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Fuzz no more 🙅🏻 Hana has been doing Electrolysis for over 20 years and is the only FDA approved form of permanent hair removal. It is very tolerable, with minimal discomfort. Visit our website: www.electrolysissandiego.com or call us to book a free consultation. #Electrolysis #SanDiego #PermanentHairRemoval


|| NOT PERMANENT || The medical association in the US, and the regulatory body FDA confirm that laser is permanent REDUCTION. Why settle for reduction when you can have PERMANENT period?
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Furless Electrolysis

I reached an important milestone this month.  It may seem trivial to some, but it means an awful lot to me.  After 2.5 years of weekly, 30-minute sessions and 6 months of bi-weekly 30 minute sessions, Kim said we could start doing sessions every THREE weeks.
In other words, after 3 years of regular treatments, results you can see AND feel!  Evidently, red hairs are the hardest to treat.  Lucky me! 😂
Patience is a virtue, indeed.  I wish I had started this process in my teens.  My life could have turned out so different 😳 This seems to be a recurring theme in my life.  Just call me a late bloomer. 🙄
If only we could have taken the hairs removed from my chin and plugged them into my scalp.  Oh, vanity! 😳
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Mandy is getting ready for an Electrolysis consultation 😎 Do you have unwanted hair you want permanently removed? Or maybe some skin lesions that you'd rather get rid of? Call us today and make your FREE consultation with Mandy.
Next available dates are mid October.


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**Permanent Hair Removal!** ⠀

All Electrolysis treatment is carried out by Mandy Painting BIAE, who has more than 30 years experience and is a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis.⠀

The Elite Spectrum Computerised Electrolysis machine is used for Diathermy, Galvanic, Blend and Flash for client comfort and fast, effective results on all types and colour of hair.⠀
The only proven method of permanent hair removal.⠀
No area too large for treatment.⠀
FREE consultation before any treatment, by appointment only.⠀
NHS Provider, please ask for details.⠀

Electrolysis is the only proven safe, permanent method to remove unwanted hair. It works by passing a small amount of heat or heat blended with a tiny amount of galvanic current through a fine probe to the root of the hair. Repeated treatments will eventually destroy the hair development. Two types of current are used in permanent epilation: GALVANIC and HIGH FREQUENCY. Strictly speaking Electrolysis refers only to galvanic, while short wave DIATHERMY or THERMOLYSIS describes high frequency current. However, the term Electrolysis has become a general one covering the removal of superfluous hair by either type of current or a blend of the two. ⠀

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Mandy Painting was awarded Dermalogica Expert status in 2014, recognising her as one of the highest trained skin care professionals in the country. ⠀

As a therapist, Mandy participates in on-going postgraduate education at the International Dermal Institute, training with the world’s leading professional skin care brand, Dermalogica. ⠀

To achieve this Expert status, Mandy has completed a succession of specialist product, treatment and business workshops. She has also been involved in a range of unique workshops, which are offered only to the most skilled and knowledgeable therapists. This has enabled Dermalogica to award and recognise her as one of the best in the industry.⠀

Mandy is also an active member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE), former chairperson and currently serving on the Board. She specialises in Electrolysis, the only proven method of permanent hair removal. Over the years she has helped many clients rid themselves of distressing superfluous hair growth and still finds it a great sense of achievement when a timid, shy, and self-conscious client changes into a happy, confident person who is no longer a slave to unwanted hair. ⠀

Mandy also offers advanced Electrolysis for the removal of various skin lesions. Contact her for a FREE consultation!⠀

Visit us: https://buff.ly/2waZ69s

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