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Today is my 1 year anniversary of going rogue and traveling solo in India. So much love for that country. Maybe one day I'll transcribe my 7 Indian journals into a book about a pimp who chilled out in one of the world's most intricate countries. So much love for that country. 💙
I used saved birthday money and earned tips to purchase Rosetta Stone's Hindi course today. Next time i go back, whenever that may be, i plan to haggle hard with vendors and tuktuk drivers in their native language. They won't know what hit them!!! 🙈💛💛 #india #coolestplaceintheworld
#futurebollywoodtranslator #whenwhitechicksgorogue


Soaking up the sun with these 3 is the best way to spend Saturdays #donegal #wildatlanticway #family #irishsummer #coolestplaceintheworld #uncle

Donegal, Ireland