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We are pleased to announce the graduation of Ms. Rina Funatsu who has completed her BCI Hospitality short course earlier this month. Rina has participated in both hospitality classes and Communication Excursion programs each week for the past month. On the 16/05/2019 Rina received her certificate of participation and is now interning at the Sydney Tower restaurant. Congratulations Rina! #brightencareersinstitute #elevateyourfuture #hospitality #graduation


Achte auf deine Gedanken... Denn sie werden Worte!

Achte auf deine Worte...
denn sie werden Handlungen!

Achte auf deine Handlungen... denn sie werden Gewohnheiten!

Achte auf deine Gewohnheiten... denn sie werden dein Charakter!

Achte auf deinen Charakter...
denn er wird dein Schicksal!


Did you #ElevateyourFuture with us this morning? Big thanks for everyone coming out! #UCO #ACURA #ILX #2019 #Bronchos #chartwells


Want free breakfast? Come learn about #ElevatingYourFuture 🤝 #ElevateYourFuture #UCO #Acura #ILX #2019


Follow the link in our bio to register! We can’t wait to see y’all there! #freebreakfast #UCO #ELEVATEYOURFUTURE


Ich habe es gerade auf #instergram gesehen bei @koxislifestyle 🔝 und hab es einfach stipitzen müssen😁👌👌
Weil es einfach so wahr ist👍
Und so gut passt 👍
In diesem sinne einen schönen Freitag ihr Lieben 😘✌️


Wird der Druck groß genug...
Ändert sich das Verhalten 🔥


Hammer Tag🔥🚀🤘
Spitzen Leistung 👌
Ich bin begeistert und Mega Stolz😍🔥🚀
@sabine.engelmann ich gratuliere dir nochmal von ganzen Herzen 💖 🔥 zu deinem 🚀 raketen 🚀 Start absolut spitze🔥🔝 da lacht mein Herz ♥ voller Freude ☺
Mega Energy an so einem tollen Tag ☀️🔥😎
Der März war spitze doch diesen schwung nehmen wir in den April mit 🚀 es gibt keine grenzen🌏
Der Flow stimmt und auf dieser Welle 🌊 🏄 wird weiter gesurft 🏄 🌊🏄🌊🏄🌊🏄🌊🏄🌊🏄
💖Mit der richtigen Passion kannst du nichts falsch machen💖🔥 nimm dein herz in die Hand habe die liebevollste absicht im gepäck und surfe 🏄 Loooosssssssssss... 🌏🌊🔝👌🚀🔥


The option is yours! People close and even closer to you will try and change your mindset. Simply because they don’t wanna see you in a better place than them! So today another lady comes through my lane. We chat and cut up. Then she says okay Preston! So you seem Like a smart handsome guy. What’s your plans after high school ? I simply stated well military and then collage of course. She then goes WHAT MILITARY!! I said yes of course!! She then goes on. You know you can lose your life right? You know you won’t come back the same right? You know you won’t see some things the same anymore right? I said yes, I understand that but at least I know my environment. She says what exactly do you mean by that? I go on to say, it’s 2019 and anything is possible everyday people wake up taking there life for granted! I says okay I understand that but can you explain more? Of course here’s a example I said would you rather be in a tent sleeping with your fellow soldiers expecting the worst or be in a tent camping with your family only to have a man you never met walk up to your tent with your family in it and start shooting? I said a preacher was stabbed today in CHURCH!?! Idk about you but when I was young if I even whispered in church I got the shit smacked outta me! So just realize how bad someone else’s day is going before you dread on yours! People wake up and before they even stretch start talking about how bad today’s gonna be? A day is only as bad as you make it !? #stayfocused💯 #dreambigger #elevateyourfuture


What a great time presenting to 5th and 7th graders from around Gadsden Alabama. Careers Conference hosted by @gadsdenstatecommunitycollege !!What a great group of future leaders...engaged and great plans for the future... .
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#APEF #employability #softskills #motivationalspeaker #careerteched #career #studentlife #careertalk #acte #speaker #youthspeaker #careersuccess #careergoals #fbla #elevateyourfuture #resultsmatter #keynote #cte #careertech #skillsusa #careercoach #gobuildalabama. @gobuildalabama @llswann


🌏Mauritius🏝️ 🔥❤️ we are ready to win❤️🔥 @jacccyl 🔥💪i'm Ready💪🔥
😎💯😎💯😎💯😎💯😎💯😎 ✈️✈️✈️#Mauritius ✈️✈️wir kommen✈️✈️ ❤️🌴❤️🌴❤️ Run Baby Run🏃🚀


Hab gerade dieses Bild entdeckt und musste 😊 gerade lachen 😅

Es war so ein tolles Wochenende 😍🔥👊 Ich erinnere mich so gerne daran 😋😋 Da muss man von der Steiermark 🇦🇹 nach Stuttgart 🇩🇪 fahren um "eine Nachbarin" kennen zu lernen 😂😅 wie klein doch die Welt 🗺 ist😂

Freu mich schon aufs nexte grosse Event @selina_bm_
@markus.mandl.31 😋👌😜



Das hier ist deine Zeit💯⏳
Also flieg raus in die Welt🌏 und geh all deinen Träumen und Sehnsüchten nach💎, lass dich auf Abenteuer ein🎢 und riskiere auch manchmal was🔥 umgib dich mit Leuten die dir gut tun💯, die auf einer ähnlichen Mission sind wie du🔮, die dir nicht immer nur das sagen was du hören willst❌ und die Interesse an deinem Wachstum haben 🌱
Vergiss nicht, das Leben ist so ein bisschen wie ein Theaterstück🎬
Du musst jede Szene mit voller Leidenschaft💕 spielen und deinen Part in dem Ganzen genießen und feiern💃🏻 um langfristig wirklich Erfüllung zu finden💎
Lerne den Prozess zu genießen😍 auch wenn’s manchmal ein harter, steiler und felsiger Weg bergauf ist 🧗🏼‍♀️
Und falls du dich jemals verlieren solltest am Weg🆘, schau rauf zu den Sternen, erinnere dich daran wer du bist 💎und was du in dieser Welt noch alles bewegen willst ❤️


You are either 🔮NOW HERE or NOWHERE🔮 – sometimes only the tiniest gap can make a huge difference! It can distinguish between being totally focused or totally lost, between conquering the road of your dreams with a lot of mesmerising sunsets on the way or swimming in a dark, deep ocean of despair, simply between SUCCESS or FAILURE … 💯🔝 or ⛔️❌ How often is it that you are feeling ashamed for what happened in the past or worry too much about the future, instead of actively and effectively using this very single moment you were given right now? 🥺🤷🏼‍♀️❓ Do you cherish life? Do you seize every opportunity? Are you present each and every day? 😇💁🏼‍♀️🔜 Or are you prone to get distracted too often, do you tend to lose your focus too many times? 🤳🏻😩😤 What kind of situations is it you would like to be more present & clear in the future? ✨💫✨ Like.Comment.Share


‘Back to Speaking Publicly’ – Have you ever had to give a speech, presentation or toast?
However, at the same time your legs were shaking, your face was blushing and your voice was absolutely shivery, not to say leaving you at all? 🙈🙉🙊 In other words: You were simply feeling that you couldn’t deliver at all?
Then I can definitely calm you down - you are not ALONE! 🤝🤝🤝 There has actually been research that the No. 1 fear of people is ‼️PUBLIC SPEAKING‼️ Yes, you got it right: placing oneself in front of a group of people and sharing some information, opinions and beliefs with a silent crowd that is listening to you eagerly – this is actually what many, many people fear even more than death. 😨😰😱 … and so was I until 2o16! Nevertheless, since then a lot has changed, luckily, and today I got
another chance to leave my personal comfort zone and share some of my personal experience of the last year with a silent crowd of more than 100 people. 🗣👥👥 However, this would not have been possible without the help, motivation and encouragement of the very best committee of The University of Nottingham’s Public Speaking Society 2016/2017, consisting of the founders of @breezispeaking & @joelthika as well as my most recent mentors with regard to the company I am now cooperating with @marina.schweiger & @alexanderwruss ! 💯💯💯 A HUGE thank you for your support & belief! You truly understand how to ignite everyone’s
individual brilliance! ✨🙏🏻✨ In that context, dear reader – who is your public speaking idol? What is it in particular that you like about this person’s speaking skills? What is it you still aim to achieve with regard to your ‘public speaking career’? 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ Like.Comment.Share

#entrepreneurialenergyexchange #borntobuild #elevateyourfuture #neverforgettosparkle
#leavingyourcomfortzone #theuniversityofnottingham #publicspeakingsociety


Authenticity – situational authenticity >>> how often do you show the world your ‘real face’? 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
How often do you reveal all the diverse, beautiful aspects of your personality & body? 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
How often do you shine through your smile, your positive energy or simply your level of thankfulness? 😃😇☺️ In contrast: how often do you hide your face behind another ‘face of make-up’? 🙈🙈
How often do you use a filter before sharing another selfie? 😎🤔
How often do you spend up to half an hour until the ‘perfect picture’ has been taken? 🤭

No Judgment >>> Simply everyone’s individual fact collection ... My life is not perfect, nor am I – but I am grateful to be ‘real’! Thank you to all the people out there taking, appreciating & loving me the way I am! You are awesome! 💖💖 #nomakeup #naturalhairstyle #nofilterneeded #thebeautyofgratefulness
#bethechangeyouwanttoseeinthisworld #eee #entrepreneurialenergyexchange #borntobuild
#elevateyourfuture #neverforgettosparkle


Soooo... Zwei Tage Training auch wieder vorbei ✔️ Der Kopf raucht🤯🤯 Wirklich ein paar richtig coole dinge gelernt👌

ABER auch etwas Chaos in meinem Kopf 🤯🙈 Und wieder einmal Dinge an den Kopf geknallt bekommen die mir schon sehr nahe gehen... 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Heute war irgendwie so ein Tag 🙄
egal was man sagt!
egal was man tut!
Es wird falsch verstanden...🙈
Falsch aufgefasst...
Bla.. Blaa.. Blaa🧐
Es ist einfach alles falsch
Und man kann es niemanden recht machen...😵
Kurz und bündig ein 💩"schei**tag"💩 Kennt ihr auch solche Tage?? 🤔
Wie geht ihr mit solchen Tagen um?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Was macht ihr gegen dieses chaos im Kopf? 🤔😵🤯
Habt ihr ein paar tolle Tipps für mich🤷🏼‍♀️


🔥Hammer tolles Training heute gehabt😉👌 Richtig coole neue skills gelernt 🔥👍👌
Aber auch wieder einmal festgestellt wie mega Dankbar ich sein kann in so einem Team zu sein 🙏 der absolute Wahnsinn 😍😍
Was ich bis jetzt schon alles lernen durfte 😻 in dieser Zeit 🕰 das hat wirklich so schnell niemand....
Und dafür bin ich sehr sehr sehr Dankbar 😘
Menschen an meiner Seite zu haben die ihr riessiges Wissen und Erfahrung VÖLLIG KOSTENLOS mit mir Teilen mich unterstützen egal worum es geht!!😍 Und sie ihre Kostbare zeit dafür Opfern 🙏
Vielen vielen Dank @alexanderwruss @marina.schweiger
Für eure Unterstützung 😘
Egal ob Wissen, Zeit, Erfahrung, Arschtritte ich bin euch Mega Dankbar für alles🙏


A collage of new thoughts creates a new process of reasoning and conclusions that allows us to embark upon new assignments. Possibility thinking and problem solving are now functioning at a new level that empowers us to shift the earth. Until heaven shifts us, we cannot shift the earth. What we gain in identity shifts the way we evaluate situations. Until we think differently, nothing new will flow from our life. One new thought can elevate what we already know to a superior level. #newidentity #elevateyourfuture


What do you think of when hearing this term?
What is the first thing that comes into your mind?
What is the first thing that pops up in your head? 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ Did you know that the majority of people would the facto define an entrepreneur as an ‘innovator’, so basically somebody who has a completely new idea and then puts it onto the market. 👨🏽‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻👩🏾‍💻 However, having dealt with the principles of business for more than a decade by now and even studied entrepreneurship and the stories of many successful entrepreneurs at university as well as in real life, I personally better like the following definition according to the Gallup organisation: ‘An innovation has no value until an ambitious builder creates a functioning and dynamic business
model around it. A business model that eventually leads to the fact that people will buy the product
or service the initial innovation has generated!’🙌🏼👌🏼 In other words: An entrepreneur is so much more than simply an ‘innovator’, an entrepreneur is a
real BUILDER! 🏠🏢🏰 My dear entrepreneurs & entrepreneurially-minded people >>> What are your thoughts on this
topic? How would you define an entrepreneur? What are your major challenges with
entrepreneurship? What is it you struggle the most with?


#entrepreneurialenergyexchange #borntobuild #neverforgettosparkle #elevateyourfuture
#theuniversityofnottingham #mscentrepreneurship


We’re rounding out the second week with my good friend Jennifer Shultz on Transformational Styles, a show about creating a stylish wardrobe that feeds your soul, boosts your confidence and transforms your life and business!
Jennifer is the first woman I met in Los Angeles when I moved here over 20 years ago. Boy have we both grown over the years! It’s so great to have someone in my corner, who knows all the dirt, and helps me stay positive and focused!

Jennifer is a personal stylist and produces fashion shows to raise money for charities. Today she talks about the best way to elevate your style, how to leave a legacy and fast “dash to the door” make up tips!

Click on the link in my bio to listen to Julia’s great interview.
#jennifershultzstyle #elevateyourstyle #elevateyourbrand #elevateyourfuture
#fashionshow #fashionshowready #fashionshowforcharity #charityfashionshow #giveback #fashiongala #onlinestyle #onlineshopping #everydaymodels #getinvolved #elevateyourmind #elevateyourmindset #leavingalegacy #leavingmymark #leavingyourmark #entrepreneur #womensupportingwomen #dresstowin #womensbusinesswear #bevisible #visiblewomen #dresstoimpressyourself #getvisible #brandingtips #branding101 #dresslikeaboss


🇦🇹♥️🔥💎No Limit💎🔥♥️🇦🇹 💯% ♥Herz ♥

@dirkjakob hat mich mit seinen Worten wieder mal sehr tief im ❤️Herzen ❤️ berührt 🤗🤗
Und bringt einen immer so sehr zum nachdenken ✨✨✨
Was wirklich wichtig ist und was im Leben wirklich zählt😍 vielen vielen Dank🤗✨🤗 @marina.schweiger @horst_grabenwarter
🔥♥️Ein Mega trio das immer
💯% 🔥 Gas gibt auf die man immer zählen kann ich bin mega Dankbar euch als meine Mentoren zu haben🔥✨😍
Und immer auf eure Unterstützung zählen zu können 😘

🔥♥️🔥Ein Energy bündel mit
🔥FEUER🔥 und soviel ✨Leidenschaft ✨🔥♥️ wie es keinen zweiten auf der Welt🌐 gibt ein Mensch der dich inspiriert✨ berührt😍 und gleichzeitig noch eine Flamme 🔥 entzündet die einfach nie mehr ausgehen kann
🔥♥️✨💯🔥 Ein richtig toller Abend ich bin euch so unendlich dankbar für alles 😊✨🤗
Vielen vielen Dank an euch ✨❤️


Das ist mal ein GEMÜTLICHER Freitag Abend 👌💪😊🔥 🔥Couch + Plan +Feuer 🔥

#90DaysPlan ❤️ Love it❤️ Für meine Träume zu Kämpfen🔥
Unaufhaltbar💪💯🔥 Struktur Disziplin TUN✨💎✨🔥Feuer🔥
Es muss 🔥 brennen 🔥 in dir 🔥


Wofür 🔥 brennst 🔥 du 💯
Was machst du Freitag Abend?


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Trust the industry experts to make your life easier. From marketing strategy to execution to tracking results -- we got this. Reach out to us today so we can help you build the brightest future for your brand! ✨

#ElevateYourBrand #ElevateYourFuture #MondayMotivation #DontWait


✨My crew! ✨. .
. .
What would I do without them? They remind me everyday that I’m loved ♥️, appreciated and needed. They make me laugh with all of their daily weird, quirky, hilarious shenanigans that only they can do😆. Life is definitely better because of them💗. .
#partyof3 #familyfirst #theqs #mifamilia