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Duiker Island. Also know as Seal Island. Over 6000 seals can populate here at a time. This is not a breeding colony as the island has extremely Rough waters!

Hout Bay

Найкращі фото виходять тільки з найкращими друзями поруч 💛
@jeepukraine , жовтий красень просто анріал🔥


Meet Adán [Adam].
I've walked past Adán everyday in Barcelona. I kept feeling a magnetic pull towards him, so finally on my last walk home & last afternoon here, I decided to give into the magnetic feelings.
After speaking to him for less that a few seconds, I realised his work, and sense of humour reminded me of my brother. A familiarity so sweet to feel.
After some terrible Spanish, I asked if he would be willing to part with a work or two from his XL (only) sketchbook, I'd be a paying collector - of course.
I'm utterly in love with what he gave me, and just adore every tear, every mark, every smudge, every beuatiful imperfection; the feel of the treasured paper, the well worn edges, the yellowed tones cast from days spent under the hot Spanish sun.
Barely able to feed and sustain the basic needs of life, even a roof over his head, I'm so touched by his unwavering expression of creativity.
There's something special about these interactions, these energy exchanges that fills my heart with so much joy. I hope he feels supported. I'm utterly delighted beyond words, with these new mystical works I can now take home with me.
-- we exchanged muddled words, a few secret techniques, and inspirations behind our own works. What a heart of gold. 🌟
If you're in Catalonia, keep an eye out for this precious soul.

Catalonia, Spain

The J.J. in Downtown

Community of Madrid

Explore. Explore. And explore.


Fall Foliage 🍁🍂💛

Gatineau Park

Float on a feather
Land on forever
Gravity can’t hold you down.
• White Sands, New Mexico.
In the middle of nowhere in southern New Mexico lies a field of rare white gypsum sand dunes better known as White Sands National Monument. Its beauty, its magic is indescribable. @stephjianni, @drewcolins & I were running up & down what seemed like and endless blanket of white sand dunes and magical vistas. Every time we reached the top of a dune, we find ourselves grinning ear to ear, like children, especially when this cloud prism/rainbow appeared. It was as if the beauty of this place intensified with every step. So much so, we would immediately want to see what the view was like over the next ridge. I’m so ecstatic and thankful that I was able to meet up with both of them again. They are two amazing souls full of life & light. And, like White Sands, you can’t help but feel happy when you’re in their presence. The best vibes!

White Sands National Monument

Healing. .
We just couldn't leave for Glacier yesterday, but we're on our way now. Too much work we neglected in the past weeks, too many thoughts, and too much exhaustion. Looking forward to mountain times with @charles_post that will surely help heal our hearts and inspire our souls✨Enjoy your weekends, friends! // 📸: @madisonperrins // #rachelpohlart