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Le musé de la musique
Son restaurant au dernier étage
Sa formule brunch buffet le dimanche matin. Son musé juste topissime.. À découvrir


The veena is to be restored.
Available, for info: in direct or curto.tonio@gmail.com
Veena is the generic Sanskrit term for stringed instrument, dating back about three millennia. Among various
types of vinas (harps, lyres, lutes, bowed bows, and stick zithers), the precursor to the rudra vina appears in
a description in the Yajurveda (circa 1,000 BCE) as a single string stick zither, which may or may not have
had external resonators. While the principal stringed instruments of the courts of ancient India were harps,
lyres and short-necked lutes, around the middle of the first millennium CE the stick zither supplanted those
types of Vinas, becoming the predominant stringed instrument in Indian court music.
This predominance continued in North India through the Mughal period (1556-1858) and into the first
decade of the twentieth century. Vernacularly known as the bin, the rudra vina of the Mughal courts has
not changed substantially from the 16th century to the present day. Rudra, another name for the major
Hindu deity Siva, is shown playing this instrument in statues and bas reliefs dating back to the 11th century.
A 13th century treatise notes that the neck (͞stick͟) with its frets represent the spine of Siva, and the
gourds the breasts of Siva’s consort, Parvati or of the goddess of music, Sarasvati. At a higher metaphysical
level, the neck is thought to represent the cosmic axis, and the instrument itself is believed to be endowed
with the special capacity to transform cosmic sound, anahata nada (a manifestation of the Hindu godhead), into musical sound. A significant number of miniature paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries depict Hindu
ascetics playing the rudra Vina. Hence, alongside a glorious history of musical performance in the courts of North India, there is an equally old tradition of the rudra Vina being played by Hindu ascetics.
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Guess who’s coming tonight? #bandedessinee #brussels_art #everydayimbrusseling


Anderlecht is zo slecht, want hun keeper staat nie recht


Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. - Magritte. \\


Ça se passe au Bozar. Superbe endroit.


Με διαβατάρικα πουλιά έρωτα να μη πιάνεις...🎵


Artist: @dakedoscinco and @ler_art
Location : the docks in Yser, near Magasin 4


Le vetrine di Natale in Belgio mi hanno fatto scoprire che Babbo Natale e San Nicola di Bari sono la stessa persona.
Come se non bastasse, Babbo Natale non ci è mai stato in Finlandia e in molti paesi indossa il cappello da Vescovo nemmeno il cappello con il pon pon.
Caro Babbo, pensavo non potessi essere più delusa da te da quella mattina di dicembre del 1999 quando scoprii i miei regali nell'armadio di mamma ma evidentemente hai ancora delle sorprese per me.


Absolutely in love with this work from @connorbrothersofficial. The beauty of art is that you read something in it that others might not. This made me think of paranoia, when anxiety is so high that the brain tells you things that do not reflect 'reality'. It must be difficult to explain to somebody who never experienced it what it is like. How real the fear it is for you.


Have you ever tried escargots before?
I had no idea those little snails were actually pretty good. 🐌I asked you in my stories in you would ever try one, and surprisingly 60% of you said no.

What about you guys? Leave me your opinion here ⬇️


🇮🇹 Vi è mai capitato di alzare la testa in una chiesa in stile gotico e vedere questo? (for 🇬🇧 scroll down)⠀
L'architettura gotica utilizza archi a sesto acuto, volte a crociera, colonne esili, masse murarie leggere e il tutto per rappresentare un'ideologia – lo slancio teso verso l'alto per permettere agli uomini di raggiungere Dio.⠀
Questa visuale non vi da quasi il senso di spiccare il volo?⠀
🇬🇧Did you ever get your head up in a gothic style church and see this?⠀
Gothic architecture uses pointed arches, cross vaults, slender columns, light wall masses and all to represent an ideology - the upward momentum to allow men to reach God.⠀
Is this view make you almost sense to take flight?⠀
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