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Fox and Ice | Photograph by Sonalini Khetrapal (@sonalinik)
"I wanted to photograph the rare blue morph species of arctic foxes in their harsh winter environment," says Sonalini Khetrapal. "To photograph these miraculously tough animals, I went to the uninhabited Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in northern Iceland. I captured my dream image as she stared straight at me, making fleeting eye contact, while we both braced ourselves against the roaring winds." -

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December Spotlight :Animals in the snow
On the occasion of the winter, the animals used their footprints to draw out the winter scenery.
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Photo by @hannahreyesmorales | The glittering skyscrapers of Manila's central district overlook the rooftop of working-class tenements. Christmas in the Philippines marks the homecoming of Filipino overseas workers reuniting with loved ones after months, years, sometimes decades. “My friends always say that going home to the Philippines is like pulling a thorn from your skin, because you’re finally coming home,” says Bernardita Lopez, pictured by the railing. “But when you have to leave again, it’s like the thorn goes back in.” One in ten Filipinos are abroad, many of them seeking a better future for their loved ones. This image is in the current issue of @natgeo magazine, story written by @aurora_alm. Follow me @hannahreyesmorales for more stories on the Philippines and beyond. #Philippines #FilipinoDiaspora #family


Photo by @kanda.le.lo
Vedang Kandalgaonkar (@kanda.le.lo) says #WHPNaturalLight sent him on the chase to find light in all sorts of different elements — and then he happened on this street scene. “I noticed the man reading the newspaper and spotted a golden light hitting from behind,” says the freelance photographer. “A perfect shadow was formed, making it picture-perfect for me.”


One of the Coldest Days of the Year | Photograph by Eleftherios Ted Panagiotopoulos (@e4rlyr1ser)
“As a dad of four, my time to shoot can be pretty limited. What I’ve realized is that if I can get up at 4AM, drive an hour into the city, shoot for an hour, I can usually make it back home in time to make my family breakfast,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Eleftherios Ted Panagiotopoulos. “The coldest day we had last winter happened to fall on my Saturday shooting time, I believe it was -25 Celsius when I got to North Avenue Beach [in Chicago, Illinois]. I loved the natural split toning that was occurring over the city.”

“Wonderful shot of one of the coldest shorelines in the world! Love the depth and the color and how the cracked ice draws you into the image, and the contrast between the dark, bleak waters and the glittering city. Sublime!” — @natgeo photographer Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk)


Photo by @tasneemalsultan | In the 160 square miles it covers, Palau has amazing marine diversity. The underwater world of Palau supports more than 400 coral species and 1,300 types of reef fish. #palau #underwater #reef #marines #diving


OMG how adorable is this white little reindeer??? I’m so in love ✨😍😍🦌🦌✨ Tag your friends!!!
Picture by ✨✨@mads✨✨
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@yamashitaphoto | Great Wall of China at Jinshanling: It was once known as the Wild Wall as it stood unrestored from the time it was rebuilt in the 16th century. Nothing wild about it now, as much of it has been completely repaired and surrounded by tourist shops. Even a cable car stands ready to whisk you to the top. The hard part used to be climbing to the best locations for sunrise or sunset. Now it's finding an angle to keep the hundreds of visitors out of your frame. #greatwall #jinshanling #wildwall #mingdynasty #Hebei


“Filinia is only 4 weeks old and already knows how to melt people’s hearts” writes @kes_theincredible


Nuestro embajador @axeloficial nos cuenta algunos cambios en la rutina familiar que pueden inspirar a otros ¿Tienes un cumpleaños? Trata de elegir obsequios ecológicos, no de plástico, que contribuyan con la preservación del medio ambiente ♻️ #PlanetaOPlástico #PlanetOrPlastic


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