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Don't ever let some insecure man or woman put you down to make themselves feel better. Those who try to overpower you? They are never ever better than you. They are incompetent. Scared as shit. Useless human being who doesn't know how to respect people because they really are the root of evil. They lack a human decency that is honestly the basics in human interactions. Anyone who knows how to treat others with respect will never put you down just because they are in a power position. I've been put in situations where i doubted myself. I thought i wasn't good enough. I needed to do better. Try harder. But no. It is not my fault and we all need to remind ourselves this. Do. Not. Back. Down. Stay strong. #empowerment


No se trata de llevar el mejor maquillaje ni el atuendo más costoso; existe algo más allá que hace a una mujer cautivadora... ¿que es? .
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Bogotá, Colombia

Several years ago a friend of a friend made some hurtful comments about my rough edge.
She was basically saying that it must be tough for the men in my life because I have such a strong presence.
I recall the sensation of a knife in my back, right through my heart.
It wasn't like I needed another reason to pick myself apart.
But I did.
I felt shame for days.
I changed a little -
tried to soften the sound of my voice...my words...my wisdom...
How could another woman not see?
Or feel?
Or support?
Or relate?
But that whole scenario was just a manifestation of the collective at the time.
Women have been conditioned to frown upon the wild and unapologetic expression of the divine. They have been denying it in their own hearts for generations.
It's passed down.
It's the community and culture they are raised in.
It's a disease.
A spiritual disease.
But I do believe all things can be healed.
It's just a matter of letting things fall apart so they can be consciously put back together.
With strength and presence.
With a choice.
New information surfaces.
Ripple effects push against gates that have been locked and shut for centuries.
Everything changes.
Look at us now, roaring from the caves of our broken parts with the fire of an erupting volcano.
I have always known that we are a generation of very hurt and abused women.
Raised by a generation of very hurt and abused women.
But this goes back thousands of years.
This wound is sacred.
This wound connects us to each other' now.
It is the poison and the cure.
I have developed a very hard edge over the years because of the multiple abusive experiences I survived.
My edge gives me a voice and a sound that was made to soothe the sacred ache of women around the world.
And I will not let you down. 🌹
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Has anyone ever made you feel small?
I had an interesting moment last week when I was going through First Aid training. I wanted to share it as it has led to me reflecting on my experience as a woman who has frequently doubted herself in the workplace, and I'm sure I'm not alone. We were asked to put a plastic bag over a dummies mouth to practice CPR and a female colleague asked our small group which way to put the bag in. I replied "this way, with the closed part at the bottom" and was interrupted by an older man, a project manager who said "no its the other way around". I was sure it wasn't but I didn't question him and assumed since he spoke with such confidence and bravado that he must be right so I sat there quietly. The girl who asked us was playing around and said, "you were right it's the closed part at the bottom" to me. The man said "it's definitely not" just as our teacher walked around and confirmed that yes - it was the closed part at the bottom and the girl and I were right. I have been spoken over and ignored by others who have a louder voice I do, and I've often let things pass and not spoken up. I have also missed opportunities to contribute because I have felt self conscious. My partner and friends are incredibly supportive and constantly lift me up and tell me I am clever and capable but I'm sure that like others, I'm often the last person to back myself. It sounds like a small incident but it shone a light on the fact that I really need to back myself and that I AM more capable than I let myself think sometimes. I've seen incredibly clever and talented friends doubt their abilities too, both male and female but generally its women who tend to feel this way. Even though I receive super positive feedback from my manager and work hard, I still doubt myself and my abilities so frequently and let others trigger that doubt.
I've been considering some of the positive psychology research that could help both myself and others and landed on strengths. I know from my studies that recognising and leaning into your strengths in a mindful way can lead to a boost in self confidence... (more in comments)


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Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Things are rarely life and death in modern society. The problem is, the same (fight or flight) reactions are still there, and they still make us feel uncomfortable. This motivates us to do something to feel better.
I’ve just written an article about this. If you want to read more, click on the link in my bio ➡️ @lukemathers_official