Blood moon over Finland ✨😍😍😍✨
Picture by ✨@oos_photography✨ via ✨@finland
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Photo by @laurentballesta | When there is no wind at all, and the sea becomes perfectly flat, if the storm comes, raindrops turn into diamonds when they hit the surface. Viewed from the deep, only one question remains: Does this black-tip shark worry about the falling rain? In 2019, just like the shark: mock the rain. If climate change continues to bring disaster and desolation, and you need hope to make the right life choices, look out, beauty is everywhere, even under a rain shower, and beauty heals.
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Awoooooooooo! The sound of adventure lured photographer Kai Yhun (@kaiyhun) up on a mountain in British Columbia to capture the epic wolf moon eclipse. “Being so high up, the clouds and fog are beneath you and the sky becomes clear, leaving just you and the moon,” Kai says. #WHPwanderlust
Photo by @kaiyhun


Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto
Documenting new ways to live in cities and how we could live in the future is the central part of my work. I’ve embarked on a journey with @natgeo to showcase how London, one of the world’s busiest and fastest growing cities, is evolving. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and since then many people visit it every day. During summertime it becomes an outdoor heaven for families, a real oasis in the middle of East London’s busy and heavily built streets. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to find out more about the London story I covered for @natgeo#London #architecture #park #britain #people #city




Flat White | Photograph by Haitham Khamis Al Farsi (@haithamalfarsi)
In Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia, a person works at a salt flat. Created when salt water flows into a shallow lake and then evaporates, salt flats yield hundreds of bags of salt a day.

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Total eclipse of the heart ❤️🌖 // the clouds cleared away just in time for tonights #lunareclipse #superbloodwolfmoon


#NatGeoHoy | Día de la Conciencia por los Pingüinos 🐧
Más de la mitad de las colonias de pingüinos están amenazadas y en declinación. Esto se debe al cambio climático, la contaminación y la industria pesquera, entre otros factores. El explorador de National Geographic Pablo Borboroglu (@pabloborboroglu), lidera la @globalpenguinsociety e impulsa  la conservación de esta especie ¡Súmate a la causa!


#作品賞析 【國家地理 X ASUS ZenFone 一日手機攝影工坊】



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