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E đâu muốn làm màu 😂
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And so today I graduated with the following:

Bachelors of Science
- Major in Physiotherapy
- Minor in Fusball (Defence Specialist)
Here's a big thank you to everyone who's been part of my SIT journey; just to name a few (this is by no means an exhaustive list) - my parents, my sponsors & guarantors, the #trinityboyz , the #jhscrew , #teammilopeng , #teamcardiacrehapp , the housemates in Gregg Court, the #backrowgang in class, #thefussballclub and ALL the lovely people I've come to know (or reconnected with) during the course of this 9 months+. It's been an amazing (and mildy crazy) journey with all with you and I must say that there has been much growth, both professional and personal, on my end and I thank you all for it.

Despite the short time that we've shared together, a lot of you lads and ladies really left an impression on me and I won't forget our little (and sometimes, slightly nervous) conversations whilst waiting for consultations, post-exam rants and small sharings about your lives, hopes & dreams over breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks.

And what I will never, ever forget is the passion that we all share for our profession; and I pray that we may awake each morning to see the world anew and feel empowered to continue to build a better and brighter tomorrow for our community.

Class of 2017, I salute you; and may our paths cross again in the days to come.

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Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

INÊS BARRETO 🔵 @inesbarreto28
Central Models, CLASS OF 2017 ⚡️
Photo: @riccardsantos
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CAPTION CONTEST: best caption (as voted on by the committee) wins a Fabulous Finlandia Fan Fun-Package. Good luck! #tbt #classof2017 #verticaltest #actionshot

Hancock, Michigan

That feeling you get when you’re about to walk across the stage and get your graduation on. #gradimages


Graduation Day is coming 🎓
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Did you even graduate if you didn’t get a boomerang of your hat throw?! 👩🏼‍🎓🎓🎉🥂🍾 .
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happy graduation!! 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓 #classof2017 (repost)
1. rach liew!!! it’s has been nice knowing you throughout my years in primary and secondary of 10 years 😱😱 let’s continue this friendship beyond chr alright? 🙆🏻 @rachlieww
2. doro-tea!!! i remembered the first time i met you in sec 1, when we had the same bag of different colour haha (yours was turquoise and mine was pink) 😂 though we had ups and downs in our friendship, let’s build our friendship ever stronger than before alright? @bubblelypop
3. JOCE!! aka panda 🐼, mother in law hahah you’ve been the funniest friend i’ve ever had!! you never failed to made me laugh 😂 although we only got closer towards the end of sec 3, i still treasure this friendship that we build 💓
4. yang ting uh!!! even though we’ve never been really close, but i’m really lucky to have you as my classmate for all these 4 years!! ☺️ hope to know you better after Os!! @yangting150
5. ahah these two, tze jun and hidayat never failed to be savage toward siti @ayecteru and i 🙄😒 but they definitely made lessons in class a little livelier 😌