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When you literally work all day & can’t find time to go to the gym, you get creative! 😂🙈 —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�
Some days, I wake up at 5:45am to get my day started & get ready to nanny this little nugget of mine 😍 I bring her to school, and I take her home from school at the end of my shift. When mom gets home from work it usually isn’t til about 7:45/8-ish, & personally for me I don’t have enough time to do all of what I want to do at the gym (unless it’s cardio day, which it isn’t) So I got a bit creative with her and tried some different workouts with her 😂 mostly as long as she was occupied with The Magic School Bus, she was all for it! The other ones I didn’t record she was laughing the entire time ☺️ After I got done babysitting, I decided to finish up my workout by doing full body blast circuit in my room solely focusing on my core & some booty gains (per usual). I haven’t done abs in about a month or so because I got my belly pierced, & one of the things my piercer told me was not to do abs or yoga 🙈 Now that my piercing is somewhat healed, I’m glad I could do abs again 😬😅 When you got goals to reach, you make time in the day, get creative, short or long workout & don’t have time for excuses! 😛💪🏽💁🏻

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Don’t know if I’m living up to anyone else’s expectations of me...but I WILL Achieve the Goals that I set for Myself. #truestory #dontbelievemejustwatch #youcandoittoo


I seriously adore my friend Jaree 💕👆🏻 I dropped out of high school when I was a Junior. I got arrested twice before I turned 18. I did drugs, I dated the wrong guys (If there was a controlling ego maniac within a mile radius, I dated him). I met Chad, we moved in after a week, got pregnant 2 months later, and got married at 8 months pregnant. By the world's standards, I was destined to fail. In every aspect of my life I was considered a failure. I COULD have been a victim of my circumstances. I mean… I waaaaas sexually abused, physically abused, and emotional abused for a large portion of my life.
While I was pregnant, Chad and I decided to go to a church to find other people there our age who were "good" parents so we could model ourselves after them. While searching for the most qualified parents in the church that Sunday, we found the most amazing most compassionate, most loving parent of all… We found Jesus! Who knew that He would pursue two screwed up kids and pluck them right out of the gutter! He didn't care about my past or the 6 warrants Chad had for his arrest, all He did care about was winning our hearts. I am so glad that even in our darkest hours, He loved us anyway.
About 6 months after Chad and I got saved (mind you, that was over 10 years ago) God told us that He was going to make our marriage a model. Who freaking knew that it would be to this level!!! This girl, right here who didn't even graduate high school is in the Millionaire's Club in our company… This year we have earned over a million DOLLARS with It Works Global… I felt unworthy my whole life, but not anymore. I know I am worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of success, worthy of wifehood, motherhood, and worthy of God's love and affection.
If this girl right here with the incredibly colorful past can achieve this level of success in life, you can too. I'm no different than you. It's time to start living your life to your fullest potential. You don't have to be a victim of your circumstances. Choose victory, it's so much sweeter! <3
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Just turned 8 too,played the whole season as a 7 year old, 1st year in pads💪🏽 Coming back bigger, stronger, faster next year! #dontbelievemejustwatch again thanks to all the 8U Ducks coaches for believing in me🙌🏽