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by @igersdenver

Happy Monday! How is the fall treating you so far? Photo by @swanmanphoto // #igersdenver | Curated by @bucketdrop


by @winniehanson

🌲🦌🌲”Drop Thy still dews of quietness, Till all our striving cease; Take from our souls the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace.” 🌲🦌🌲 From “PRAYER” by John Greenleaf Whittier


by @coloradonat1ve

Dawn and dusk are when aspens shine


by @casey.colorado

Found a cozy lil waterfall nook bout 6 miles in. Gonna head back, bring a book, fuzzy jacket, maybe some cocoa.

Indian Peaks Wilderness

by @maggie_bateson

keep a daily “to-be” list // be compassionate, be bold, be adventurous, be fiercely kind, be courageous, be humble, be forgiving - be yourself 💕

Maroon Bells

by @cbmurtagh



by @lemonadepressblog

I tried to have my students listen to cassette tapes of stories and couldn’t figure out why the cassettes didn’t work. After consulting another staff member I realized the pause button was on. 🙈🙈 •

Even growing up in the age when all we listened to were cassette tapes (CDs were yet to come), somehow that skill of running a cassette has lapsed my memory. •

What’s a toy from your childhood you remember fondly?? (Mine is American Girl Dolls and cardboard boxes for creating forts)

Frisco, Colorado

by @jp_brunel

Impressionistic aspens.

It's that time of the year again here in Colorado and the mountains are turning to gold. In this photo, I tried something a little different. I wanted to give it an "impressionistic" look, and I like the result! What do you think?
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Independence Pass, CO - Elevation 12,095

by @rebeccasherrow

RM 💘 MR ... Once I watched as someone carved his initials and mine into the flesh of his forearm with a razor blade. In our case it was BH + BH. Part-time lover, full-time best friend, he was the only one I let call me “Becky” so that we could share the same initials. He slit his wrists a couple times afterwards. I don’t often think about those Smashing-Pumpkins-fueled, angst-ridden teenage nights, and I certainly have never written about them (!!!) but my 20th class reunion is this year & I realize I’ve lost touch with nearly everyone I was close to back in the day. They dropped out of my life so abruptly, it seems, yet somehow I feel they’re all still with me. Looking back, I think that’s why I moved to Europe so suddenly. An act of self-preservation; a way to prevent myself from falling deeper into that pit from which my friends couldn’t escape. Maybe I mourned them then, as I do now. And so here, 20 years later, I wander through the forest, tracing my fingertips across the scars on the tree trunks, agonizing over whether I tried hard enough. Had I stretched out my arms just a little farther, for just a little longer, could I have pulled him out with me? Could I have saved him? Or did my leaving push him farther into darkness, past the point of no return? It’s so easy to blame ourselves for the actions of others. I Googled some names last night (yes, channeling my inner stalker 🕵🏻‍♀️) - high school sweethearts, former lovers, ephemeral friends. They all left scars upon my life, and I’m so deeply grateful for that dark era. Like in a photograph, without shadow you cannot see the light. Oh, and no, I don’t think I’ll be at that reunion. #thinkingoutloud #realtalk #suicideawareness .
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Lake Isabel

by @kevingriffithco

Well Summer, it was nice knowing ya but I am ready for some hoody weather and maybe a little snow. I got to visit and camp at a lot of awesome places this summer but it never feels like you did enough with your time, although I am pretty content. **I will be heading down to the Telluride area later this week to try and catch the end of fall colors, has anyone been there recently? How are the colors looking?

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

by @brandon.hudspeth

There are simply no words


by @reneenellisphotography

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”~Barry Finly

I was in awe with the colors that we saw here. The pink of the rocks in the foreground, the green/blue color of the lake, the dark green of the trees, the gray in the mountain and the amazing blue sky! There’s nothing better than spending time in the Rocky Mountains.