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Everywhere we live I have the things I never get tired of seeing, the moments that always prompt me to pause, breathe in and observe. Even with 30 years of my life in Central Texas - each time I come home I’m happy to see the beauty of nature on my morning walks. So much life!


Lo más difícil son los comienzos, y yo hoy cumplo uno, mi web, ya esta creada, espero que os guste y que podamos seguir creándola juntos

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Do you know who you are, away from all the noise? Most of us walk through life playing a "role" of who we think we should be. We put on a mask, hoping to hide our vulnerability or certain aspects of ourselves.⠀

All of our energy goes into holding up that image of ourselves we have created, and yet we wonder why we feel so drained and unfulfilled; why parts of our life just don't feel right.⠀

In this episode of THE INTENTIONAL LIFE PODCAST, @vilma.usaite and I talk about the art of growing more self-aware. It is only when we do, that we stop living life reacting to outside factors and start manifesting our inner truth!⠀

👉 Link in bio!⠀
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The end of the week is a great time to slow down and reflect.
Take note of the things you are grateful for, and the things you would like to improve on.
Don't think of disappointments as failures, instead ask yourself what you have learnt from the experience.

This week I am thankful for glorious summer weather, which has literally brought rain, hail and sunshine!! I am thankful to be able to spend time with family from overseas, and share a cocktail, made using market fresh ingredients, on the balcony at sunset.

What are you grateful for this week?
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Aperitivo Al Femminile 10° Puntata 🍹👭
📣Lo Storytelling come strumento per la comunicazione efficace.


Our 3rd self coaching question for the month on June. This month we're talking about - Personal Evolution - the gift of changing as our lives, perspectives and experiences inform our deeper sense of self.
This question is really hitting home for me right now! As I'm back in the US I'm thinking a lot about how, as I get older, deepening my roots becomes even more about helping my kids deepen theirs. When we started our international life my husband and I made a conscious decision that we would always remind the kids that they're from Austin - that it is a place full of people who love them like they're their own children, that it is a place that will welcome them with open arms and that they can know it like they can know anywhere else in the world.
We've been deepening our roots this past week by eating our favorite foods, visiting some of our favorite places and by talking a lot about what it feels like to be between places. Deepening our roots means both consciously DOING and consciously OBSERVING. It means being both still and active. It is about both inside work and outside action. :
So - How will you deepen your roots in new ways today?


Do you know those times when you have so much going on that all you wanna do is just curl up on the couch and watch Netflix? 😂⠀

In that case, welcome to the club! 🤝 ⠀

Over here everything’s happening at the same time: ⠀
* moving out of our temporary home⠀
* overlooking some construction done at our new home⠀
* preparing everything to move into our new home in the coming weeks⠀
* going back home for the holidays (6 weeks!)⠀
* school functions, goodbye parties and the likes ⠀
* etc⠀

If you were wondering why I’ve been MIA over the past week - that’s why!! 😂😂⠀

A way to keep some sanity? Literally allowing myself to take breaks of “blissful ignorance” in between! Watching a movie or documentary, listening to an audiobook, having a glass of wine with a friend.... completely disconnecting and resetting from time to time in order not to overheat and explode 💣 🔥 ⠀

How’s your week going?⠀

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Seek the actions that give you good feelings. Make them grow. And experience this emotion.
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Mañanitas de trabajo, tardecitas... de más trabajo #oficinaencasa #trabajeando #coaching #expatcoaching #veraneando


The most common inner experience I have when I’m back home is the weird juxtaposition of feeling vaguely anxious and out of place and so incredibly comfortable that I know exactly how and where (today Tacodeli, 🌮) to kill a couple of hours between appointments. And oddly I’m never really thinking “I could move back here,” I’m more thinking, “Did I ever really leave?” :

When we #evolve in our #expatlife donthe places we move, our #hometowns evolve with us...or away from us? Do we evolve away from them while they (mostly) stay the same? What do we love about the part of ourselves that’s from this place...and what are we happy to have left behind for new horizons? :

As #expats part of navigating change is taking the slow road with these questions. Today, for me, that’s tacos and Topo Chico and a cooling summer rainstorm on the horizon between other-places-to-be.


SO excited to share this! In just a few days I'll be launching this beauty, my gorgeous coaching website designed by @messuadesignandmedia.
After completing my coaching studies with the wonderful @bycacademy a few months ago, I've had the absolute pleasure of working with fabulous women around the world doing amazing things.
Women who left the corporate world to live their travel dreams and start something new, expat women who moved with a partner abroad and are looking for their next fulfilling experience in their new country, all women going through huge transitions and all amazing!
Together we've worked on mindset, confidence, successfully navigating changes, health and well-being and so much more.
My website will be live in just a few short days and to celebrate the launch I have some very special offers on coaching packages! If you'd like to know more send me a DM. Can't wait to hear from you and looking forward to seeing what you think of my online home!

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I wanted my book, A Great Move, to be a resource for helping expats and global nomads like me master the challenges of moving internationally and build a thriving global life. It's both gratifying and humbling to see that it seems to be working! #grateful #BookReview #businessbooks #mobility #hr #hrprofessionals #globalmobility #expats #expatlife #globalnomads #globallife #relocation #expatcoach #expatcoaching #coaching #weekendreading


🌺Flores de Viena🌺 ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #empreendedorismofeminino #brasileiramundoafora #brasileirasnomundo #expatcoaching #expatlife #mãesbrasileirasnaeuropa #maesempreendedoras #maesexpatriadas #coachingparabrasileiras #brasileirosnaholanda


Going home means memories everywhere! In about 1983...maybe 84...we were driving on a hot summer day and right at this intersection my brother, who would have been around 6 at the time, found a scorpion in his shoe. It had been hiding there all day as we ran errands with my mom. :
Being from one place but also from so many other places in your #expatlife means mixing all these memories up together as relevant and important even when some places you’ve called home have shifting meaning. :
In coaching we work together so that you can create your own story, grow your own roots and spread your own branches up and out and around the world. You can be from one place...and also from many, many other places. Memories are portable. If you want support in that process, let’s work together. I’m now booking clients for September 2019.


[Il caffè del Venerdì mattina]⠀


C'è calma nell'aria questa mattina. Sento solo gli uccellini cinguettare🐦⠀
E' Venerdì e, per alcuni, qui inizia l'weekend. ⠀
E' la prima volta che mi fanno un cappuccino così artistico.🙂 La giornata comincia bene. Ne approfitto per concentrarmi sui testi del mio nuovo sito web🤓⠀
Buona giornata a tutt*!⠀

It's very quiet here, this morning. I only hear the birds chirping🐦⠀
It's Friday and, for some people, the weekend starts today.⠀
It is the first time they have made me such an artistic cappuccino.🙂 How well the day begins! ⠀
I take this opportunity to concentrate on the texts of my new website🤓⠀
Have a nice day!⠀


One of the biggest gifts of our #expatlife is being able to spend time back #home simply soaking of things that feel familiar. I love being out in my mom’s sunny Central Texas garden. It’s the perfect place to engage a daily #mindfulness practice even when our lives are in a state of upheaval. #expatcoach #expatcoaching #expat #liveabroad #growyourroots #homeiswheretheheartis


Si alguna vez has tenido el sueño de vivir en un paraíso ¿cómo te lo has imaginado? 😎🍹🐠🌴

Soñé muchas veces con poder levantarme de la cama, dar un salto y ver salir el sol en la playa. Cerrar los ojos y entrar en trance con el sonido del mar 🌊🌊🌊

Y será de tanto soñar que al final se hizo realidad, aunque vivir en el paraíso tiene un precio ⚖️⚖️⚖️

Ahora ya puedes leer o escuchar mi post aquí 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Here's your second self-coaching question for this month...
Imagine all the ways in which your story would play out differently if you said "yes" or even "no" to the thing you're choosing right now. What if you chose something completely new? 😍 Pretty cool, right?


[Life Balance] [La Ruota della Vita] 🇮🇹🇬🇧 Cosa significa avere una vita in equilibrio?
Ognuno di noi ha la sua formula e quindi non ci sono regole assolute. In linea generale, si può dire che è l'integrazione dei vari aspetti che compongono la nostra vita, vivere in modo sereno la relazione con se stessi, con gli altri, con l’ambiente sociale. Questo è lo stato di benessere. Equilibrio di corpo, mente e spirito. Il benessere, tuttavia, non è uno stato sempre stabile. Nella vita dobbiamo affrontare difficoltà, turbamenti, sofferenze emotive che spesso ci portano fuori dal nostro equilibrio.
Ma se noi, ci prendiamo il tempo di riflettere, di guardarci dall'alto, di scattare una foto del nostro stato attuale, possiamo renderci conto di come stiamo e di cosa possiamo fare per raggiungere un maggiore benessere.
Per fare questo, il Coaching ci fornisce uno strumento molto potente e versatile: "La Ruota della Vita". Uno strumento molto conosciuto nel mondo della crescita personale e che uso molto con le mie clienti.
Visualizzare le aree della mia vita, mi ha aiutato a reimpostare tutte quelle pratiche che mi servivano per trovare maggiore equilibrio nella mia nuova dimensione di vita da expat.
Ho scelto questa mia foto perchè la collana che indosso mi ha sempre ispirato un senso di equilibrio, di armonia e misura fra le forme e il colore.
Cosa ti fa sentire in equilibrio? [short version]

What does it mean to have a balanced life? There are no absolute rules. Generally speaking, it can be said that it is the integration of the various aspects of our life. Balance of body, mind and spirit. However, well-being is not always a stable state. In life, we ​​have to face difficulties, upsets, emotional suffering that often take us out of our balance.
To have a clear picture of our current state, Coaching helps us with a very powerful and versatile tool: "The Wheel of Life". A very well known tool in the world of personal growth that I approached at the beginning of my expat life. Visualizing the areas of my life, helped me to reset all those practices that I needed to find more balance in my new dimension.

What would a balanced life look like to you?


[Perchè il Coaching Funziona][Why Coaching Works]⠀


Perchè ho scelto di seguire il corso per diventare Coach e coltivare questa professione? ⠀
Nella mia "second life" ho deciso che avrei sviluppato tutte quelle potenzialità e talenti che non avevo espresso nella prima e quindi ho inziato un percorso di sviluppo personale che mi ha portato prima a scoprire Biodanza, a praticarla e a diventare Insegnante e Didatta dopo un percorso di quasi 4 anni e varie specializzazioni. Poi, mi sono avvicinata al Coaching perchè ho scoperto che aveva molte cose in comune con la Biodanza. La Biodanza attraverso il corpo aiuta a esprimere le proprie emozioni, la propria identità e le proprie potenzialità. Il Coaching vuole raggiungere gli stessi obiettivi ma con modalità differenti.⠀
Per me il Coaching è accompagnare, prendere per mano e supportare la Coachee, ascoltandola, stabilendo una profonda connessione con lei affinchè possa sentirsi accolta e non giudicata, possa esprimere i suoi desideri, i suoi dubbi e incertezze, e perchè possa trovare comprensione e stimoli che l'aiutino a analizzare le varie problematiche in una prospettiva diversa e trovare soluzioni differenti. ⠀
In Bio troverai il link all'articolo del mio Blog: "Perchè il Coaching funziona."⠀

Hai mai provato una sessione di Coaching?⠀

Why did I choose to become a Certified Coach and cultivate this profession?⠀
In what I call my "second life", I've decided that I would develop those potentials that I had not expressed in the first one. Therefore I started a path of personal development that led me first to discover Biodanza, to practice it and to become a Didactic Teacher after a 4-year school and various specializations. Later, I approached Coaching because I discovered it had many things in common with Biodanza. Both Biodanza and Coaching facilitates the expression of identity and potentials but in different ways.⠀
For me, Coaching is to take Coachee's hands and support her by listening and establishing a deep connection. ⠀
In Bio you will find the link to the article in my Blog: "Why Coaching Works."⠀

Have you ever tried a coaching session? ⠀


You can be both You as you are AND You as a person who is on a mission to come home to your full, amazing potential. Be open to the natural turn of the world and where that circle can take you.


🇪🇸 Hasta donde vos QUIERAS!
Tenes un objetivo? Analiza! Habla! Arma un plan de acción y actúa!
Si está en tu mente entonces puede ser tu realidad: Ordénate, paso a paso, trabaja y conseguilo!
🇬🇧 As far as you WANT!
Do you have a goal? Analyze! Speak! Build an action plan and do every single thing that you’d written down!
If it’s on your mind then it could be your reality! Get discipline, step by step, work for it and get it!
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