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What a day! 🤗
Petit retour sur notre passage hier chez @onefmofficiel pour parler des @swissfitgirls et de notre présence au Fitspo À Genève (le 5 novembre !) 😍
On a bien rigolé et je suis si contente d'avoir eu la chance de parler de notre association à un grand public - on veut que toutes les femmes là dehors nous entendent: rejoignez-nous pour une bonne dose de sport et de bonne humeur ! 👉 @swissfitgirls 👈
J'aime tellement ce que je fais et je suis reconnaissante chaque jour de pouvoir faire ce métier. #coachlife 💪
Merci à toute l'équipe de la radio de nous avoir accueilli! Que de bonnes vibes ! 😊

One FM

When it comes to Transformation Tuesday, sometimes the greatest transformations happens on the inside.

When you've been hurt so deeply by people you trusted who have betrayed you and walked away from you during the toughest and darkest time of your life, you stop trusting people and you question friendships and life. This is what happened after my husband died from cancer!
When my life crashed around me, and some "friends"turned their back on me, I was devastated.
But when I allowed God's love to penetrate your heart, and decided to start living the life He had called me to and said yes to the opportunities He placed before you, I began to live a new life of freedom, acceptance and love.
And that's when amazing blessings came into my life!
Coaching has been such a blessing in my life bc it has given me a platform to take my heartache and make good out of it. To be able to use my passion for helping others, my desire to walk with others through their dark times, and to create opportunities to offer people hope and healing is a gift. And it has given me the most amazing friends who are loyal and true, which is just what my broken heart needed.
That's what my "JOB" is about. Whether through grief coaching or health and wellness coaching, it's all about helping provide hope to those that are broken and real practical tools that can help change people's lives so they can truly live, trust, and find joy again!
If you are struggling with grief, I have tools to help you move through that! I have been there and I know the pain you live with! If you want to lose weight, get stronger, love your body again, and live a healthier life, I have tools that help you do that.
These are tools that work! And when you do the work, you will see results and find yourself blessed beyond measure.
Time to let go of the past and the pain and find your squad, find your calling, and go live it! Time is ticking! ⏰
Message me if you want some help!❤️


My Wednesday AM workout will need to be moved to Wednesday PM.... when the cubs are playing in the NLCS @ home.. that’s the priority #notsorry #cubs

Wrigley Field

I'm Back in Australia 🇦🇺 which means back to Early morning workouts at the beach 💪 its 30° Today on the beautiful @visitsunshinecoast , can't complain about 😁🔥
Who excited about my new 12 week Mind & Body Transformation Ebook coming out next month? What will it contain? ➡️mental release from mobility -3 flows x 5 (videos)
-best warm ups ➡️Mindset or training
Music, morning routines, self development audio ➡️training gym & bodyweight
2x 6 week programs (photos)
Atp study proven (3 x 10 with 1 drop sets)
➡️psychology of eating
Why do we crave sugar
Why dieting won't work ➡️Gut Health, the secret to fat loss
Intermittent fasting
Keto ➡️food plan & macro plan
2x 6 week meal plan (Pick 10 favourite recipes as example and fit nation app for 20 more)
12 week macro plan ( macro changes every 2nd week)
THIS IS JUST SNEAK PEAK, not going to let out all of the details just yet :) _
This guide will be very affordable and designed for both male and female, anyone who would like to change their current situation more positively mentally and physically ✅✅
For now until that is released I recommend you join my transformation challenge, personalised meal plans and workout plan with supplement guide ✅ labour day sale continues for only $49
Want to know more? Click the link in my online coaching page @teamjfit
What's your goals? It's never too late to start your body transformation 👇Join my team 👥TRANSFORM YOUR BODY
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Start BURNING🔥FAT today!
12 weeks to a better You
@jacksonjfit ⬆️Hit the link in my bio to get started
Or Visit - www.jacksonjohnson.fitness 💻


Countdown is on...45 days ! Can’t wait to show you what we have been working so hard on. #lovemyteams #coachlife #lovemyjob #savethedate #magicblades #synchro #team #synchronizedskating #figureskating #synchrofamily #mtbrydges #skateOntario #OneTeamMVMT #skatecanada @jurasynchro @oneteammvmt @skate_canada
@skateOntario @mbmagicblades


You're literally only a 30 minute workout away from a better mood 🙌🏼 .
Not going to lie... when I got home I was NOT in the mood to workout. My attitude straight up sucked and I was not having it. 😳
I gave myself 5 minutes to get over myself, get changed into my one of my fav pair of leggings, and get my butt moving. The Fluff was ready to go so I wasn't about to let her down! 😹
It only took 30 minutes today to change my mood. I took all the stress I had from the day and WORKED IT OUT! I let that ish go! I feel so much better this evening than when I got home 🙌🏼 .
It literally only takes a few moments of exercise to change your mood you guys. Take a walk to destress or a run to unwind. Do some yoga to let go or weight training to relax! It's so worth it to at the end of a long, tedious, stressful day of all the things you have to do... go back and take care of YOU! 🙌🏼❤️💆🏻
Time for some Fluff Puff cuddles... cause she had a good workout too 😝
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Montebello, California

Having your favourite breakfast at your most favourite place ❤️❤️💥 #nutritionclub #kankroli #Rajsamand #herbaliferajsamand #herbalifenutrition #coachlife #rituals


When we are chasing success, we will obviously run into many failures. Most of them are brief. What would the world be if the sun never set??? If we never had darkness, we could not fully appreciate the light.
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Too much cuteness not to share. I love that I get to be with these love nuggets every day. Even on the days when Theo is teething and fussy and just wants to be held, and when Charles is cranky and sick and just wants to be independent, I am so grateful to be their mom! They are the reason I want to be healthy🍏They are the reason I only get 2 or 3 showers a week 🙈But they also encourage me to push past my fears so I can create an extraordinary life for them. I want options and flexibility so I can be the best mom I can be, because let’s be honest, being a mom is tough. And this mama sometimes needs a break! 😝 So having the opportunity to work from home with my kids is cool but also having the opportunity to leave them at home is awesome Hahahah... so whether you work inside your home, outside of your home, or do both, just remember that what you do everyday matters. And you are doing a great job. Keep it up, sweet mama!!! #boypower #boymom #momofboys #sahm #workingmom #honesty #confession #honestconfession #kiddos #cuties #kidsofinstagram #wellpreneur #coachlife #coaching


Got in a late workout tonight!
But got it done! 👊🏼 .
It was hard to push play tonight.. had many excuses running through my head.. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I had a migraine.
It was late.
The living room was a mess with toys.
The bed was calling my name!
I could be doing 10 other things.. .
But I shoved the excuses to the side and pushed play! Bc I know I never regret a workout and I always feel better after it's done! .
I really need to try harder to get my workouts in the late morning or early afternoon. It gets my happy endorphins flowing and puts me in a good mood!🙌🏼
Now I guess I have to tackle that tornado that hit my living room! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
If you would like a spot in my next accountability group there is still time to join! Comment or send me a msg! 💌
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Oh hey there Coach Mikaela W!

Coach Mikaela has been working at Twisters since 2013, as she worked through her Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Podiatry. We feel lucky to still have her in the gym helping out with fill-ins when available, and as our Saturday morning Floor Leader!

We asked Coach Mikaela what she would do if she were King of the World, to which she decided, “Find a way to give people superpowers”, where do we sign up? And when asked for her favourite piece of advice she’s ever received, “be yourself. Nothing else matters.” We couldn’t agree more.

Make sure to give her a wave or stop for a chat the next time you see her in the gym 🤸🏽‍♀️👋🎉


My student during my power slap training drill - 1 iPhone - 0 😂🤦🏼‍♀️😱 #downshegoes


So tonight, I walked in the door at 6:47 p.m., warmed up the dinner that I pre-made on Sunday, fed the kids, ate, took off my jacket (yes, in that order), prepped meatloaf and boiled potatoes to be ready for tomorrow night's dinner for the kids (because I cook two meals most evenings these days), took Chris to dance at 7:30, returned home, mashed the potatoes, cleaned up the kitchen, then I looked at the clock.

At 8:15 p.m. I had a decision to make. Going downstairs, logging into the Xbox and BB On Demand would take 5-7 minutes that I didn't have. So, I did what any committed person would do and turned it on on my phone and danced up a sweat in my bedroom while the kids watched TV. Took a little screenshot of the video on my phone as evidence of how crazy I might be.

But you know what? I got it done. I did it for me and did it for my team.
When we talk about Transformation Tuesday, it's not all about the before and after pictures. It's also about the before and after mindset. In 2014, an evening like this would have never ended with me prioritizing myself. Tonight it wasn't even a question.

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Black Diamond, Washington

“Todos querem Marilyn Monroe, mas todos vão embora quando descobrem que não sou ela”. Frase dita pela própria ao referir - se a sua verdadeira essência. Viveu com a imagem de sex symbol e provou que para ser linda não é necessário ser toda "magrinha". Era uma atriz nata e atuou em diversos filmes! Chegou a ter sua própria produtora e era apaixonada pela leitura. Apesar de sua vida turbulenta, fez história ao ser verdadeira, encantadora e decidida!
WOD Marilyn Monroe - De tirar o fôlego!
6 Wood Chopper
9 Sit Up
20m Shuttle Run - a cada round
#moinhocrossfit💪🐲 _________________________________________
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Hollywood Boulevard

When you love what you do this feeling isnt because im excited to get off 🤣 Its because I have way too much energy to go to bed lol!! I just wanna dance and sing, with Brookie @funsizebrooklynn while coaching, Ha ha ha 😂 like we do at work... #wedance #p2pparty #workworkworkwork #coachlife #goodtimes #clubp2p

P2P Transformation Center Fairfield

This is day 1 and day 5 of a new program; Clean Week. These two days focus on your core. Here a snippet of 1 of the exercises!


These are the moments that make me SMILE!
I use to get anxious leading up to a big adventure not because of fear of finding my way through a foreign country but for putting on a bikini! And I LOVE living life in my bikini 👙
It's been over a year since I've decided to take control of my health and fitness and I can confidently say I don't struggle as much with taking that cover up off while on the beach! Does it still pass through my mind ...ofcourse...but I'm proud of how far I've come! The day I decided to join my first fitness accountability group, my life changed for the better! I've NEVER looked back 💪💕 What's stopping you from being your true, authentic, healthy self??!! #joinme #beyouruniqueself #selflove #letsgetphysical


Yess!! You already know I love mail 📬📩
I love it even more when it's a package I've been waiting to arrive 😍
Absolutely in love with my new shirt (that describes me perfectly) and head band 💕
Thank you @thebebrand


I don’t know where I would be without this group of beauties ❤️❤️❤️... they remind me to keep it real on the daily... to stay focused on my goals and to be the change I want to see in this world. 🌏
We are all strangers, however became a family by default... friends are the family we choose for ourselves 😍 .
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Grande Prairie, Alberta


Your soul will help you to remember your way back home♡


Putting in work isn't always going to be easy and it's surly not always going to b pretty. Just know to live life in the most free and intentional way. #dominate your space, your time, your life! Take control and do what it takes to make it! The good comes with the bad and the ugly. You choose to see the beauty in your ugly. #CoachLife #momprenuer #shawniespeaks #bosslady #sburneyspeakslife 😘


Transformation Tuesday
30 minute home video workouts + clean eating= healthier happier me🤗 🙌No more achy knees or tired feet. 🙌No more feeling exhausted by 3pm.
🙌No more dreading being in photos.
🙌No more headaches.
🙌No more wondering what to eat.

Thanks to my online accountability groups, I have learned how to get my workouts in everyday, how to make time to plan my meals for the week. How to read labels and know what I am actually eating. How to portion control and knowing that you can eat to much of a good thing!
The holidays are less than a few months away! If you are ready for a transformation and wanting to rock any outfit you want this holiday season, like or comment for more information. .
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These are the workout cloths I laid out last night so I didn’t have to 👀 look around in the dark this morning.

This is the bag I put them in after sleeping through my alarm. The plan was to change at work, come home and do the said workout I missed and then pick up my child.

This is the bag I just unpacked because I stayed later at work than expected and then had to perform my “mom” duties when I got home.

Do I like getting up early to work out? Nope no one wants to get out of a cozy bed!
Is it a big deal that I missed a workout! Nope I will be back at it tomorrow!

This scenario is why my window to take care of myself happens first thing in the morning!
Tomorrow is a new day and I will not repeat THIS scenario two days in a row!

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Want to know how I'm able to endulge on these bad boys and not feel bad about it?! Easy to make, super yummy, and best thing about them... HEALTHY! Want to learn more about these yummy super food chocolate peanut butter cups? Message me for the recepie.