#dreamingaboutlambing Instagram photos and videos

This marks the end of my lambing placement, what an amazing two weeks! This placement has made me more knowledgeable in sheep farming and have a real appreciation for all farmers who constantly think of new ways to improve their farms and take the time and patience to teach vet students who knew nothing at all. He also managed to keep a smile on his face even with just a couple hrs of sleep. Constantly reminding us that although it's upsetting that we lose a couple lambs we have to keep big picture in our minds. It was hard work but lots of fun. What a pleasure to have done it at drumcarro farm #standrews #nightshift #16hrshifts #lambing #vetschooljourney #vetschoolisaightsometimes #backtoedinburgh #dreamingaboutlambing #farmersftw #farmlife #vetinthemaking


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