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It is not just me crazy stupid excited 😆 😆😆 about Rodan and Fields ❤️❤️❤️.. Buro 24/7 is the ‘leading authority when it comes to contemporary culture’ and just look 👀 what they have to say about us.. http://m.buro247.com.au/culture-lifestyle/insiders/cult-us-skincare-brand-rodan-fields-is-here-and-it.html #rodanandfieldsaustralia #rodanandfields #number1skincare #lifechangingskincare #multistepscience #multistepskincare #changeyourskinchangeyourlife #ceoofyou #beyourownboss


Break up with breaking the bank on extensions... You won’t regret it. Let lash boost speak for itself 🙌🏻 ✨Remember✨ Become a PC and your enrollment fee is my gift 🎁 *next 5 to enroll*
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Another great weekend done and dusted 😀
Drinks with a friend, weeding reception, playdates and a business meeting while catching up with a lovely friend.
I love that I can run my business and still spend time with my daughter.

No parties, no stock, no missing out on time with my girl. Just sharing amazing products 😊

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Are you ready for the next big thing from #rodanandfields ?! Take a look at this picture of a fellow consultant at the convention that used the new Bright Eye Complex once! ⠀

Can you tell which eye?!?! I can!⠀

This product is amazing and will help treat dark circles, puffiness, and dullness. ⠀

Get on my product waiting list and be entered to win a special gift upon launch on November 2nd!⠀

Remember all $80 Preferred Customer Orders in October get $20 off their order in November!⠀

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Over the past 2 years I went through all 7 (if not more) of the thoughts stated in this picture and this is my WHY... As a licensed cosmetologist I’m not your typical hair and makeup artist, meaning I’m not a “product” girl or “sales girl”. There is one product in the hair world I simply can not live without and if you’re my client you know what that is 😜😂 That is the one and only product I recommend (with a passion) you take home.
My clients know this, I know this. Which is why it was so difficult for me to accept the fact that I (REALLY) wanted the Rodan + Fields opportunity. I was not only watching people’s skin be transformed but I was also witnessing lives being catapulted into something I’ve always wanted - the ability to help others, to make a significant impact on not only a persons self confidence but on their lives as a whole and be rewarded greatly for doing just that.
For me it’s never been about the money in any venture I’ve embarked on. Although yes, my dream is to be able to pack up my things for a weekend and take my family on a luxurious getaway and not have to worry about the cost. It’s always been about the relationships I make along the way and doing my absolute best to live in a Godly way (to the best of my ability!). It’s been about providing a service, or product, that is genuine, ethical and to the best of my ability. I’ve always said “my clients happiness is my happiness” and I will hold true to that until the day I die.
So, the reason your feed is now inundated with R+F photos and jargon from me (and so many others) is simply to the fact that I believe this company to be at the same standards as I have. A product that is ABSOLUTELY genuine, ethical and provides the BEST results out there.
If you’ve spoken to me over the past week you’ve seen and heard my excitement over this opportunity. I’m dumbfounded in the results I’m already seeing in my skin and I’m empowered by the endless support and opportunities for success within this business for simply sharing it!
I’m so excited and so confident you’ll feel as I do, I’d like to offer to my next 10 Preferred Customers to cover your $19.95 enrollment fee as a gift from me.


For a limited time!!! You can get this amazing deal and a free gift from Rodan and Fields! Get your hands on the latest AMP MD 2.0 Roller and the new Intensive Renewing Serum! ⠀

All PCs who order a new roller also get an extra special gift from me!⠀

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Would you have guessed I had acne most of my life? Would you have guessed I got bit by a dog when I was a kid and had scars on my face? Would you have guessed I have had super oily skin and needed to carry around powder constantly not to look like a walking puddle? I am happy to say, those days are gone! Today, I went #naked to show the drastic changes in my skin over the last 2 months. The best part is..... I’m not done yet!!! 2 new products just released to make it even better. 👍 If your curious about how to get the best skin of your life, turn back the clock, and repair the damage. Message me!! 😊It’s my mission to help people step into their best selves.
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Are you rolling?

The newly designed AMP MD and Intense Renewing Serum!
Add this to your routine and watch your skin transform. Visible results in just 4 weeks, thanks to the new retinAl that is 20x stronger then retinol. AND check out the clinical results below after just 8 weeks of use with the Redefine Regimen. Those are some impressive %’s! ✨Today only the next person that orders one of these bundles will get a FREE Eye Brightening Complex (not even available to customers yet)
For current PC's and New PC's
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Today is the launch of Rodan+Fields' NEWEST innovation - Intensive Renewing Serum with RetinAl! What is RetinAl? 💥 RetinAl is as close as you can get to prescription Vitamin A. In fact, it’s 20x more potent than retinol. 💥 The extended release formulation makes it gentle enough for ALL SKIN TYPES. Those with sensitive skin can finally use a Vitamin A product to fight the signs of aging without redness, peeling and other unattractive or uncomfortable side-effects.
💥 RetinAl also works FASTER than retinol, providing visible results in as little as 4 weeks.
💥 It’s CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and pore size and tighten and firm the skin. Our Drs designed it to be paired with our AMP MD Roller to micro-exfoliate the skin, for even faster, more dramatic results.
If you want to get your hands on this new technology and take years off your face comment or pm me! I’ll even throw in a mini facial!!!!!! #retinalrevolution #changeyourskinchangeyourlife


I'm a busy mom always on the go!! 🙃No matter how crazy life gets, I NEVER neglect my skin!! I'm close to 40 and I swear my skin looks better now then when I was 30!! Yes the products are that good!! With a 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!! 🤗 It's about time you start taking care of yourself and your skin!! Investing in high quality skincare WILL get you real results. Let me help you start your journey to beautiful, youthful looking skin today!! 😍
✨please click the link in my bio to check out the products.
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What if I told you that there was an opportunity for $1000🤑 in bonus cash for joining my team?!! What if I told you in the next 10days you could also get a free Regimen??!! 👍Would that be something you would be interested in??!! Message me ASAP for details. #spark #beyourownboss #changeyourskinchangeyourlife #dreambig