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It was terrifying. I started running here and there, wishing, praying hard and pleading to stop this play. To end it.
I ran through the never ending corridors. My house was never like that. The place where I was in, it was not a home. Just corridors.

But then, I saw somebody standing a few meters away in the dark. It wasn't clearly visible.
As I came closer, a ghastly realization petrified me.
I was scared to death. It wasn't a humanly figure. It was my loved toy, right before me. My teddy! My dearest friend. It was standing on its feet, with blood shot eyes, looking straight into my mine, slaughtering me with his gaze.

With an evil smile, he whispered into my ears "Happy Death Day to You"
The next very moment, he sucked soul out of my body and I laid lifeless on the floor.
My piercing cries echoed throughout the room, awakening my parents and I woke up, gasping for breath, restless. They rushed to pacify me, their worried & troubled looks telling me that it was just another nightmare.
~Aashi Thakur


It was my b'day. I had turned 10 years old. A grand b'day party was arranged that evening.
Royal Blue! It was my favorite and so, I favored to wear a frock of that color over the violet one.
Being assured that I looked the best in my laced dress, butterfly clips and timberland sandals, my mum took me to the hall wherein all the guests were assembled.
A mouth-watering, barbie doll-shaped cake awaited to be slashed with the red knife placed on the board, next to the buffet.
I looked around the hall. What a prepossessing sight it was! Colorful balloons everywhere. Beautifully adorned with decorations.
My mum closed my eyes, directing me to open them only after she counted till three. I was going zealous and boisterous. So eager to taste that toothsome cake and to unwrap those presents, the guests had bought for me.

A long time had passed away and I did not hear any counting, any number, not a single voice, nothing.
Like everyone stood tight lipped. The room was hushed, noiseless.
"Wohoo! Cmon! Say it. Count till three. Fast! I can wait no more!"
"Okay. If you won't say anything in 10 seconds, then I am going to open my eyes. So, be fast", announced I, teasingly.
But there was no voice, no reply.
It wasn't funny anymore.
I opened my eyes and the room was empty. Not a single soul was there.

With a grim expression on my face, I called out for my parents, for my sibling, for the relatives but nobody was there.
~Aashi Thakur


Millenial Relationships.
It’s all about living up to Instagram’s #relationshipgoals and it’s only for show,
That real affection between two individuals has faded away;
To love, trust and compromise with someone is the last thing on anyone’s mind nowadays.