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#TimesUp It’s time for change and that change starts with you! Learn more about protecting Tarrant County children from abuse by visiting allianceforchildren.org/resources #prevention #itstartswithyou


I have a bill I'm urging lawmakers to sign into law called the Tre'p Law. This bill would help protect kids who's been impacted by child abuse. It's named after my son after he died from suicide after an intense battle for custody I fought after discovering he was abused by his mom and her bf. The courts decided it would be best for him to be in a drug infested, abusive, toxic environment than to be with his dad in a home where he could have grown up in a healthy family.
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Way to go, Utah! Awareness and education are key for prevention.
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Buckley is Chucktown bound to show off at the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center 2018 Dinner Auction. @deenortoncenter
The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center is committed to creating a community where children are safe from abuse and trauma. Since 2001, this event has raised over $2,900,000.

A 24” x 24” custom dog portrait on canvas will be auctioned off at the event.
Shown is an 18” x 24” on paper, framed 🐾
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Podemos brindarles un futuro lleno de esperanza si nos unimos contra el abuso sexual, recuerda que #NoEsHoraDeCallar, si deseas ser un héroe de un niño puedes donar en www.mipijamamiescudo.org!
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We support our partners with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and @fortworthpd in protecting our youth from sex trafficking. www.thinktwicetexas.org #thinktwicetexas


Together for Good is growing an army of compassionate individuals who are rolling up their sleeves and demonstrating radical kindness.

Some are hosting children, some are offering respite to overwhelmed parents, some are coming alongside moms in friendship, some are bringing meals or driving kids, some are bringing diapers, some are giving financially and many are lifting this work up in prayer.

Why? Because we know that we can change statistics, change lives and spread hope one person at a time.

#bettertogether #togetherforgood www.tfgood.org


4 year old Kilah Davenport was a victim of child abuse, which ultimately led to her death. Kilah's step-father had shoved her head into a wall in May of 2012, after she had soiled herself. Kilah had ended up with a broken collar bone, a fractured skull and severe brain damage to 90% of her brain and part of her skull had to be temporarily removed to allow for the swelling. Doctors had told Kilah's Mother that she would not live, but then said she would live but would be in a permanently vegetative state. After a two month stay Kilah's Mother strapped her into her car seat and brought her back to her home with an escort of police and fire trucks. Kilah's family wanted to see change so they petitioned to get "Kilah's law" passed which would ask for longer sentences and stiffer penalties for felony child abusers and put in place a registry like the sex offenders registry. Kilah had started to improve, she was breathing by herself, taking small bits of food, identifying colours and had taken five steps on her own. In February of 2014, the step-father was found guilty of felony child abuse and sentenced to 7-10 years in prison. Kilah's Mother read out her impact statement in the court which described how he had abused their trust and how Kilah was in a prison of her own. The step-Father however said the injuries were caused by her 'falling' after he spanked her and sent her to the bathroom to clean herself up and that the hole in the wall was caused by him punching it in frustration. On March 13th, 2014, Kilah had started having problems breathing after she had her breathing treatments and her Mother called 911 and started CPR. She was rushed to the hospital but she never regained consciousness and an autopsy determined that her cause of death was due to pneumonia from complications of the injuries from the assault. Diabetes, which Kilah did not have before the attack, contributed to her death. After her death he was charged with second degree murder and in December 2015 when asked whether he was guilty he replied that he was. He was sentenced to 13-17 years in prison as part of a negotiable deal and the maximum he was eligible for without going to trial-