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“Wo ist der Opa?”
[Where is our Grandad?]
Zoos - we can argue their merit till the cows come home, but there’s no denying they’re offering the whole family the best time out together!
In fact, it’s precisely because of my early childhood memories of us all at the zoo on a sunny Sunday with ice-cream and Bratwurst, that I keep going back whenever I’m in Wuppertal. Precious memories❤️


The role of zoos: you can hear it in the background - education and appreciation of the natural world.
Let’s make sure we preserve what we got (left)!


Eventually, these images will become jarring. We strongly believe that celebrities Iike @jenniferaniston should drop contracts like this one as her beautiful and trustworthy presence increases sales for plastic water bottle companies. It’s time to disrupt this industry from the root. It’s time to #DrinkTap 💧💧💧💧💧 Here’s a brief history of how plastic water bottles became so normalized:
1980's: New York supermodels began carrying tall bottles of Evian water as an accessory on fashion show catwalks, which surely signaled the future ahead.

1990's: Billions of bottles were sold on the promise that bottled water is good for hair and skin, and safer than tap water. It didn’t take consumers long to buy into the notion that they needed water within reach virtually everywhere they went.

2019: 1 million plastic bottles are discarded per MINUTE.
Learn more about the water quality in your neighborhood by visiting habitsofwaste.org / campaigns 🙏🏼