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Content and Biz Dev are the easiest parts of your business to neglect.
Too many times, I chose to take the easy way out and just use promotions to get an easy sale when I should have been creating for the long-haul.
Shortsightedness has definitely put my business to a screeching hault before but I’ve learned that a short-term mindset was destroying everything I wanted.
I think I get it now.
I had to realize that I had to slow down to speed up. Trying to understand the reason why I needed to create, the conversations I would start, or the free or cheap work I’d do for a good cause started to make more sense.
Keep the content coming and don’t forget to reach out daily. That’s my mantra. Follow me for progress reports and tips along the way.

Chicago, Illinois

When you commit to your daily commitment you will achieve your long term goals!

The secret is in the daily mundane activities. Learn patience and persistence!

Master the mundane and the boring now so you don’t have to live a boring lifestyle later!

I knew it would never be easy, nothing worth it is ever easy! It requires hard work and dedication.

I never demanded a guarantee. I simply expected that it’s possible... and then I just go to work!

If you work towards your dreams like you do when you build someone else’s dreams at a job... you will eventually build a legacy!

Thank you LegalShield for the possibility! It’s been a great weekend at convention!

Know this and ask yourself this question, if you are the Michael Jordan with whatever you are doing right now and you are the master of whatever it is, if you put 20 years into it would you retire to a lifestyle of your dreams? If the answer is no, get out of your own way and join me in this journey of possibilities!

My name is Kareen Mills, and I am just getting started!

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