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Thank you @ruparutgers for another awesome Homecoming Bed Race!!! And congrats to the Spirit team for winning!! We will see you next year for the gold! #DamnProud


There is no better feeling than seeing your best friend become sweetheart of your fraternity. From the beginning of my journey as a phi delt, Elizabeth has been there as my rock to fall on and my anchor to hold me steady. I couldn't be more proud to be able to share her with my brothers of whom I love very much! @ebroadwater13, Phi Delt has always been the best, but with you, it just got better! I love you, buttercup! CONGRATULATIONS!! πŸ’™πŸ’™


After taking about 8 hours of buses, taking my chances at renting a place with no address, and heading to a tiny mountain town solo, I walked around the corner and found this famous Instagram street in Chefchaouen!

But don't let the look of effortlessness and flowy dress fool you...I walked back and forth until I found other travelers to take turns taking photos with so I'd feel comfortable even taking my jacket off! Because yes, I wear flowy dresses for photos (and in real life, but not in countries where it's inappropriate!) I decided to give the back end reality of this photo bc I'm pretty sick of all the people lately who have been throwing shade at travel bloggers (slash girls on IG) who wear pretty dresses, hats, and look away from the camera. SO WHAT?! I'll admit it's a bit frustrating for me at times since I've been doing it for 3 years and I hate to feel classified as "like everyone else", but I remain appreciative of the people who choose to make their photos about the places, not their faces.
But while we're on the subject, I'd like to take this opportunity to say WHY I started not showing my face 3 years ago:
1. I got accused of "using my looks" to get free travel and followers. So I vowed to never show my face to prove I could do it purely with talent and hard work.
2. I travel solo and I take all of my own photos by using a remote on my phone. YOU try hitting a button on your phone while smiling at a camera.
3. I cant fake a smile for shit, and if I don't smile, I look like a bitch, so I show the back of my head, problem solved.
Not to mention, every time I take a photo in public I get ridiculed for "taking a selfie" yet do it anyway to get these photos.

So conclusively, I hope everyone keeps taking photos however they damn well please, and THANK YOU to everyone who likes what I do because they understand my underlying intentions, THANK YOU for everyone who thinks my photos are awesome, and THANK YOU for all the shade-throwers who have encouraged me to start filming more epic videos 😜

Rant over. πŸ‘Š
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Chefchaouene - Ψ΄ΩΨ΄Ψ§ΩˆΩ†

A Happy Founders' Day to the Brothers of the PA BB Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon! It is amazing to think that these men gathered 15 years ago and started such a strong chapter. We are forever grateful of our past and are excited to continue Building Balanced Men in the years to come. #sigep #damnproud

SigEp Drexel

ΦΣΚ beautifully playing it's part in contributing to the excellent Greek Life at NJIT. #DamnProud #njit

Eberhardt Hall

Here's to Brother Schmitz, our Academic Achievement Award Winner! We're #damnproud of his hard work. Keep it up, brother!

Duquesne University

Feels great to have a Frat God as my big. #Damnproud #twofingerswag


Got 2 work outs in today. PiYo Define: Lower Body and PiYo Define: Upper Body. So damn proud of myself!!
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@ajanixonx #damnproud#blackkeys


My #wcw, that smile can keep me going for days! 😍
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