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Check out this adorable big ball of fluff, Jazzie. Jazzie is seeing us for help with calcium oxalate stones. Sadly, conventional medicine will tell clients to feed a nutrition poor urinary specific kibble diet and to reduce all calcium. When in fact, that is the exact opposite of what the body needs. The body forms calcium oxalate stones to combat acidic blood. Calcium is alkaline and the body has a mechanism that pulls calcium from the bones and diet when the blood is too acidic. What might cause this acidic blood you ask? A processed kibble diet and monthly treatment with harsh chemicals/pesticides like nexguard. Every day in our office we see side effects of the regular use of these drugs/chemicals. And our treatment usually begins with a liver and blood detox and a fresh or non preceded diet! We are excited to Jazzie start on her road to wellness even if she is 10 years old! #foodismedicine #healthypups #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #holisticvet #justsaynotobigpharma #doctoroflastresort


Check out this handsome boy, JJ. Out of the thousands of patients I’ve seen, JJ is the first one that I believe googled us himself and recommended acupuncture to his parents!! JJ’s family was debating euthanasia because they were unable to get him out of pain. He was crying and whining and not moving, he would even urinate and defecate in his kennel because he didn’t want to get up. His regular vet worked him up with full body xrays with probably bulging disc in his cervical spine. It was a miracle that we had a cancelation so we were able to get him in right away. His parents were shocked when his pain seemed to disappear when he walked through our office door. He was literally thrilled to receive PEMF therapy, chiropractic and electro acupuncture. As he looked at us so lovingly, I just knew this dog did his own research and sought us out for treatment😂😂😂😂His dad and mom said they have never seen anything like it, from near death to bouncing in the door? We don’t always understand it, but our patients do. #healthypups #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #veterinaryacupuncture #holisticvet #secondchances #doctoroflastresort


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