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TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Abuse and Suicide
πŸ’ŽTherapy was so helpful. Then I had an extremely triggering conversation with mum.
πŸ’ŽI am experiencing Secondary Trauma through knowing even more little snippets of the sick acts my endured at the hands of her brother.
πŸ’ŽI'm angry angry angry. Looking at this anger iceberg helps me though. Cos with anger I can't do much but scream into my empty house. So I'm reflecting now. I am not just angry, I am:
πŸ’ŽExtremely Overwhelmeded.
πŸ’ŽGrieving for the loss of my family relationships.
πŸ’ŽGrieving for the loss of my mum's innocence and sense of safety, her childhood and adulthood robbed.
πŸ’ŽDISGUSTED. Sickened by his horrific behaviour that continues as he says she's making it all up.
πŸ’ŽTrapped. In a reality I didn't even know existed for my mum since she was 5 years old.
πŸ’ŽHelpless. What can I do for someone who doesn't want to live anymore?
πŸ’ŽTricked. He lied to all of us and will do so forever.
πŸ’ŽAttacked. You hurt my mum - you hurt me.
πŸ’ŽSo turns out I'm not just angry. I'm so many different emotions at once and I'm beyond truly exhausted. I know I have to keep going for mum and Christian but I'm at a point where it all seems too messed up.
πŸ’ŽNotice when you feel anger. Release it in a healthy way...mine is to document my feelings on here, no matter how ugly they may be.
πŸ’ŽBeing open in some form is surely the only true way to heal.
πŸ’ŽKnow that your anger has purpose. It's telling you something is not right. It's telling you to listen to your body and your soul. Let it out and then be there for yourself!
πŸ’ŽTonight I'm going to tell myself - "Even though my anger feels like it will envelope me forever, it is not forever. Feelings come and go. It is not permanent. One day I will be free from this. I love and accept myself for who I am right now. Right now I'm angry and that is ok. I am allowed to be angry. I have a right to be angry. But I know it will pass. I know I will move forward because I won't let this person ruin my life as well. I am strong, beautiful and courageous, just like my mother. πŸ’Ž


Tears are rolling down my cheeks, yet I feel so warm and fuzzy in my heart. I missed The Sun when it was dark. I missed the self that I abandoned. I let my younger self go and turned my back towards her. I know now that I am her and she is me. I hope all of you out there love yourself for who you are. ❀️ Autumn Bloom 🌸 #myautumnbloom #findmyself #findmyselfagain #findmyway #findmypath #beme #bemyself #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #loveme #lovememe #trauma #traumacolumbus #traumatic #recovery #depression #anxiety #narcissistabuse #narcissistabuserecovery #narcissistabusesurvivor #narcissist #childabusesurvivor #childabuseawareness #findlove #findpassion #purpose #tearsofreconnect #warmheart #warmhearts


Yup. I said it. Imagine if she is your child or your sister, what would you do? Via @undocumedia

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This Is A Subject That Makes The Hairs On The Back Of My Neck Stand Up #childabuseawareness #Sexualabuse #childhoodfreedom #TalkAboutIt #SpeakUp #trustissues #LivingWithTheAbuse #neverhealing


Year 2 Fine Arts 1 Exhibition piece.. This was my first time constructing a piece like this and I got a great response from my lecturers today.. More to come! πŸŽ¨πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #childabuseawareness #childabuse #artstudent #art #longroadahead #artspacecaribbean #contemporaryart #collage #blue #speakout #beaware

The UWI Open Campus Gordon Street St. Augustine

Caliyah McNab, 15 days old, from Georgia passed away on Oct. 7, 2017 after she was beaten to death by her father and then he stuffed her in a duffel bag and left her body in the woods.
Chris McNabb, the baby's father, is now facing charges of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery and concealing a death.
My heart goes out to this innocent child. Her life were cut short by this monster. Rest in peace little one... ✨
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With the holidays I wanted to share tips on how to keep your kiddos safe & TRUST YOUR GUT. πŸ’• My one girls were hurt 5 years ago BUT we got help & they are brave, strong & share their story to help others know they can tell & that they can heal.Β Β They were hurt but they are far from broken!

1. Talk to our children about their rights, & respect their right to not engage with unwanted physical contact. (Remember my RADKIDS rules)

2. Talk to your children ahead of time & ask if there are any people that make them feel uncomfortable.
3. Create a secret "code word" or phrase they can say to you (I need my medicine) in front of others, that lets you know they need your help without drawing attention to themselves.

4. Talk to family about the reality of sexual abuse - not only to educate them, but also to put potential abusers on guard. Offenders may want to abuse children, but they also don't want to get caught. When people know you are educated & not afraid to talk about it - they are more likely to be deterred.
5. Check on your children from time to time.
6. Have open door only policies for bedrooms.
7. Learn the warning signs of abuse & take note if you see any red flags.
8. Talk to your children about how they enjoyed the company after guests have departed. **Info from @mamabeareffect TAG family & friends so they can do the same ❀️
You can read our own story at http://www.ashlynnandcoby.com/mamabearfitness - linked in my profile. #childabuseawareness #mamabearminute #childabuseprevention #mamabear

Provo, Utah

Why are judges not giving JUSTICE TO CHILDREN and siding with SEXUAL PREDATORS instead? #prayersneeded #freecyntoiabrown #smh #sexualpredators #corruption


This is pretty much the best explanation of why my family does what we do #foster #theraputicfostercare #removed #childabuseawareness #blessed
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Message!! If my kids are not with mommy, they are with daddy. I don't play that shit. And it doesn't matter if it's my son or daughter---boys are just as easily violated as girls. And there are just as many crazy women as there are crazy men! #stayWoke and trust absolutely no one with ur kids... ask questions. Do pop-ups. Teach your children about personal space and keeping hands to themselves. It's a sick, sad world, let's give them a place to be kids. πŸ’œπŸ’š #children #innocence #ourFuture #childhood #childabuseAwareness


I'll never be like my abusive parents and that's a PROMISE. #onefuckinglovebaby

National Safety Council, Nebraska

Some more pictures from the Conference on Child Maltreatment! Thank you to everyone who attended. If you have a picture, feel free to tag us in it.

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#Repost @instamemorials
Jalen Daniel, 14, died of an epidural hemorrhage (bleeding between his brain and skull) due to a skull fracture from blunt force trauma on February 5, 2016. His injuries were caused when his father beat him because of a failing grade. The attack left him covered in bruises with a fractured skull, kneecap and wrist. Jalen died after spending two days in hospital.
On Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 a Louisiana jury found 45-year-old Furnell Daniel Sr. guilty on a manslaughter charge. The manslaughter conviction carries a prison sentence up to 40 years.
On Friday, Daniel admitted to beating his son with a wooden board.
He went on to acknowledge he should have gotten medical treatment for his son’s multiple injuries immediately instead of waiting nearly a full day to call paramedics.
During the four-day trial, authorities testified that Jalen needed assistance into the bathtub and bed on the night of the beating and woke up the following morning soaked in vomit and urine. It was then that his father sought medical care for him.

Daniel had originally told police Jalen had injured himself in a fall in the bathtub.
Doctors and investigators determined the story didn't explain Jalen's severe injuries. Jalen's brother told investigators that Jalen was injured when their father hit him several times with a piece of wood because of low grades. Authorities said Daniel used about a 4 1/2-foot length of hardwood that had been a railing on a baby crib to beat his son. Daniel didn't call police until 19 hours after the beating when Jalen became unresponsive. The bleeding in the brain led to heart failure.
Two of Jalen's sisters testified that the beating was not the first time Daniel had severely beaten his son. β€œMy father had his foot in his back and started whipping him,” Juresia Daniel said of a particularly harsh beating when her brother was 7. β€œHe cried and screamed.”
Jalen's family made the decision to donate his organs to help save others. Continue to rest peacefully Jalen...
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I hope I don't go to hell for this. I have been laughing for like 10 minutes straight.
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I wanna recommend coloring if you are feeling anxious ! I know so much people who find this helpful so if you haven’t already tried it then make sure you do ❀️ i LOVE the coloring books from #johannabasford πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€© i think i have every book ! This is the christmas book πŸŽ„βœ¨ #anxiety #anxietydisorder #onedayatatime #recovery #youarenotalone #agoraphobia #overthinking #bipolardisorder #derealizationΒ #depressionΒ #breathe #mentalhealth #staystrong #staypositive #mentalillness #angst #liveinthemoment #positivemindset #recoveryisworthit #ptsd #roadtorecovery #psykiskhelse #anxiety_inspiration #positivethinking #positiveenergy #mentalhealthsupport #sexualabusesurvivor #childabusesurvivor #childabuseawareness


Ryan Lovett, 7, from Canada passed away after suffering from a severe case of strep throat. His mother, Tamara Lovett, is sentenced to three years in prison Saturday because she did not take him to the doctor.
Tamara was convicted in January of criminal negligence causing death of her son Ryan Lovett, according to reports. β€œRyan suffered terribly from this inaction,” Justice Kristine Eidsvik said. β€œHe died an excruciating, unnecessary death.”
Ryan was bedridden at home for 10 days in March 2013. During that time, Lovett gave him dandelion tea and oil of oregano to treat his infection. Ryan's symptoms included swollen lymph nodes, oozing ears and jaundiced eyes at the time of his death, reports said. The infection caused organ failure. Lovett said she thought he had a cold or the flu.
Eidsvik said during the trial that Lovett "gambled away" Ryan's life by treating him herself and not seeking medical help. Lovett admitted during the proceeding that what she did was wrong, and the court acknowledged her grief and suffering, reports said.
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Adelynn Merrell, 3, from Florida passed away on Nov. 10, 2017 after suffering blunt force trauma caused by mother’s live-in boyfriend.
Deputies were called after the child was reported missing by her mother and mother’s live-in boyfriend. Both said they had seen the child playing in the backyard and believe she had been kidnapped.
The child’s mother eventually confessed to officials that her boyfriend kicked her daughter in the head as a punishment for getting out of her car seat. During the interview, Ms Merrell also stated that her boyfriend lost his job about a month ago and began showing escalating violence towards her daughter. She described hearing thuds and the sounds of her child crying 15-16 times over the past month. She also stated that her boyfriend would withhold food from Adelynn and put her in the closet for extended period of time.
At the time of the couple’s arrest, sheriff’s deputies had another child removed from the home and taken to a hospital, where a doctor found that the five year old was suffering from malnutrition, weighing less than 33Ibs.
Adelynn’s mother has been charged with accessory after the fact to murder, aggravated child abuse and three counts of child neglect. The boyfriend is charged with murder and aggravated child abuse. Both are being held without bond.
My heart goes out to Adelynn and her brothers. Rest peacefully baby girl... ✨
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This is Abuse point blank. I don't care and this guy should get arrested. This is a horrible thing that still haunts the African American community. This is a generational thing brought down by the slave era. Slave men would be beaten and whipped by there slave owners and they would then take out there frustration out on there wives and kids. This is to much just for cursing I hope he goes to Jail.
#childabuse #childabusesurvivor #childabuseawareness #evil #hatethis


Thank God for being able to use me and others in these Confidential & sensitive behind the scenes assignments!~Rockβ™₯️Love~God#BehindtheScenesAssignments#childabuseprevention #childabuseawareness #childabusesurvivors#youthministry#youthcounselors


'Tis the season! The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. You can help spread joy this year to children served through Alliance For Children. Your generosity will show strong support as children are working to heal from the trauma of abuse.

Contact Courtney Garrison at cgarrison@allianceforchildren.org or 817-989-9075 to help a child or family this holiday season. Thank you!


This picture and caption speaks of daughters, but please watch out for your sons as well!!! And parents please, please, please listen to your child when they tell you they have been or are being hurt/abused/assaulted!!!! Their voice matters! #childabusesurvivor #childabuseawareness #voiceofthevoiceless #abusersarecowards #parentinggoals #protectouryouth #otradionetwork #courageousawareness


#GivingTuesday is just around the corner! Your support allows us to help children heal and gives HOPE throughout the investigation of child abuse.
Learn more at cpckc.org and consider making a donation on Tuesday the 28th. #GivingTuesday #CPCKC