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Summer essentials 👌 you can easily change these @raramurisandals by just changing the fabric 🙌 less waste, oh yeah! And the soles are made from recycled leather. ✔️ What do you need more for a perfect day at the beach this summer? 😁


~ Minimalism-
Less is more. Our costumer loves the idea from less is more. Only Minimalism is enough. Love the idea 🍃😍


Sun's out and we need this ethical sportswear from @ambiletics ! 😍 Made from recycled polyester 👌🙌 What's your favourite fair and sustainable sportswear brand?


~Organic Simplicity~


DESSERTS // Everyone loves them right? Well! For those who didn’t know yet, Thursday evening the 2nd of August @fairfashionmagazine, @ike_uwa & DO are organising a FAIR, ECO AND SECOND-HAND MARKET + PLANTBASED DESSERTS 🍰🍃🤤♥️ I swear it, you wouldn’t want to miss this!! Make sure to apply for it today as you are running out of time 🕑 Mail to info@ikeuwa.be! Want to sell some of your clothes as well? Still a few spots left! Link in bio for more information ✔️ Hope to see you all there! Love, Moika X


So much love for this brand! 😍 Do you already know @haida.co ➡️ Check our website to read more about them: fairfashionmagazine.com 💛💥 Oh, and the best part: use "FAIRFASHION" to get 10% off everything 🙌


Pretty colours and natural fibres at @fabrikstore 😍🙌


Woohoo! Organising an awesome second hand and fair fashion market with plant based desserts from @ike_uwa 💥 AUGUST 2 in Ghent, Belgium 👌 Who's coming? ➡️ Link in bio for more information


💡 AGENCY 💡 Are you struggling with communicating sustainability in the right way? Soon we're starting our own communication dpt to help your brand receive the attention it deserves 🔎💥 Are you in? 👍


If what you wear is made with love, and found with love, you're wearing love 🖤

Let's just wear things we love!
Check out the whole story about Margriet and het slow fashion outfit 🖤 👌💪 Counting down the last 5 Show & Tell's because we're working on a new printedition!!!! Image by @chantal_aimee_ehrhardt colab with @nukuhivafairfashion


Starting the weekend with this awesome post💕 .
~Repost Twinning~ @anne_kalloe_vermeulen .
Minimalistisch, kwaliteit, duurzaam, biologisch en fair trade. Dit zijn allemaal woorden die perfect passen bij de kleding van the green wardrobe. Het is jullie vast niet ontgaan dat ik fan ben.
En ik breng jullie dan ook met liefde op de hoogte dat de kleding nu met 20% korting te shoppen is @thegreenwardrobe met de kortingscode Anne20
Check iT out and don’t forget.
Ik zelf shop nog even niet. Maar als ik weer mag shoppen is er een grote kans dat mijn kledingkast er nog een mooie grijze sweater erbij krijgt 😉
Fijne dag allemaal, maak er weer iets moois van. 💛 #eerlijkekleding #eerlijkemode #careforearth


Les collections de bikinis responsables Abysse sont fabriquées en néoprène de calcaire japonais (caoutchouc écologique plus chaud, durable et eco-friendly). Coté combi de surf, Abysse mise sur des tissus 100% recyclés ECONYL venus d’Italie et l’assemblage final est résolument féminin et à la pointe de nos envies.
Plus sur thealleah.com
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~Summer~ 🍋🍋🍋 .
Niet perfect is ook goed! Die gedachte houd ik graag vast🙏 En nu genieten van de mooie zomer dagen het liefst met duurzame of vintage kleding! Ga er lekker op uit 🤗 geniet van heerlijk eten en de zonnige dagen #Summertime☀️☀️[20% Korting: Summer20]


The Spring Summer 2019 season heads ambitiously towards an expressive, enthusiastic future.😎Visionaries speak about vegetarian meat, animal alternatives, matte black for the classics, the new formal, hiking the new yoga, the inside out beauty and a new seasonal versatility 🌿✨🙌Responsability and respect for the environment drive appealing garments. Get to know the Hits of the Summer 2019, the sustainable ones, of course 👌👆 link in bio we have selected our favourites sustainable labels to watch 📸 @suite13clothing


What's your favourite way to get around in a more sustainable way? I'll be booking a test drive with this smart electric scooter from @unu in Berlin 😬🤗 But otherwise I'm sticking to public transport and my bike 🙌 what about you?


Who will be in Berlin next week for the ethical fashion week? 😬 Let me know if you want to meet up! 💚👀✔️ 📸 @cheriebirkner for @sustainablefashionmatterz


For #internationaldayofyoga let’s focus on the yoga value of ahimsa - ‘doing no harm.’ A couple months back I celebrated #fashionrevolution week on here by highlighting yoga brands that have good social and environmental standards (rather than contributing to exploitation, poverty and environmental degradation). So join me in this action from a repost from @fairfashionmagazine:
Fast Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, so I’m not buying any new clothes this summer. Will you join me for the Slow Fashion Summer? You can easily sign up until 21 June at www.slowfashionsummer.org. Please share widely! #slowfashionsummer #CollAction
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Fast Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, so I’m not buying any new clothes this summer. Will you join me for the Slow Fashion Summer? You can easily sign up until 21 June at www.slowfashionsummer.org (check the link in @judithhikkaduwage bio) 💚 Please share widely! #slowfashionsummer #CollAction


Summer's coming! 😎🌞 And we're in love with this bikini from @essentialsforzula 😍 Do you already have fair swimwear for the summer? ✔️


When summer's just around the corner, the only thing we need are SUNGLASSES from @dickmobyamsterdam 💛😎
📸 @francismorrismorrison


Colour & shoe inspiration by 📸 @lrnce 😍 Does anyone know where we can find a vegan version of these flats?? 😭


YES! The conscious closet guide launched today! 💛 Head over to conscious-closet-guide.com to download this guide filld with tips and tricks for a more conscious wardrobe 🙌 Are you reading it this weekend?


BLOG •• Outfit inspiration on point in our latest blog post 👌 Check the link in our bio for more! What's your favourite outfit?


How I wish I could go back! 😬 Last week's @youthfashionsummit was crazy. We had to work hard but we had soooo much fun completing all the challenges. I can't believe I've met so many interesting people in less than a week. See you all next year🙊but hopefully before 🙌😎


Protect the environment, choose jewelry made of recycled gold.
Exploitation of gold is a polluting activity that destroys local ecosystems and harms surrounding populations. However, there is enough gold already mined on the planet to meet the needs of the jewelry industry for the next 50 years. #recyclegold #madeinfrance #sustainablefashion #ethicalbrands #ethicaljewelry #bijouxtendance #bijouxreview #hyeres #jewelrydesigner#fairfashionmagazine


BLOG ••• Spring outfit inspiration is now online (link in bio) 🙌 Let us know what your favourite combination is! 😬


How long is the wait for dinner? 🍝 Kind of loving these hot days and cool evenings. Gives me a chance to mix and match some of my favorites like the Riley Crop Top from @wearewonderfulthings 💚 If you haven’t checked them out yet, do! They carry clothing for his and her, home goods, beauty and wellness. It’s kind of become my one stop shop for all things eco. P.S. if you haven’t gotten a Mother’s Day gift yet @wearewonderfulthings is a great place to find something last minute that is anything but generic.


FFM contributor @judithhikkaduwage loves the style of @hm @pullandbear @andotherstories @monki @bershka but she would like to know if the human rights of the people who made her clothes were violated and that's why we're asking #whomademyclothes together? 🌿


Another word for #fashionrevolution could be a revolution of appreciation.
Giving clothes clothes back their value and pressuring those brands who not even value the humans behind their collection.

Always be conscious what you wear on your skin.

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Stolz stelle ich euch die Schneider vor, die seit Jahren grosse Teile unsere #hippiefashion produzieren.
Hier ist #fairfashion seit 3 Generationen selbstverständlich und mehr als eine #fashion.

Für weitere Infos besuche unseren #blog zur #fashionrevolution
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BLOG • Did you know @fab_scrap already? They help companies recycle their waste in a sustainable manner as textile scraps are sorted by creative makers looking to up-cycle and reuse. 🌿 We think they are awesome so we did an interview with the changemakers behind this non-profit recycling organisation. 💚 🙌 ➡️ LINK IN BIO


When you get to discover cool brands at the @marnixandally press days 🙌🙌


There are some things I like fast but not my fashion. This week is Fashion Revolution week and I’m helping to raise awareness with the @belvele I Like it Slow tee. All proceeds from your purchase of this shirt will go the Natural Resources Defense Council which works to safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places we treasure by lobbying and litigating on environmental issues. The Fashion Industry is a huge contributor to the degradation and pollution of our natural resources. But the good news is as consumers we have the power to change that. So if you like your water clean, your air breathable, and your soil renewable start with your closet. #slowfashion @nrdc_org


Dear @gaelle_paris @vicolo.official @cosstores @majeofficiel @companiafantastica @secondfemale @paulandjoesister
I am your customer, and I love your style. However, I feel not enough positive change has happened in the five years since Rana Plada rollapsed, the tragedy which killed and injured thousands of garment workers in Bangladesh.

It is very important to me that people working in your supply chain are seen, heard, paid properly and working in safe conditions.

So please tell me #whomademyclothes and where I can find out more information about your supply chain.

Kind regards
Lisa from the Fair Fashion Magazine Team ➡️ tag your favourite brands who should answer this question or dedicate a post of your own with this message (and don't forget to tag us and @fash_rev 💚 )


Five years ago, Rhana Plaza collapsed and the fashion industry has barely changed since then. That's why we want to support brands who make a difference, like @chooseblueben (📸) They want to do things differently, they want to change the industry 💚 are you asking your favourite brand #whomademyclothes ?


Take a bow. You made it through the week. What are your weekend plans?


Behind the scene picture thanks to @giulia_becker_ from @ambiletics • check out @sustainablefashionmatterz for more awesome pictures and cool changemakers 🤗 🔥


Time to ask the question again. #whomademyclothes 🤔 Even though I am wearing a second hand coat from Ben Barton New York and a vintage pair of @levis 🔥 I'd still like to know who made my clothes. 👍🌿 Oh, and @cheriebirkner shooted these awesome pictures for @sustainablefashionmatterz 💚🙌


MEET: THE FIRST SWEATER THAT SAVES WATER. 💡 I've just supported the @chooseblueben campaign on @startnext 😁 So happy to see that they reached their goal today! With 3 more days to go, you can still help them 💙🙌 the design not convincing enough? Check all these benefits a Blue Ben sweater has! And swipe left to see some detailed pictures of the fabric they developed... A mix of hemp and modal saves 90% of water that is normally needed... 💧 BECAUSE WE CHOOSE WATER 💧➡️ check the link in their bio to support them.


Monday is for good vibes only. Especially today, I've been ill the past few week, I'm leaving Berlin in two days, I am nowhere near where I wanted to be with my thesis, but hey. Another week, another start, another try. What are your plans this week? 😁 ••• 📸 @ashley.whitlatch


One more week till fashion revolution week and exactly two more till @fairfashionfestgent 💚🌿 So guess what, it's time to ask #whomademyclothes ? We teamed up with @cheriebirkner from @sustainablefashionmatterz (📸©️) to shoot this outfit. Today's topic: jewellery 💫 I'm wearing @maleneglintborg_jewellery @ycljewels and @theofficialpandora rings and via this post I want to ask them: who made my rings and how did you source the materials? 💡 Tag your favourite jewellery brands in a comment to join the fashion revolution.


BLOG • Ethical fashion? Fair fashion? Sustainable fashion? And what about green fashion? Do you know the difference? Check our latest post (link in bio) to read our sustainable dictionary. 💡😁 What words would you like to see explained next? 🌿 Oh, and don't forget to check out @sol_illustration for more green illustrations like this one 🙌🤗💫