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Boulder is an amazing place. The flat irons are a beautiful place to explore and get away. In just a few minutes you can be on pearl street surrounded by amazing people. The exact combo we all need sometimes

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Boulder, Colorado

Starting last year I made a commitment of writing, right as I woke up for the sake of always creating and growing as a better writer (cause I suck). And it’s been so interesting looking back at what my unfiltered 6am mind comes up with. Then, picking out lines that could be used for future songs and just cool one liners and thoughts. But there’s definitely mornings where it goes a little like this “ Floodedbrhoughts
Too tired compremis
I moss the sound of the tidal waves crashing against large minerals
And talk as deep as the sea “
That’s one raw example of what my mind looks like right as my eyes open. But i definitely have better mornings and can pick out two or three lines that stick out and I may or may not start sharing them for sake of “process” (won’t be starting a new account though). Anyway thought I’d share Cause I’ve seen positive things and you guys should definitely try it one morning and see what you create!


today, after a one hundred and twenty mile drive and a four mile hike, I learned the lesson of winter. the Earth, she who gives so graciously, cannot give ceaselessly. so why do we attempt to give continuously? when we feel drained why don’t we rediscover independence from our responsibilities? it is vital to give none of yourself from time to time, to restore your emotional reservoir. how are you supposed to care for anything well if you don’t care for yourself? Invest in nourishment.

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Paint Mines

Sail into the weekend.. with a sushi boat. And on the slopes! ⛷️🏂 We're happy to get tasty sushi in the mountains, and just a few steps from our front entrance! 👣 Get the salmon skin!

Nozawa Sushi

The most amazing concert venue I've been to. Hope to catch a show here one day. #redrocks #colorado #flashbackfriday

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

for the last several years, I’ve developed the practice of always having a bottle of champagne on hand, because you just never know when there could be something to celebrate. new jobs, important purchases, graduations, completing significant tasks: whatever it may be, I believe it deserves a touch of extravagance. why? because remembering is powerful, and raising a glass to new opportunities gives you fresh eyes to see the grace of God, and slowing down enough to mark an important moment continues giving shape and meaning to this life we’re all living and the story we are telling.
so far, the two of us have toasted to a (much needed) new car, graduation from grad school, the first year of teaching competed, and now this: getting the keys to what will be our first apartment together.
tonight we drove over to our new neighborhood and sat on the floor drinking bubbly out of glasses I brought in my purse and dreamed of where we’d hang art and how we’d place the couch and who might come and stay in our second bedroom. it was sweet and quiet and in some ways utterly forgettable - just two little humans sitting in a little apartment in a little neighborhood in west Denver - but to us, it was a moment to savor.
may we all continue to live, love, and celebrate well. cheers to that and the Love that runs beneath it all, friends. // #firsthome #radersinthenight