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*LIVE AUCTION** Support hurricane relief efforts!! Place bid here!
34x46 original painting on unstretched canvas
Starting at $222
Min Bid $10
25% will be Donated to @cfrelieffund to aid hurricane relief efforts.
Auction will be updated on Facebook and Instagram.
Auction ends Friday 10/13 at noon EST

@morphisart is from Texas, @aniaamador is from Florida and @samsimonsart has called both places home in the last year. Supporting this auction will not only help a great organization, it will help all of us continue on our journey using art to help people!
We came together for this special collaboration in Gainesville, FL and created it live to the music of @papadosio and @phutureprimitive.
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An image of "Soft" from 2014 at @mcclaingallery in situ for the upcoming @sothebys online charity auction. All proceeds go to the @cfrelieffund , benefiting families still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Auction begins Wednesday, Oct 18th. Please stop by the gallery and see!
Soft, 2014, 66x48, acrylic on canvas
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McClain Gallery

Men in suits. Waiting for #Obama talk at #cantorfitzgerald conference. Don't even dream about coming in unless you have a bracelet. Just like a club.

New York, New York

So grateful to receive a new amazon review on my book. It's hard to believe it's been almost 4 years since it was published. So grateful to have had the chance to tell my story. #storiesneverdie #rememberingyourspirit #911 #spiritual #awakening

New York, New York

Thank you to all of our supporters, near and far, for helping us fulfill our #mission to provide #free #counseling and #wellness #services to active and retired @fdny #firefighters and their #families we couldn't do it without you! • #cantorfitzgerald #charityday #2017 #nonprofit #support #fundraising #stevebuscemi #derekjeter #friendsoffirefighters #nyc #socialgood #brooklyn #redhook #september11

New York, New York

John Talanian #cantorfitzgerald survivor #9/11 @emersoncollege @emerson_soc @ec_commstudies #crisis

Boston, Massachusetts

When the laws of physics don't apply: The official 9/11 Report and MSM narrative story breaks all of Newtons three Laws of Motion.
How did a 80 ton, Boeing 767 flying at up to 320mph slice through the South Tower eventually destroying a 650,000 ton steel & concrete building that was designed to: (a) withstand the impact of such projectiles and (b) was designed so that EACH FLOOR rising skyward was capable of sustaining the weight of all the other floors above and more as a safety factor of AT LEAST DOUBLE was the standard engineering practice of the day?

NIST reported the outer steel trusses melted and caused the "pancake collapse" taking down the flame retardant coated reinforced steel that made up the outer and centre cores of WTC 1 & 2.
NIST will not release their scientific models of the collapse so their science is not up for scrutiny. The salvaged steel was shipped to China within a few weeks and all evidence was "lost" despite strict crime scene evidence laws, which were all broken.
The buildings, naturally accordingly the Laws of Motion, should have resulted in collapses that would have left about a half to two thirds of the building still standing. Remember Newton's Third Law: "When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body." The towers collapsed at near free fall speed as if there was no resistance pushing up as the builds collapsed.
Instead a high percentage of the steel and concrete of both towers floors "turned to dust" (fine particles) spewed out across lower Manhattan and the Atlantic.
It would appear most of Newton's Laws of Motion didn't apply that day according to the official narrative, which explains the formation of Architects for 9/11 Truth.
#NeverForget #911InsideJob
#CIA #MOSSAD #Russia|n #Mafiya #Cheney #Rumsfeld Adnan #Khashoggi, Richard Secord and Richard Armitage, #JacobRothschild & #BarrickGold #Moneylaundering #Goldfixing #FederalReserve #BoNY #GarbanIntetcapital, #Eurobrokers & #CantorFitzgerald
See #BlackEagleTrust & #ProjectHammer's covert bond funding for the #LeoWanta #Currencywar against the #USSR


Got to interview some amazing people today and raise a significant amount of money to help support those in need! Such a great day to be a part of! Thank you! #CharityDay #CantorFitzgerald #BillClinton #42