alrededor de los ojos.
Si quieres combatirlas, la crema antiarrugas para ojos de #Youthlab las alisa, reduce ojeras e hinchazón, ilumina el área al mismo tiempo.

Precio: $19.990 | ¿Quieres conocer más sobre las rutinas de belleza?
No te pierdas la nota "Los 7 pasos de la rutina de belleza" en nuestro blog en www.dbsbeautystore.cl


by @logan.enns

I am thrilled to announce the launching of my son’s first self-help book - ‘Tips and Tricks: Inside The Mind Of Blogger/Instagram Sensation Bethany Menzel’. This ‘lil hustler was insistent on pulling @bethanymenzel aside for a private interview during a recent photoshoot. The focus of the interview appeared to center around the very aggressive use of vowels, different ways to thrash around in laps and - most importantly - how to dress for rice cracker debris (which I’m sure Bethany could really speak into). The book will be released in early 2031 (when he has typing abilities) and will absolutely still be relevant. So proud of my little author! #booksbybabies #supportinfantauthors


by @binitabora999

Can anyone escape the beauty of open windows 👍 & charm of old ✌ photographs?!


by @theclq

It's #selfcaresunday !
We will be taking some time out to plan for #blogtober.
What will you be doing this Sunday?


by @amymarieblog

Happy Fall 🍂 If you need me I’ll be reading scary stories, drinking apple cider, cuddled up in a big sweater, and waiting for the great pumpkin to arrive.


by @binitabora999

Mobile Photography ✔


by @hawgood_emily

Sunday 💤 working hard in rehearsals for @canarywharflondon fashion show. Looking at this pic I can see I put my eyeliner on in a Sunday morning rainy like haze 🙄💦🤷

Canary Wharf London City

by @redpineapplemedia

Bloggers, been blaming a lack of time for neglecting yourself? We thought so!

When we don’t give enough priority to self care, and instead push our own needs to the side to focus on all the work we need to get done, we burn the candle at both ends, and eventually we burn out completely.
Your blog will only thrive if you are, so it’s time to start making yourself a priority! 😘
🙅🏻‍♀️ #1 Learn to say no
Feeling pressure to say yes to every situation is draining - even if it’s something as simple as agreeing to meet your friends for a drink at the local bar. Of course there are times we need to say yes for the benefit of our business, but it’s okay to pass up on other things to do what makes YOU happy instead.
📲 #2 Turn off your tech
Spending too much time on social media, feeding your mind with images of everyone else’s ‘perfect life’, can lead to feelings of low-self esteem, and in some cases depression - so ensure you set aside some tech-free time each day.
💑 #3 Socialise, offline
Considering how obsessed we are with social media, we should all be socialising pros right? Think again! Over time, extensive social media use has had a negative effect on our interpersonal communication skills, so make hanging out with friends and family a priority and avoid using your phones during this time!
🛁 #4 Remember the little things
Watching the sunset, buying yourself flowers, or having a bubble bath are all small things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing. Caring for yourself whilst you’re working is important too; invest in a decent desk chair for your posture, take lunch breaks, and drink more water than you do coffee!
📈 #5 Take part in a self-care challenge
Starting a daily self-care challenge online will give you the kickstart you need to focus on improving your wellbeing and stay motivated. 📈
Head over to our blog to read the full post (link in bio), and stay on track of your wellbeing by creating a self-care board on your Pinterest - you can pin this post, along with others in our upcoming #selfcaresunday series!
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by @hivency

Pas assez de visiteurs sur vos articles de blog ? Vous avez sûrement choisi le mauvais titre ! Aujourd’hui, on vous donne 9 formules pour de bons titres afin de charmer vos visiteurs et leur promettre un intérêt clair et limpide. Lets’go ! Rdv sur le blog => blog.hivency.com😋 #hivency #lovehivency #blogging #blogtips #blog

Paris, France

by @wearethirtyplus

This quote literally speaks for itself, but don’t put things off simply because you feel like you ‘can’t’ do them. #30plusblogs #30plustips


by @petra.steinacher

Do you love fall? I do!!! 🍂⠀

Time for hot chocolate, cozy socks, warm blankets, long walks, candles, all things pumpkin ... the smell of pumpkin spice 😍 ⠀

Are you as excited as I'm? What do you love about fall? Tell me in the comments below!⠀🍁🍂