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The Song Saa Foundation champions community and environment through programmes that preserve our ecosystem. We believe that the Earth is something to be cherished and worked alongside of, not merely "on top" of...
Happy Earth Day!

Song Saa Collective

For #ILoveSpiti project, we interviewed some locals, travelers, and hoteliers for their view on plastic water bottles. From a small shopkeeper to a French Doctor, everyone was in sync of how these plastic bottles are harming our natural habitat.
Here's Ellie, a psychiatrist from Holland sharing her best practices while traveling and keeping the environment clean.
How do you access to the clean drinking water while traveling? .
Share your ideas with us to make Spiti free from plastic water bottles using #ilovespiti
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Spiti Ecosphere- Responsible Travel and Volunteering

#AdAstra. If you want to see #familyphotos, look up to the stars. If you want to see #yourself, look up to the stars. We are the #rasta, thus one #journeys to the #stars.

Sambo Creek, Atlantida, Honduras

Standing right on the San Andreas Fault, on an amazing @redjeeptours adventure. Such a cool way to learn (or re-learn) about tectonic plates and fault lines. #visitpalmsprings

San Andreas, California

جنگل ابر از جمله جنگل های هیرکانی و باستانی دنیاست و به علت موقعيت خاص مکانیش اغلب اوقات سال ابر در این جنگل وجود دارد و علت نامگذاری این جنگل نیز به همین دلیل میباشد
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Our good friends @caribou_lodge_alaska own and run this place. One word to describe it... Majestic!
The lodge is located about 15 air miles from Talkeetna in Southcentral Alaska.

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