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This week we’re celebrating the release of Episode 7 of RealShoots - Armani & Kentucky in the Country! You can watch the trailer for this episode here > http://bit.ly/realshoots7 (follow link in bio).⠀

a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.⠀

Yup - that’s me to a tee! In the quest to make my images nothing short of absolutely perfect, I sometimes go a little overboard when it comes to removing distractions while editing.⠀

During this shoot, I was struggling with the very long grass at this beautiful country location. The dogs were just not quite tall enough to stand clear of those long waving stalks of grass, and they often appeared annoyingly right in front of their faces.⠀

When editing the session, I had to really hold myself back from removing all those pesky blades of grass.⠀

Why? Because without them, the image loses important context.⠀

This image is the perfect example. I knew that the stems of grass on the left hand side of the image needed to go, as their sharp focus was distracting from Armani’s beautiful face and expressive gaze. I was just about to remove the out-of-focus pieces of grass on the right, when I stopped myself. Why?⠀

Without them, the image loses context. You completely take away the little hints in the image that inform the viewer of the location. Armani could be anywhere without them - but by leaving them in it’s just enough of a hint to give you the impression of a field with long grass. And those bits of grass are just subtle enough, just out-of focus enough not to be too distracting.⠀

So, the grass on the right survived my perfectionist tendencies, and I think the image is better for that decision. What do you think? Should I have removed the pieces of grass on the right as well? Did I need to remove the grass on the left?⠀

Swipe right to see the RAW (before) image.⠀

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II, Canon EF 70-200mm ƒ/2.8L IS II @ 200mm, ISO 1000, 1/800 sec, ƒ/2.8⠀

Photo by @charlottereevesphotography #tipoftheday


First day of Spring! 🌻🌷🐝 I can't wait for all the new smells! 🌸👃

Caledon, Ontario

No bish, you cannot touch my man 🤚🏽


1st Day Of Spring! While it’s chilly today (what’s up Mother Nature!?) we look forward to upcoming days of sitting on the porch! #1stdayofspring #2018 #mothernature #whatsup #chilly #jellybeans