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We live in a society that glorifies busy.
Productivity has become synonymous with worth.
We measure the quality of our day by how much we get done. We're told that in order to have more, we must do more.
We have been brought up to believe that growth is about addition, adding more knowledge, watching more videos, attending more seminars.
In reality, growth is about deconstruction.
If you take a moment to bring to mind the most satisfied, at peace people you know, are they the busiest? Are they the ones doing the most and resting the least?
They're not. Not by a long shot.
The way to create more of what you want in your life, more of what really matters, is not to keep doing more.
@katenorthrup is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, mother, and activist. She supports ambitious and motivated women to light the world without burning themselves out in the process.
So, how do we achieve more by doing less?

Click here to listen to the podcast: Achieve More By Doing Less. Link in profile @selfinthecity
In this interview we cover: ** Our cultural obsession with productivity above all else
** How to connect with our innate sources of power
** Why mothers are wired to be entrepreneurs
** Working smarter, not harder and more

The happiest, most peaceful people I know are the ones who've gotten in touch with what matters to them and deliberately created space for it, often by cutting out the things that don't matter. Many of them are incredibly productive, too.
What if we deliberately pursued less, so we can have more of what matters?

Because in the end, it's the sum of our days that make a life. Link in profile @selfinthecity


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