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My dear friend @sweet_potato_thief is recovering well from her recent surgery! I'm so elated that I'm smiling super widely! Can't wait to see her soon!
I'm sure she will be as beautiful as she always is (like in this photo!) Aunt May must take care too!
Thank you all my furfriends and ur pawrents for ur kind prayers!
#alwaysbeautiful #getwellsoon


Today is the big day (she’s getting spayed) so not looking forward to dropping her off in a bit I know it’s better for her in the end but my poor baby❀️❀️😘😘😘........................#corgisofinstagram #corgistagram #corgi #corgis #corgigram #corgilove #corgination #corgigram_ #corgicommunity #corgilife #corgiaddict #corgiplanet #pembrokewelshcorgi #corgipuppy #instacorgi #welshcorgi #corgibutt #corgilove #corgiworld


This is what I’ll be doing this weekend 😴🐾🐢

Orlando, Florida



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Nala wants you to know that whatever it is you are going through, everything is going to be just fine. You woke up today, and that in itself is enough to be thankful for. Nala doesn't have $100,000 to pay off all of your school loans, but she wants you to know that you are not alone. In America at least. Joseph from three blocks down, a practicing lawyer, has twice that amount. Trish, the stylist at J. Crew has $70,000 from her masters in English Lit. But you're all getting by, and you will meet those payments. You can't help yourself how the economic system of America works, but all you can do for now is be smarter with your financial choices, while taking a deep breath and enjoying the little moments you share with your loved-ones.
Lastly, just as she does when she badly needs to pee and poo or just when she's bored and she wants to play ball, do not hesitate to reach out to those whom you love. If they know that you are doing your best to survive, chances are they are more than willing to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.
Breathe. Smile. You will get through this.


🎢Coatee cha tu yub nub;
Coatee cha tu yah wah;
Coatee cha tu glowah;
Allay loo ta nuv.🎢 #hairynotsoscary
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Austin, Texas

2 months since I came to my forever home and I have already outgrown my favourite toy. Mama, time to buy me new toys!