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Seattle Great Wheel

Photos by Lynn Johnson @ljohnphoto | Connecting across time: As a young girl, Anne was photographed for a National Geographic story about Vincent van Gogh. She lived in St. Paul’s Asylum, in France, where van Gogh spent a year battling mental illness. Now, 23 years later, I photographed Anne, who is autistic, for an upcoming story about living on the autism spectrum. Both moments are seen side by side, printed on glorious bamboo Hahnemühle paper, in an upcoming exhibit at the Leica Gallery in L.A. @thephotosociety #Hahnemühle #NaturalLine #Bamboo


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🏅佳作 農家│鄒淑鳳
🏅佳作 大地的畫布│吳杰達
🏅佳作 臺灣牛精神│卓聖男
🏅佳作 田中貴客│李宜蘭
🏅佳作 彩鳳梨│卓聖偉



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Photo by Seyit Konyali | In the early morning buffaloes come out of the barn. The cowboy takes them to the most beautiful pastures. There are between 600 and 1000 buffalo in the herd. In the evening, buffalos return home. The small lake located over the road is refreshing for them. From there they drink water and swim there. Great images come out at sunset. Amazing images for photographers. #YourShotPhotographer


Video by @andrea_frazzetta | The island of Nosy Iranja, famous for its white sand beach, is located northwest of Madagascar 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Nosy Be. It is actually formed by two islands connected by a sandbank, only visible at low tide.
Nosy Iranja has a small fishing village and a lighthouse designed by Gustave Eiffel. The island is also a breeding place for green and hawksbill turtles.
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“and the Oscar goes to.......😂🐶” writes @tobythegentleman


#HelloFrom Cappadocia, Turkey, a surreal landscape of rock formations — sometimes called fairy chimneys — that have been sculpted by volcanoes, wind, rain and ice over many millions of years. “Since I had already seen hundreds of photos of hot air balloons in Cappadocia before, my eyes automatically searched for something different,” says photographer and content creator Helin Bereket (@helinbereket), who took this photo from a hot air balloon. “Then, there it was: vintage cars in an almost otherworldly landscape. It looked like a scene from a movie.” Photo by @helinbereket

Cappadocia Turkey

Winter has arrived at your living room.
Enjoy your Christmas with this wallpaper-thin #LGOLEDTV.

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#FotoDelDía | Un niño juega con una palangana vacía después de que su madre y su abuela hayan completado la colada. En este pequeño departamento, en el primer suburbio de alta densidad de Zimbabue, Mbare, tres generaciones de mujeres y niños se reúnen en la habitación donde estudian, ríen y duermen.
📸 @nicholesobecki


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