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*Get quiet enough to hear your own inner voice*⁣

I get sucked into comparisonitis ALL the time. More than I’d like to admit.⁣

Anxiety is one of my cues that this is happening.⁣

The good thing? It’s also a cue to go inside and discover what’s true for me and me alone, and make my decision from that place.⁣

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had quiet contemplation, here’s your permission slip to seclude yourself and tune in.


All that is sacred, all that is pure resides within your beautiful heart waiting to be discovered by you. Sinking deeper and deeper into your higher heart, unconditional love flows through your vessel, washing away false imprints of lack and unworthiness, bringing waves of healing energy to fill the spaces within with crystalline codes of light. ✨

Let the light fill your mind with unconditional love, for the truth of who you are awakens as the magic of your soul creates new imprints of self love, worthiness, and peace. Let your mind be a servant of your heart, hearing the calm and gentle whispers of your soul nourish you from within, as the noise surrounding you fades to soft lull, no longer in control. ✨

You are and have always been a source of unconditional love, radiating light from within. Bathe in your own inner light dear soul. Feel it's warmth illuminate you from the inside out, like the rays of the sun shining from within, creating thoughts of self love bursting with joy. ✨

I AM the light. YOU are the light. ✨ .
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•«—— W O M E N ——»•
To all of the strong, graceful, ever-changing women in my life.
To all of the women I know who are undergoing a time of change, of transformation, of up-levelling.
To the women who want to find meaningful connection with other women.
To the women who want to connect with themselves on an even deeper level.
To the women who are growing, fast.
To the women who are slaying it.
To the women who feel stuck.
To the women who need to find their fire.
To the women who are curious.
I have the great pleasure of inviting you to a retreat run by women, for women, on sacred feminine land.
Run by the incomparable @theericaperry ,
guest facilitators include
And yours truly.
We’ll be taking you on a two day journey of remembered wisdom, of rediscovered power and of rejuvenated connection to self, to spirit and to other women.
I feel super honoured to have been asked to be a part of this incredible event.
I can already feel in my bones the magic we are going to be working with and the expansive “knowings” which will be flowing to us and through us.
If this is for you, you know it already.
Trust that curiosity, that little “maybe” inside your mind which keeps you intrigued and fascinated.
I followed a similar instinct to my first teacher years ago and it changed the game.
And I wholeheartedly believe this weekend immersive has the potential to do the same, for all of us.
Tix via link in my bio.
Xx Em


The School of Source
I’m very honoured to be speaking with @elizabethdesroches_france for The School of Source about « Wild Divinity, Lunar Connection and Embodied Living » on Friday August 30th.

Join us as we delve into what it means to have an ‘Untamed Heart’, how to align with the Lunar Cycle, and how to live a more sacred, embodied life.

More details in the bio @elizabethdesroches_france
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Honouring myself as a mother is not always straightforward in this culture and speaking with other women so many of us feel this. When our babies are born often there is no immediate support, men need to go to work to provide for an expanding family . We are in our boxes, isolated, coping, doing the best we can. The emphasis in our society is to serve the child, in tribes the children learn from witnessing adults like little apprentices. They learn from the earth and learn to live with her. Cooking, chopping wood, building, crafting are all an Intrinsic interrelated way of living with Gaia and each other. Creating a fulfilled way of living.
We are so removed from this way of being.
Does the survival and thriving part of humanity need and crave this?
How can we birth this through ourselves back to a reality where we can live in harmony with each other and the earth?
Maybe this is the biggest question right now.
It takes courage and faith to follow what you feel...one step and one day at a time. We are reclaiming ourselves and our birthright to live here on earth as we truly know how to.
Rebirthing culture with deepth and Love.
Anchoring and grounding through our bodies our deep inner knowing.


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“Feels safe” was one of the responses to yesterday’s post - specifically to the guidance that it's okay not to feel "high vibe" all the time. And that touched me deeply, because that’s what I’m going for with my work.⠀

I work a lot with highly sensitive, empathic, gentle souls like myself, and I found that “feel the fear and do it anyway”, pushing through or repeating affirmations to "keep a high vibe", often don’t do the trick for us. ⠀

Most of us have chosen to heal and clear some deep, traumatic wounds on our path and this requires us to build a safe foundation for ourselves first - only then, the real adventure can begin.⠀

Many times, these wounds make us feel like there’s something wrong with us, because we can’t seem to hold the experience of prosperity, pleasure or joy for a reasonable amount of time. We tend to get pulled back by feelings of fear, shame or self-doubt.⠀

And we work on our blocks and keep releasing and releasing and trying to hold on to the glimpses of joy, love and abundance, even when we’re not feeling them (again, trying to “keep a high vibe”).⠀

I have found that we must take our ancestral and family realities into account. If you were born into a system where a lot of heaviness, struggle, hard work were propagated, leaving your tribe and what’s familiar behind can feel like a threat to your whole system. ⠀

It happens subconsciously that, as soon as something feels “too good to be true” or “too much”, our body reacts with tension, digestive troubles, anxiety, etc. without there being a real, rationally understandable threat. And with all these reactions the body doesn’t feel safe, so we jump out of it.⠀

But the body is the vehicle for all of our earthly experiences. And that’s why my work is focused on helping you feel safe in your body. Once you have landed and feel cozy inside, your whole outlook on life will have shifted.⠀

And with this different outlook on life your vibration has shifted, and that’s what attracts the new experiences you always longed for - not forcing yourself to feel something that’s not in your energy field yet. ⠀
(continued below 👇 👇 )


This turtle shell I painted at the waterfall here in Brisbane represents the elements that make up our lives. 🐢🌏 There are so many especially to us that make each of us whole. 🕊

Embracing each one as sacred, as beautiful in its own way is an act of embodiment. 💚

Welcoming and appreciating ourselves as a microcosm of the macrocosm. As a aspect of the entire universe is what this turtle shell represents. 🌏⭐️💫 We are essentially bringing to us, the exact life experience required for our evolution. ⚡️ 🙏🏼


Somatic work is always relational; my skin with my heart, your breath with your safety, my words next to your body, my eyes listening
as you speak.
What happens to me
when I stand next to you
Is blood muscle skin
engaging with you. Why
does this matter , because noticing how you affect me
and I you
we can understand better
the shivers or the chaos
and not be afraid
when you stand in front of them


Somatic work in kreuzberg


RADIANTLY ALIVE -auf diesem Foto fühle ich mich strahlend - lebendig mit meiner wundervollen Lehrerin @tarajudelle. Diesen Monat habe ich eine weitere Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung von 300 std. Im Embodied Flow Stile abgeschlossen. Ich liebe es immer weiter zu lernen und mich Fortzubilden, ein Zeichen eines guten Lehrers ist es in meinen Augen auch immer ein guter Schüler zu bleiben 🙏🏾Embodied Flow ist ein eigener, kreativer Yoga Stil der aus Hatha Anusara Yoga, Body- Mind Centering, Psychologie sowie Tantrischer Philosophie besteht, der von @tarajudelle und ihrem Partner @drscottlyons gegründet wurde.
Der Stil zeichnet sich vor allem durch viel freie Bewegung und innere Erfahrung unseres Bewusstsein auf Zelleben aus, unserer Organe, Koepersysteme und Funktionen.Denn laut tantrischer Philosophie kann unsere Goettlichkeit, unsere innewohnende Vollkommenheit und Intelligenz in jeder einzelnen Zelle, in jedem Organ in jedem Moment unseres Lebens erlebt werden. Wir sind zutiefst göttlich in jeder Faser unseres seins, so Tantra.Der Kosmos als intelligenten Zusammenspiel der Planeten spiegelt sich auf Micro Ebene in unserem Köper wieder.So wie die Erde um die Sonne kreist, kreist auch das negativen Elektron um den Necleus den positiven Zellkern in jeder einzelne Zelle, kreisend lebendig. Der Macro Kosmos existiert auf vielerlei Ebenen im Mirco Kosmos unseres physischen Körpers. Die Embodiment Praktiken schenken mir immer wieder ein Gefühl der Freiheit und haben meinen Bewusstsein für diesen menschlichen ‚Meat Suite’ sensibilisiert und erweitert.Ich bin sehr dankbar fuer diese wundervolle Reise von Embodied Flow und freu mich auch bald in Deutschland für euch Embodied Flow inspirierte Special Classes anzubieten.🌟🤗Wer mehr über Embodied Flow und Tara erfahren moechte hört euch meine neuste Podcast Folge an die ich während meiner Zeit auf Paros mit Ihr aufgenommen habe, es ist wundervoll geworden. Link in meiner Bio.👆🏽Wenn dir mein Podcast gefällt freu ich mich ueber deine Rezessionen auf iTunes und das teilen meines Podcasts. Hab noch einen schönen Tag, und keep on flowing 🌊Love Wanda #embodiment #embodiedflow #love #yoga #tantra #kosmos #alive


This is the body that carries the spirit of the world's prayers. Some call it the kotel, or western wall or wailing wall.
It goes up to the heavens & defying norms, grows caper bushes under where doves perch & seldom poop.
There are notes in all languages stuffed into the cracks leading up to the night sky. 🌌
Body + Spirit = Magic ( materialization of the invisible PLUS transformation of the natural )
This is actually what you are capable of every moment, when you unite these complementary opposites. .
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Do you feel like you have to be the good girl, the doer, the planner, the mother that takes care of it all…? Someone who always needs to be productive to feel good about herself? ⁣

Are you ready to be taken care of? Are you ready to ignite your own spark instead of waiting for someone else (or something else) to do so? To land deeply in the woman that resides inside of you who are full of sensuality, life force and manifestation powers – and to let her take the driver’s seat. ⁣

During our ‘The Radiant Mama’ weekend you will have time to not only feel replenished and nourished – you will also be given inspiration and embodiment practices on how to fully become that woman that radiates pleasure and joy. ⁣

As women we are pleasure. Period. We have just forgotten how to access our deepest joy and pleasure in this modern (read stressful) world we’re currently operating in. ⁣

A lot of us are operating from a busy place where the reality for those of us who also are mamas makes us loose connection with the most valuable things in life – full presence, the joy in the little moments, self love and maybe more than anything else: pleasure. ⁣

We will welcome you to embark a new path. A path where you walk wth more ease, where laughter vibrates through your entire being, where the combination of sensuality and pleasure is our north star.⁣

Through inspiring workshops, female embodiment practices, rituals, meditations, group conversations and dance you will be handed tools that can awaken your core essence. You will bring home everything from recipes to breathing exercises and an increased knowledge of hormones, your cycle and what it can truly mean to be a woman who embraces life.⁣ Link in bio to book early bird NOW ❤️

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ATTENTION ❗️❗️❗️It’s your last chance to sign up! You don’t want to miss out!
Embodied learning is the key to navigating the complex challenges we face today. 💪🏼 It's time for women leaders to upgrade their approach and learn to integrate their intellect, emotions, relationships, and especially, their bodies. ✨

If you would like to learn how to make an impact without burning out, please click on the link in bio!☝🏼 #mindfulness #mindset #challenge #learning #embodiment #relationships #chicago #events #leadership #development #women #power


Post-massage self-care, wiggling free to Murray Kyle. ✨
After giving massage I feel embodied and content, yet my body has been worked in a way that’s not entirely balanced. No matter how much I use my body weight and make the treatment in to a dance and form of play, my body will build some tension through exerting force and output, and if I jump in to the next thing without taking care of my vessel then that tension can settle in. There’s also the risk of carrying the density/sickness/pain that my client has released during the treatment, rather than effectively passing it back to Source. Even with intentionally creating a safe sacred space and calling in the guidance and protection of Spirit (for both of us), if I am not aware, this can happen, it is quite obvious when it has, I can feel it, and on occasion have had to purge with tears or rage - knowing what is mine to carry and what is not is so important whilst offering this kind of service! Dancing afterwards really helps me tune in, listen deeply and unwind physical tension, whilst thanking, releasing and moving on any unwanted energies. 🙌🏻💫 I love being of service, it serves me as it serves those that are drawn to what I offer. May we all take care of ourselves, each-other and our environments. Self-care is such a prevalent need for us all now. As Mother Earth asks for us to remember that we are a part of her, each one of us much like a cell of her body, and to care deeply like she knows we can, that we have simply forgotten how. The need for self-care in all forms to sustain and rejuvenate our-selves (cells) to be able to stay steady, be well, be in service and to walk the beauty way. Take care of yourselves, each and everyday, and don’t forget to ask for support if you need it - we are all in this together, as family here on Earth. 🌈🦋✨ PS. There are parts of this videos that made me 😂 but I’m posting all the same. We are all beautiful children, all unique wonderful expressions, in all our ways there is beauty. 🌻


Touching myself in 360.

A couple of posts back I used a similar hand slide variation to discuss a concept for developing roll through bridge. At that time, I was unable to put together the pieces I knew were there in order for the slide to move through the full 360 degrees.

With some time and contemplation and, of course, research and experimentation, I have started to find the correct timing and attitude necessary to make it a reality.

As I spoke about before, I find that a crucial principle is allowing the tracing arm to act in response to the movement of the body. I am, of course, able to use the arm to initiate or drive the motion but, ideally, if I am aiming to simply arrange a framework for movement to exists within, I want the arm to trace the frame as movement takes place rather than lead.

So, what I am saying is that it depends on what I'm trying to focus on in terms of quality of movement or specific feedback I want to generate. In this case, the more I soften the tracing arm and let it drag the more rotation I find myself able to generate which supports the timing I need for my hands to change positions on the floor.

What is this useful for? Well, touching yourself in 360, of course.
But, also, when it comes to arranging the body in a specific shape or moving through a certain pathway, it can be tempting to over intellectualize the process and cloud the movement with thoughts and judgements.

By using a distraction technique, such as hand slides, I can bring my attention to focusing more in timing and quality rather than where or how I am performing the movement. This allows me the opportunity to create a framework for movement.

A framework allows for variation and variability. It allows space for imperfection and helps us release desire or striving to achieve something that may be outside of us.

A framework is a shape but an adaptable shape. A shape is a fixed idea. Such as yoga asana, in a sense. It is a position that one aspires towards.

A framework allows a shape to be explored in many expressions without attention or importance given to the pursuit of the aesthetic.

It's like listening to the silence.


HAPPY ~ I have a new video up on @movementformodernlife 💫. It’s called Happy Hamstrings. Before I even saw that it was up I saw this comment. That’s is absolutely my intention, and I am so pleased to know that these kind of classes are needed and helpful! .
I think @adriannazaccardi has some restful videos up too. If you aren’t on @movementformodernlife and want to join, click through my link. You’ll have to do a tiny bit more scrolling, but it’s really helpful to know where people hear about them. Thank you! .
#happyhamstrings #embodiedyoga #embodiment #embodyyourfunction #embodyyourdesign #movebetter #therapeuticmovement #dontoverdoit #stretchingisoverrated


I was discussing it with my 17 year old last night.
Why is it that we in society proclaim it to be something that we suffer from and it not being considered a natural part of our being?
It is a basic existential of the human being!
The more we move spiritually, the more aware', the more it becomes to me, a natural caretaker of my soul. A key to awareness in my life telling me when to shift and when to know a situation is not healthy for me.
At a major healing I had with my Japanese meridian therapist several months ago, the anxiety we released from me came from strings within the universe. It was as if I had carred the anxiety of mankind and now had been a healing factor of it, he said.
Lets open up and embrace every fragment of ourselves not viewing it as a negative.
The photo is from my walk in the mountains of greece last May, where I was looking into my own anxiety, to get to terms with it. And we desided that I was no longer to let it take me over. It was simply a result of not feeling good enough and sorrow. I told my daughter to try making it ok as a part of being a sensitive person, to embrace it and use it to tranform the suppressed into freedom ❤
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It’s all just a skillset. It can be learnt. It’s easy to think that some people are “just better at that stuff” because by believing that it gives us the excuse of not taking action and improving these areas of our life.

I’ve discovered that one of the reasons a lot of people are less inclined or nervous about pursuing the above is because it can threaten our identity.

It requires looking at our insecurities. It requires us to share and discuss things we’d rather not. It requires a deeper level of vulnerability than we’re currently comfortable with.

I get it, it’s uncomfortable.

But what’s more uncomfortable - leaning into a bit more vulnerability and being willing to learn new things OR coasting through life knowing that deep down you didn’t express your full potential? I know which option I’ve chosen.

Developing ourselves in these areas also requires deeper exploration of our mental and emotional faculties, which for most people is pretty foreign. And if something is foreign, if we don’t understand it, it’s quite natural to fear it.

So start with learning more about it. Read the book, take the course, go to the workshop, listen to the podcast, have the conversation.

Is it going to require some level of vulnerability? Of course. Will it be worth it? F*ck yeah it will be worth it.



💙 32 glorious years 💙
I know when the mountains call, all I have to do is listen & act. On my birthday yesterday, I was guided to specific spots on the mountain. First I found a stone throne where I did a ceremony & prayer. Filled with deep emotion & love, an understatement. After that to the dam, where I sat in silence, listening to the frogs croak & being held by the vivid hues of pink & purple of the Fynbos. Lily pads and clouds reflecting in the water. It was magical! I thought better capture this moment, and there it was, a streaming line of blue from above between the clouds.
As above, so below. As inside, so outside.
Blessed & grateful for another trip around the sun 🌞 Making space for all this beautiful new streaming in.
Everyday, living in spirit. 🙏🏼


"To know oneself ist to study oneself in action with another person." - Bruce Lee
Der wundervolle Volkram Zschiesche und ich werden am 29. August unseren ersten gemeinsamen Workshop geben.
In Teil 1 unserer Workshop-Reihe "Emotions in Martial Arts" möchten wir durch spielerische Übungen aus dem Kampfsport die Wechselwirkungen zwischen Körper, Gedanken und Gefühlen erlebbar machen. Ihr könnt euch ab sofort bei uns oder über https://www.eventbrite.de/e/emotions-in-martial-arts-part-1-tickets-67874072177 anmelden.


Who will be the next wild woman to join us???? I absolutely am inspired and blown away when a woman FINALLY chooses herself. When a woman says yes to what she truly needs and yearns for. When a woman raises her voice and steps into her power. When a woman chooses to stop playing small because she knows she is meant for more. When a woman stops creating excuses and starts taking aligned action. When a woman realizes and owns her inherent worth. When a woman answers the call of her intuition and makes a sacred decision to never settle for mediocrity.
I wholeheartedly know that it is NOT easy to invest in yourself in such a big way, especially as a wife, a mother, a woman. I know there is guilt upon guilt and a feeling that you aren’t worth this. I know there is fear about what others will say or think about this. And I also know how much you deeply yearn for this experience.
How do I know? Because I receive tons of messages from women all the time from all over the world and from all walks of life who tell me they feel lost, that they don’t know what makes them happy anymore, that they don’t even know who they are, that they feel unfulfilled and stuck in life, that they don’t know what steps to take, that they are unsure if they are in the right relationship, that they question their career and what they should be doing with their life, that they struggle speaking up and lack confidence in themselves, that they are terrified to do anything for themselves but deep down truly want to, that they feel exhausted and uninspired more often than not, that they suffer with never ending and relentless health issues that never seem to go away, and that they feel isolated and alone on this journey and need the support of sisterhood to sustain them.
I get these messages ALL THE TIME.
And I also get messages from women who have planned on joining one of our retreats for years and keep saying, “one day”, “when it’s meant to be it will be”, or “when ______ then I’ll do it”. I get it. I’ve done this too. More in comments below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


I read a quote earlier today about our journey perhaps being that of unbecoming, unbecoming anything that isn't true for us, so that in the process we become who we were meant to be all along.

This feels so true to the journey I have been on in life. And what inspires my work with you beautiful women.

Let's cast off, heal, transform and release that which is not who we are in truth, in essence, in genuine relationship to our deepest selves.

So that we may shine more brightly and inspire others to do the same.

Here's to yours and my unbecoming.

Charlotte xx


Yoga pants aren’t just for asana
But for wading in oceans
...of self
...of water
...of mind
Allowing the lapping waves to wash away the familiar pathways of connection
and dissolving the frictions of self into submission
Weaving new possibilities into the grooves of the bodymind
Like ridges and patterns carved into the sand of the ocean floor.
Deepening a new direction
So that easefulness and flow can become an integrated vocabulary of me ✨


The beast within
Is the healer within.
The child within
Is the healer within.
The fool within
Is the healer within.
Let them out.

Intuitive movement. Play. Authentic Expression. Purity.


Ritual and myth are at the root of theatre. .

From rituals honouring Dionysus in ancient Greece, to pagan rituals with people wearing masks and dancing to summon the rain. .
The very act of ritual is theatrical. .
You are stepping into the imaginal realms. .
Through your movements. Words. Sounds. The very story you are creating through your intention. .
Joe Dispenza talks about how to step into the Quantum field of creation, words alone don’t cut it. You must embody the feeling state as well. .
Which is why embodiment in ritual is so key. .
Playing the part of that which you are awakening. .
This is what we will be doing at the Mating Dance. .
It’s not about coming to the night having your mating dance all ready to go. .
Through guidance and processes we will awaken your unique code throughout the night. .
All that’s required is the willingness to come and play. .
Event link in bio 🖤


E M B O D I E D Y I N ™ 200h Teacher Training - start 4.10 ✌🏽 𓆘 Embodied Yin™ invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind 𓆘

In Yin Yoga we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long held postures and practices with an attitude of Maitri, loving kindness. The poses stimulate energy flow in meridians, energy channels, restore, rewire and replenish our nervous system.

During these Yang infused times, Yin, and the rebalancing of YinYang dynamics, help us to stop, reset and respond as we start again. “Through intentions, what is in the room, words, sounds, light and movements we were guided through so many inner landscapes that week.

I sometimes felt like I was in an interactive theater play, the change of music and light and the shift of energy in the room.“ - Helen Bloch-Levermore, Denmark

𓆘 Want to become a Yin yoga teacher of the NOW with deeply rooted understanding of the tradition, non dual Tantra, somatics and Embodied anatomy among others things?

𓆘 Hungry for cutting edge knowledge and embodiment of yourself in movement and stillness and then share it with others?

Embodied Yin™ 200h training is for anyone to embark on a journey towards becoming a yoga teacher/facilitator OR anyone already teaching yoga/movement/dance etc. but aspire for more tools and a more embodied way of facilitating. You can also come to deepen your studies, if teaching is not in the books just yet.

The 200- hour level “out of the box” Yin Yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive study into the philosophy and methodology of Embodied Yin Yoga.

Topics and practices include asana (Embodied yin yoga), use of Props and assists, embodied and experiental anatomy, pranayama, mantra, meditation, Chinese medicine and Taoism and the foundations of non-dual Tantrik philosophy.

Teachers: Maija Ahola + Inga Smirnova + Satu Tuomela + Lina Jarl + Hillevi Borga ❤️ ALL INFO ➡️ LINK IN OUR BIO!
#embodiedyin #theonlywayoutisthrough #notjustanotherteachertraining #pranamatribe